Best 40 Inch Computer Monitors

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Best 40 Inch Computer Monitors – Bigger monitors are better, right? Well, that isn’t always the case, but a bigger monitor will certainly provide a great increase to productivity and multitasking if used appropriately. If this interests you then you will want to make sure you have the best 40 inch 4k monitor you can. A 40 inch monitor is just the right size to get the largest increase to your efficiency without suffering from the drawbacks of an impractically large screen. If that isn’t your thing, then check out all our monitor reviews to find one that suits your needs.

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1.Philips Computer Monitors

And while viewing angles are good, thanks to its IPS panel, you’ll still want to keep expectations in check. The refresh rate is listed as a static 60 Hz, and HDR isn’t in the cards, despite a measured peak brightness of a bit over 400 nits. Serious gamers or those looking for the best computer monitor for content creation or consumption should look elsewhere.

But if you don’t want to spend a lot and are looking for a 4K display that’s well-rounded with a bit of extra brightness for those sunny days, the Philips 278E1A is worth serious consideration. Just make sure you bring along some external speakers because what’s here is weak, and some similarly labeled models don’t have speakers at all.

2.Sony X800H

The Sony X800H, also known as the Sony X80H, is a decent entry-level 4k TV with an IPS panel on most sizes. It’s a great TV for watching TV shows in a bright room, with decent reflection handling, high peak brightness, and great viewing angles. Like many Sony TVs, it has excellent accuracy out of the box, excellent gradient handling, and it upscales lower-resolution content well, with no noticeable issues.

Unfortunately, it’s not very good for watching movies in a dark room, and it doesn’t deliver a very impactful HDR experience, as it has low contrast, okay black uniformity, and no local dimming. It doesn’t have much to offer for gamers either, as it has a limited 60Hz refresh rate and doesn’t support any advanced gaming features, like FreeSync or HDMI 2.1. The 85 inch model is a bit better for dark-room viewing, as it has a VA panel, so it likely has much better contrast and better black uniformity, but this comes at the expense of viewing angles.

3.LG Electronics

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4.ASUS Designo Curve MX38VC

This isn’t actually the first time a 38-inch 21:9 monitor with a 3,840 by 1,600 pixel native resolution has hit the market. LG has that honor with the 38UC99 which debuted in 2016 but didn’t become widely available until 2017. But 38-inch 21:9 monitors like this remain both unusual and relatively exotic.

Indeed, a little like the LG competition, the Asus Designo Curve MX38VC has taken a while to hit the market. Asus first showed the MX38VC off in summer 2017. Perhaps because of that delay, the MX38VC lacks some features that have since become more common at the high end, including high refresh rates and HDR support.

5.AOC U2790VQ

AOC has bolstered its office monitor range with this upmarket 4K panel that comes dressed in stylish gunmetal silver and with extra features such as built-in stereo speakers and a USB 3.0 hub to pitch it above the mass of Quad HD desk monitors out there.

At around $365 in the US, £299 in the UK, and AU$536 in Australia, the AOC U2790PQU is not a high-end monitor, so don’t expect to find Thunderbolt ports or HDR.


Best 40 Inch Computer Monitors – 40-inch 4K monitors are among the best deals on the market today. Some manufacturers create 40 inch monitors with a traditional 16: 9 format. Others offer ultra-wide models with a wider aspect ratio.

It doesn’t matter which of these options you prefer. This type of monitor will provide you with plenty of space for multitasking as well as an impressive performance.