Best 43 Inch Monitors

Best 43 Inch Monitors – As a rule, gamers aim for a quick refresh rate and low response time. Professionals pay attention to color sharpness, while usual customers with fewer needs, choose a screen with a high-contrast VA panel.

We tried to collect the best 43 inch monitors with USB-C that may satisfy a broad range of buyers. The USB-C 43 inch monitors are rather helpful nowadays and they don’t cost too much.

Since the majority has started to work remotely, these monitors make it easy to upgrade your workplace with the additional screen real estate. Besides, due to the universal USB-C connector, you can both charge your devices and connect other gadgets.

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1.LG 43UN700-TB 43 Inch

Pros & Cons

LG 43UN700-TB 43 “UHD-Series 4K (3840 x 2160) IPS Display with USB Type C and HDR10, with 4 HDMI Connectors, Black The LG 43UN700 includes a large 43 ”Ultra HD screen, and supports HDR to ensure more
Realistic game. Plus, two 10W stereo speakers with rich bass ensure a great experience.

The screen area of ​​LG 4K UHD screen is close to four 21.5-inch screens, and the 4K Ultra HD screen can perform various tasks and entertainment activities in a new and exciting way. The 43 ” 4K UHD IPS display ensures excellent high-definition performance thanks to the specially designed 4K display panel and switches. In-plane (IPS) can provide accurate and consistent color with a wide viewing angle, and the resolution is four times that of Full HD.

2.Asus ROG Strix XG438Q 43”

Pros & Cons

I’ve reviewed big monitors before, but the ROG Strix XG438Q is the first that truly feels like a really big gaming monitor, rather than a TV that found its way onto your desk. At 43 inches, this 3,840-by-2,160-pixel (4K) HDR monitor hits a sweet spot between the sizes that most gamers buy their monitors in today (generally between 24 and 32 inches), and the BFGD, at 65 inches.

At one point, Asus and a few other companies were floating a new naming scheme for this size class of monitor: LFGD, short for “Large Format Gaming Display,” though that moniker has fallen away in the release of this particular model. The only other similar 43-inch gaming monitor that I’ve seen announced thus far is the Acer Predator CG437K, which we got to tinker around with at an Acer event in New York City this past spring.

3.Deco Gear 43″

Pros & Cons

The Deco Gear 43″ Curved Ultrawide E-LED Gaming Monitor has a screen size of 43 inches, a response time of 4ms, and a 120Hz refresh rate, all wrapped in a single curved ultrawide gaming monitor available for the low price of .

You’ll find the performance of this monitor to be better than you would expect, given the screen size and the price. The monitor, which has a resolution of 3840 x 1200p, offers a response time of 4ms, a refresh rate of 120Hz (try the Asus ROG PG279Q if you need a higher refresh rate), and is HDR 400 rated with a contrast ratio of 3000:1. It can save up to six different visual setting profiles and even supports FreeSync technology.

4.Philips BDM4350UC 43″

Pros & Cons

As designs go, the BDM4350UC doesn’t break any molds or challenge any expectations. It’s a 43-inch IPS panel – with a 1cm border on three sides and a marginally thicker bezel on the bottom – that most people will immediately assume is a TV.

With such a large screen and a weight of nearly 10kg to contend with, in terms of a stand, the designers went with two wide spaced aluminum feet that screw to the underside. These project about 10cm from the panel, limiting how close to a wall you can get the monitor, although the screen does also have VESA 200 mounting holes for those who like wall mounts or desk pillars.

5.Dell U4320Q 43 Inch

Pros & Cons

The UltraSharp range of business monitors from Dell Technologies are built with designers and content creators in mind, but pretty much any professional set-up will benefit from the high levels of performance on offer.

The 42.5-inch U4320Q is the largest flat-screen display in the range, and it’s exactly as imposing as it sounds. Even despite the lack of curvature, this truly massive monitor feels like it wraps around your workstation, helping to tune out any distractions.

The display offers 4K resolution, excellent color quality and range, USB-C connectivity with power delivery and it’s also height-adjustable, which Dell claims is a first for a monitor of this size.


Best 43 Inch Monitors  – When it comes to 43 inch monitors, you will be surprised at a wide variety of options offered by manufacturers.

Whether you need a powerful monitor with a high refresh rate to play your favorite game or want to purchase a pro-level display with superb color accuracy, you will easily find a good 43-inch monitor that is perfect for your goals.