Best Baby Monitors for Two Rooms

Best Baby Monitors for Two Rooms – While the nursery is often considered a safe haven for your baby, this is not the only room they will be in during the day and night. You may often find yourself moving the baby between rooms.

This is why considering a baby monitor for two rooms is a good idea. A baby monitor with two monitors allows you to move your baby between rooms, while still being able to keep an eye on them.

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1.Infant Optics DXR-8

Pros & Cons

The leap from the old DXR-8 to the DXR-8 Pro is nothing revolutionary, but it’s a decent upgrade across the board. The system consists of two main items, including the pan/tilt/zoom camera that stays in the nursery, and the portable, battery-powered video monitor upon which you watch, listen, and control the camera.

The camera looks almost identical to the original DXR-8 at 4 inches tall and 2.5 inches in diameter. It can tilt up 95 degrees or down 25 degrees, and pan left or right 135 degrees. It supports 720p video, up from the original’s basic VGA. There’s a small dongle hanging off of it that acts as a temperature sensor. The camera needs to be plugged in, as it doesn’t have a battery.

2.Nanit Plus – Smart Baby Monitor

Pros & Cons

We liked the original Nanit when we reviewed it back in 2018, and we liked its successor, the Nanit Plus, enough to give it an Editors’ Choice award. The new Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System (starting at ) replaces those smart baby monitors and delivers some improvements to the camera and several to the app/service, which is enough to keep it at the head of the pack.

The camera resolution has been increased slightly and night vision is better, but the big addition is the ability to use the system for measuring your child’s growth. So if you’re searching for your first baby monitor and want a model that keeps track of a lot more than crying, the Nanit Pro is our new Editors’ Choice winner.

3.VTech VM350

Pros & Cons

Vtech VM350-2.5” Digital Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras and Automatic Night Vision. The fixed baby cameras give you multiple viewing options to watch over your little one from anywhere in the house or out in the yard. Even after dark, you’ll be able to see your baby clearly thanks to automatic infrared night vision.

The Vtech VM350-2 5” Digital Video Baby Monitor features soothing sounds and lullabies that play right from the camera unit to help baby sleep tight. Plus, the built-in temperature sensor on each camera will let you know with an alert if the nursery is getting too hot or too cold so you can adjust the thermostat.

4.heimvision HM136

Pros & Cons

For new parents, nothing feels as unnatural as the first time we close a door between ourselves and our brand new baby. Fortunately, for today’s parents, we have the means of allowing our babies to sleep undisturbed in their own quiet rooms, inside the safety of a crib, while we move around our homes and yards or even sleep. And thanks to the best video baby monitor choices of today, we never have to miss a moment. We can watch our child sleep, check their breathing, hear their every sound, or adjust settings to only be disturbed by a cry when it’s time for us to get some much needed sleep.

Today’s best video baby monitors have come a long way from the original, audio-only baby monitors of the past. Today, parents can view their babies in full color on a small, portable screen during the day, and through infrared technology at night. Alerts can be set to to make a parent aware of cries, noises, and motion. A parent now has the capability of zooming in on a sleeping baby in a crib for a reassuring check on their breathing without the worry of disrupting baby’s sleep.

5.Motorola Halo+

Pros & Cons

The Halo+ camera is round and measures 2.7 inches in diameter. It sits atop a puck-shaped base that is 2.3 inches wide and 1.3 inches tall. The camera captures video at 1080p and uses eight infrared LEDs for black-and-white night vision (up to 30 feet). It contains a speaker and microphone for two-way audio, an ambient light sensor, an 802.11n (2.4GHz) Wi-Fi radio, and it offers motion and sound detection. The base holds an adjustable Wi-Fi antenna, a temperature sensor, a power switch, a pairing button, and a power jack.

The entire assembly can be used as a desktop camera (desktop mode) or attached to the included crib mounting apparatus (dock mode), which consists of a floor stand and a top pole with a docking station for the camera, a halo-shaped seven-color night-light, and a small projector that displays a child-friendly night sky scene on the ceiling above the crib.


Best Baby Monitors for Two Rooms – If you have a growing family, a baby monitor for two rooms is a great idea. However, most baby monitors on the market are targeted at just one room.

There’s also various functions and configurations so it can all get a bit confusing. Added to the fact that certain models will work great for some parents and others hate them!

We hope our reviews of the best multi-room cameras can help. Whether you need a baby monitor for twins, or for your toddler and infant you’ll find it on the list below!