Best Baby Audio Monitors

Best Baby Audio Monitors – Doing a review of the Philips Avent Baby Phone that I have been using, ever since my twins were born. So I’ve been using it for about a year, four months now, and I absolutely love this baby phone.

It’s a simple baby phone, it’s also not so expensive. It just gives sound, no video. So it comes with two pieces, both have cables to connect to electricity. Let me start with this piece. So this is what you put in the baby’s room. It’s really simple, it just has one button. So you turn it on over here, right? And it has a green light to signal that it’s on and it’s working, and there’s a soft light that glows over here. So it comes with a lamp, a small lamp if I can call it that.

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1.Baby Monitor

Pros & Cons

Your baby needs constant attention, but you can’t be in its room every hour of every day. That’s what baby monitors are for. What started as audio-only infant care devices to let you listen in on your child from another room, have since added video cameras and connected features to the mix so you can always keep an eye on your little one. There are still some great audio monitors out there—here we’re focusing on smart models that also provide some form of video feed and connect to your phone.

Most smart baby monitors are effectively just home security cameras—devices that let you watch another location with color video, night vision, and sound, so you can tell if anything is amiss. Because baby monitors are used to keep an eye on your little one rather than on your home and property, they prioritize different features than security cameras.

2.VTech Baby Monitor

Pros & Cons

Techie toy maker VTech offers a wide variety of both traditional video baby monitors and wifi cameras. The video cameras are all called Safe & Sound but carry different model numbers.

VTech’s best-selling models are low-price, basic models like the VM5271-2, a simple model with two fixed cameras and a five-inch parent monitor. It is a good deal at . It works well with few in the way of bells and whistles.

VTech also makes a couple WiFi or streaming baby monitors. These cameras stream to a smartphone or tablet, plus they include a 5″ touch screen monitor. Most WiFi baby monitors do not include a parent unit (you have to bring your own device), so kudos to VTech for that

3.Motorola Video Baby Monitor

Pros & Cons

Motorola offers an overall good package with the MBP36S baby monitor, but it isn’t our favorite model. We’re mostly disappointed with the video quality and battery charging issues. However, the option to have up to 4 cameras at the same time makes it a good choice for parents with more than one child.

The camera is small and neat, and can be adjusted remotely, which is handy once the baby starts moving. It has excellent image and sound quality and the lullabies are very soothing. The monitor also has infrared night vision, and the video remote pans, tilts and zooms to enable parents to see and hear what baby is up to, even if he/she has wriggled out of sight. The monitor is light and easy to carry around; the only thing it could do with is a nightlight.

4.eufy Monitor

Pros & Cons

The Eufy Spaceview baby monitor is a dedicated video monitor that doesn’t require WiFi and comes with its own parent’s device (hence dedicated monitor). This monitor has some fairly standard features and comes with an extra wide-angle lens to give you some viewing options.

It has a large 5-inch display with 720dp resolution that features real pan and tilt abilities. This unit has a longer battery life and a decent range for most home sizes. Unfortunately, the video images on this unit are subpar compared to WiFi monitors with somewhat fuzzy daytime images and clearer but dark night images. The sound is also not impressive with ambient/white noise coming from the monitor even at low volumes.

5.Philips AVENT

Pros & Cons

The Philips Avent Natural’s wider nipple can be helpful in avoiding drama when switching between boob and bottle, and our hands-on testers confirmed they had no trouble in this area. “Comfort petals” on the nipple increase softness and flexibility, according to the manufacturer, but not so much that the nipple collapses while baby is feeding. Our parent testers all said the nipple held up to their baby’s strongest sucking.

It cleans up easily and the mouth is wide enough that you can clean inside the bottle without much effort (though you’re going to want a bottle brush if you opt for the 9 or 11 oz sizes). None of the bottle parts stained when we let them sit overnight in our test mixture of water, dish soap and some spaghetti sauce.


Best Baby Audio Monitors – So today I want to do a review of the Philips Avent Baby Phone that I have been using ever since my twins were born. So I’ve been using it for about a year, four months now, and I absolutely love this baby phone. It’s a simple baby phone, it’s also not so expensive. It just gives sound, no video.