Best Baby Monitors With Multiple Cameras

Best Baby Monitors With Multiple Cameras – Of all the baby monitors mentioned in this article, the best one with 2 cameras or more is the Infant Optics DXR-8, as it is one of the most popular baby monitors on the market with very desirable features and a mid-range price that will suit most parents.

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1.Babysense Monitor

Pros & Cons

To keep a watchful eye on their sleeping babies, many parents turn to video baby monitors. Today’s models offer plenty of other features besides a video feed—including two-way audio, temperature readings, and zoom. The Babysense Video Monitor (model V24) offers all of these features at a budget price tag.

To see how this affordable baby monitor performs in real life, my husband and I gave it a go during our 1-year-old son’s snooze sessions. We were interested in how easy it is to set up, how the monitor performed, and if it could stand up to the competition. Read on to see what we thought.

2.Infant Optics DXR-8

Pros & Cons

The leap from the old DXR-8 to the DXR-8 Pro is nothing revolutionary, but it’s a decent upgrade across the board. The system consists of two main items, including the pan/tilt/zoom camera that stays in the nursery, and the portable, battery-powered video monitor upon which you watch, listen, and control the camera.

The camera looks almost identical to the original DXR-8 at 4 inches tall and 2.5 inches in diameter. It can tilt up 95 degrees or down 25 degrees, and pan left or right 135 degrees. It supports 720p video, up from the original’s basic VGA. There’s a small dongle hanging off of it that acts as a temperature sensor. The camera needs to be plugged in, as it doesn’t have a battery.


Pros & Cons

While the Eufy SpaceView works well for small babies, it’s perfect for the years when your kids are big enough to get out of bed but not yet big enough to know how doorknobs work. The shiny, billiard-ball-sized monitor has a 330-degree horizontal rotation and 110-degree vertical rotation to peep in every hidden corner of your kids’ room. There’s also an optional wide-angle lens that increases the viewing angle to 110 degrees.

What was that a bump or a thump? Is that a ghost, or is the toddler throwing every single book on the floor? Did they stay under the covers, or are they dangling off the bed? Monitors that mount directly over the crib don’t work as well once your kid gets older. You need a monitor that can help you play Where’s Waldo for hidden pairs of tiny feet. That’s where the Eufy SpaceView comes in.

4.Nooie Baby Monitor

Pros & Cons

Nooie cam 360 only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi. Please do not use 5G wi-fi during pairing. Motion Tracking Use this feature to track horizontal movements automatically. Or use the app to pan and tilt manually. Night Vision Two powerful 940nm infrared lights provide crisp night vision with a range up to 32 feet. Check on your loved ones without waking them up.

Indicator light can also be turned off in the App. Nooie cam 360 can rotate 355 horizontally and 94 vertically. Turn on the Motion Tracking feature to track horizontal movements automatically. There is also a status light available. This baby monitor is easy to install and can be connected with the Nooie mobile app and Alexa without a hassle.

5.LBtech Video Baby Monito

Pros & Cons

We like to think that LBTech is full of features that aren’t only helpful for the parent – but they’re also there to increase the baby’s safety. Down below, you won’t only find all of these features but you will also learn whether this video baby monitor is a great choice for your needs or not.

Grab a cup of coffee and keep on reading the LBTech video baby monitor review to find more helpful information LBTech video baby monitor comes with a 4.3″ LCD screen and two cameras. The lithium-ion battery is also included and once you unbox the LBTech package – you will have everything needed to set up this baby monitor.


Best Baby Monitors With Multiple Cameras – As a parent, having an extra set of eyes on my baby is something I’m very grateful technology can allow me to do. Now, not only do baby monitors alert you when your baby is crying, but you can also see your baby in real-time at any time and from anywhere in your home, or even from anywhere in the world.

Now, seeing how your baby is doing is as simple as the push of a button and a glance at a screen. Baby monitor cameras have a vast range of great features such as HD quality pictures, night vision, pan/tilt, wide-angle screens, video recording, two-way audio, and plenty more.