Best Double Camera Baby Monitors

Best Double Camera Baby Monitors – One of the struggles of being a working parent is when you have babies that you look after. This is why there are baby monitors. Now, if you have two babies, then that won’t be a problem because there are also dual camera baby monitors available in the market.

Choosing the best dual camera baby camera is not easy. You need to make sure that it gives you the best resolution of what your baby is up to and enables you to interact with them even when you are away from them. Learn more about Baby Monitors.

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1.Motorola Video Baby Monitor

Pros & Cons

The reason that Motorola’s Audio & Video Baby Monitor is so popular with parents is because of all the hi-tech features that give mums and dads a peace of mind that comes from knowing that the safety of their little one is being monitored at all times.

The camera is small and neat, and can be adjusted remotely, which is handy once the baby starts moving. It has excellent image and sound quality and the lullabies are very soothing. The monitor also has infrared night vision, and the video remote pans, tilts and zooms to enable parents to see and hear what baby is up to, even if he/she has wriggled out of sight. The monitor is light and easy to carry around; the only thing it could do with is a nightlight.

2.AXVUE 720P

Pros & Cons

Monitor Is Paired With Two Cameras Before It Comes To You. Switch To The Camera Whichever You Want. Screen Could Be Set To Switch Automatically By 5 Seconds. [High Resolution And Large Size Color Screen] 4.3 Inch Tft-Lcd, Quick Video Response, Least Video Latency Between Cameras And Monitor.

[Rich Features] * Detect Room Temperature * Auto Night Vision * Zoom In 2X * Power Saving Enabled * Camera Is Mountable * Expandable Up To 4 Cameras In Total. HD] Video Baby Monitor, AXVUE 720P 5″ HD Display, IPS Screen, 2 HD Cams, 20-Hours Battery Life, 1000ft Range, 2-Way Communication, Secure Privacy Wireless Technology

3.Owlet Camera

Pros & Cons

The Owlet Cam is a WiFi video monitor designed to work with the Owlet Sock movement monitor. While it offers WiFi range and connectivity, we had significant difficulties in the first few weeks maintain a WiFi connection, something the competition did not struggle with.

In addition, the monitor produces subpar sound and disappointing images that cannot compete with the real-life quality images of the other WiFi competitors. We think that no matter what your goals are for choosing to video monitor your little one that the Owlet is general disappointing and doesn’t hit the mark as much as it strikes a nerve.

4.Babysense Monitor

Pros & Cons

The Babysense Video Baby Monitor is a budget-friendly but flawed model that we wouldn’t use every day. However, thanks to its lightweight design and low cost, we might consider packing it for a trip or keeping it on hand as a backup.

One worry tends to take precedent above all others for new parents. The risk of sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS. You follow all the guidelines provided to reduce the risk of anything like this happening but the nerves are still there. Before you know it you may find yourself checking on baby’s breathing several times in the night.

The stress becomes even more acute if you’re the parent of a baby that’s been in NICU or who was born prematurely. You will probably be used to baby’s every vital sign being monitored in the hospital. Now that they’re home they suddenly seem completely alone.

5.Motorola MBP36S-2

Pros & Cons

The Motorola MBP36S is a dedicated monitor earning a fairly low ranking position amongst the competition. While this monitor has one of the best indoor ranges with use up to 5 walls and 92 feet, it performed poorly in the other metrics negating its stellar range performance.

This Motorola has an old-school parent unit with side buttons and convoluted menu options for standard features like volume. The screen size is big enough, but the images are disappointing. With no sound activation or even sound sensitivity adjustment possible, this monitor is essentially on all night and parents will be listening to background noise no matter what.

The Motorola has muffled sound, fuzzy images, and lacks some of the features parents will want. Despite having 2-way talking and remote camera pan and tilt, the overall performance of the Motorola largely a disappointment.


Best Double Camera Baby Monitors – Are you a new parent and need to have a device that monitors your baby’s activities? Here are the seven dual camera baby monitors that you can choose from for you to keep a close eye on what your baby is up to. I will discuss all the details, including all the advantages and disadvantages of having each one for you to choose which of the seven is the best dual camera baby monitor for you and your family.