Best Gaming Monitors for Sim Racing

Best Gaming Monitors for Sim Racing – The choice of a computer monitor can make or break the entire experience of sim racing for you. Things like sim racing depend entirely on the virtual perception of the participants. Choosing the right monitor for that can enhance the experience of the whole sim racing session manifold times.

As always, there are several options out in the market that you can consider for yourself. Whether you are happy with an economic choice with a good enough G-Sync and FreeSync, or you want a premium one with superfast refresh rates – that depends on your priority, preference, and of course, budget.

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1.LG 32GN650-B

Pros & Cons

The LG 32GN650-B is a great monitor for gaming thanks to its 165Hz refresh rate and fast response time, which result in clear motion. It also has a remarkably low input lag, making gaming feel responsive, and its large screen size feels immersive. Unfortunately, its response time at 60Hz is significantly slower than at its max refresh rate. It’s also less suited to bright rooms since it only has decent reflection handling and decent peak brightness.

It gets decently bright and handles reflections fairly well, so it’s well-suited to moderately lit rooms. It also supports HDR, which is nice but doesn’t get quite bright enough to deliver a satisfying HDR experience. Unfortunately, it has poor ergonomics, and there’s quite a bit of wobble when at its highest elevation.

2.SAMSUNG Odyssey G5

Pros & Cons

The Samsung Odyssey G5 is a good gaming monitor. It has a large screen and high resolution, great for playing atmospheric games like RPGs. Motion handling is good, as it has a high refresh rate and quick response time to make fast motion look clear and buttery smooth.

Its input lag is exceptionally low, and it supports variable refresh rate technology to reduce screen tearing. Sadly, it has terrible ergonomics and sub-par viewing angles, so it isn’t the best option for co-op gaming. Unfortunately, it has sub-par viewing angles and terrible ergonomics, so it isn’t the best choice for co-op gaming or sharing content. Also, even though it supports HDR, it has a low peak brightness and can’t display a wide color gamut.


Pros & Cons

Actually, MSI reckons this super-fast 165Hz IPS panel is a contender for a top PS5 monitor and Xbox Series X monitor, too – for the former thanks to a special compatibility mode designed to compensate for the PS5’s ongoing lack of support for 1440p.

Indeed, this monitor’s overall feature set makes it look like a pretty convincing tool for most jobs. There’s USB-C connectivity and wide colour gamut support, for instance, the latter in part thanks to a backlight with quantum dot technology. Of course, that fat feature set is as well. The MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD is quite pricey for this class of panel.

4.BenQ 24 Inch IPS

Pros & Cons

It supports 8-bit color via dithering (6-bit + 2-bit FRC) and covers the basic sRGB color space. Overall, the colors are vibrant and significantly better than that of similarly-priced TN panel displays.

The Full HD (1920×1080) resolution provides a decent pixel density on a 23.8″ screen of the BenQ GW2480, which means that the details are clear and vivid with a fair amount of screen space available.

Additionally, the BenQ GW2480 monitor has a flicker-free backlight and an integrated filter against the harmful blue lights. There are four different low blue light settings, including Multimedia, Web Surfing, Office, and Reading.

5.Acer R240HY bidx

Pros & Cons

The R240HY’s out-of-the-box color accuracy is good, but not ideal. As shown on the chromaticity chart below, red and green colors (represented by the dots) are just a tad misaligned with their ideal CIE coordinates (represented by the boxes), but blue is spot-on. Nevertheless, the panel produced rich, well-saturated colors in testing and while displaying scenes from Marvel’s Iron Man 3 on Blu-ray.

Gray-scale performance was also good; although the R240HY managed to display every shade of gray on the DisplayMate 64-Step Gray-Scale test, you don’t get the same level of highlight and shadow detail that you’ll get from a high-end IPS panel, such as the one used on the NEC MultiSync P212. Viewing-angle performance, on the other hand, was excellent in testing, with no color shifting or loss of luminance from any angle.


Best Gaming Monitors for Sim Racing – Gone are the days when choosing a monitor was free of complexities. The only deciding factor back then was the size of the monitor. However, picking a gaming monitor for sim racing involves a plethora of factors, including adaptive sync technology, resolution, response, and refresh rate.

If you want to participate in sim racing, you need to buy a monitor with a high refresh rate. Monitors that can keep up with high-quality graphics and fast gaming speed will perfectly fit your gaming requirements. Many professional drivers have shifted to online racing sims, which put more emphasis on hyper-realism.