Best Baby Oxygen Monitors

Best Baby Oxygen Monitors – Anxieties within those first few months can take their toll. When it comes to breathing, especially if your baby has respiratory or cardiac problems or was born premature, it can be a cause for concern.

Baby Oxygen  monitors have stepped up the game and now offer a variety that allows you to track your baby’s breathing, and sound an alarm if they detect a lack of abdominal movement.

We’ve rounded up the best baby breathing monitors to help ease your anxiety.

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1.Nooie Baby Monitor

Pros & Cons

With the help of this baby monitor, you can keep a close eye on babies, elders, pets, or your home remotely. A great full 1080P HD camera that can rotate horizontally and vertically, helps you track the action in your home full 360 degrees. This camera comes with night vision up to 32 feet in pitch black. There is also a status light available. This baby monitor is easy to install and can be connected with the Nooie mobile app and Alexa without a hassle.

This baby monitor allows two-way audio communication which will help to stay connected with the baby even from a distance and will let you soothe your baby if required. To enable this, there is a built-in mic with an anti-noise facility. This baby monitor also provides a motion tracking facility which helps to keep track of the moments of the baby.

2.Infant Optics DXR-8

Pros & Cons

We purchased the Infant Optics DXR-8 video baby monitor so our reviewer could put it to the test in her home. Keep reading for our full product review.

Since 2011, the San Francisco-based company Infant Optics has been recognized as a leader in the video baby monitor category. The brand’s DXR-8 is especially popular among parents thanks to its many features, including a decent display during day and night and interchangeable lenses with the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom.

To see what all the hype was about, my husband and I (and our 1-year-old) put the monitor to the test. Over the course of many nights and many naps, we examined the setup process, design, and how well the camera and monitor performed.


Pros & Cons

The Owlet Baby Monitor Duo is a baby monitor comprising of two parts – a camera to record the baby while it sleeps and connects to your phone, tablet or computer so you can watch the video stream live, and a smart sock that fits on the baby’s foot to monitor and record important stats (heart rate and oxygen levels) and their sleeping patterns.

It’s important to note that the Owlet baby monitor is not a medical device, it’s a wellness tool. Just as calorie trackers and DIY blood pressure monitors have been criticised for providing inaccurate readings, some critics of the Owlet sock are concerned it could lead to false alarms, worrying parents for no reason, or, alternatively, too much complacency and advise parents not to rely too heavily on the sock and always follow the safe sleeping guidelines from the NHS and Lullaby Trust.

4.Angelcare 3-in-1

Pros & Cons

This monitor works with a sensor pad that goes under the baby’s mattress and includes the ability to hear and see a baby with a paired parent device that comes with the unit. This monitor could be a good solution for parents who want to buy a single monitor for their child, but still want to monitor movement (which is typically only good from 0-6 months old).

This unit requires a hardboard under the mattress and won’t work with all mattress types. Also, the lack of wires creates more EMF emissions than previous wired Angelcare options. It is also a little on the spendy side, but the longevity might make that worthwhile depending on your goals. Overall, we think it might be a potential option if you want an audio or video option with a movement monitor.

5.Levana Oma Sense

Pros & Cons

The Levana Oma Sense is a wearable movement monitor that has an audible alarm for when the baby’s movements go below the preset threshold of normal. This portable option is easy to use, less bulky than older models and has a simple user interface anyone can use right out of the box.

However, this type of monitor has a very loud alarm that emits from the device itself. Think loud smoke detector type of sound intended to alert parents in another room or through an audio monitor. However, this sound can be upsetting and will definitely wake a sleeping child which is disruptive for both of you. Should the alert be a false alarm, everyone will be disappointed.


Best Baby Oxygen Monitors – Do you find yourself checking on your baby every few minutes? A newborn can have you tiptoeing into the nursery frequently just to ease your mind, but rest assured it’s completely normal if you do.