Best Height Adjustable Monitors

Best Height Adjustable Monitors – If the monitor in the office or at home is too low and not height adjustable, the first thing many of us do is to use books to raise it to a comfortable level. This does the job perfectly, but it looks ugly and it is certainly not a good use of books. Fortunately, we have an alternative way of raising our monitors – the monitor stand risers.

There are different kinds of monitor risers. For me, the most important feature of these products has always been the height adjustment. This is why I decided to make a list of the best height adjustable monitor stand risers. At the end of the article you can read about all the benefits from using such products.

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1.Acer Predator XB271HU

Pros & Cons

The Acer Predator XB271HU Bmiprz is a good 1440p monitor with a fast refresh rate, wide viewing angles, and outstanding low input lag. The stand has impressive ergonomics, so it’s easy to place it in an ideal viewing position or turn the screen to share it with someone else.

Although it’s a great gaming monitor overall, the response time is a bit slower than most similar monitors. Unfortunately, it has a low contrast ratio, so blacks appear gray in a dark room, but this is typical for IPS monitors.

2.Dell UltraSharp U2518D

Pros & Cons

The Dell Ultrasharp U2518D is a QHD 25-inch IPS LCD monitor that is good for most usages. It has great ergonomics and a good picture quality, with great peak brightness and good reflection handling, making it a suitable choice for brighter rooms.

The monitor supports HDR but you will not gain much advantage from using it in this mode. It has a fast response time and a low input lag to provide a good gaming experience. In darker rooms, blacks look gray and the disappointing black uniformity becomes apparent.

3.Dell U2520DR

Pros & Cons

The 25-inch flat IPS panel packs in 2,560 by 1,440 pixels, which is QHD resolution, at a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. Pixel density is a healthy 117 pixels per inch (ppi). That’s well short of the 163ppi density that we have seen on several recent premium productivity monitors, such as the Lenovo ThinkVision P27u-10 and the Editors’ Choice Dell UltraSharp 27 4K PremierColor (UP2720Q), both of which sport UHD or 4K resolution, though denser than the Dell 27 USB-C Monitor (P2720DC)’s 108ppi.

That said, given the relatively small 25-inch screen size, that’s a perfectly adequate native resolution for fine work, relative to those first two mentioned panels. (All else being equal, the higher the pixel density, the sharper that the text and other fine detail in an image should show up.)


Pros & Cons

The ASUS VG245H is a 1080p monitor with a TN panel which is great for gaming, but only decent for mixed usage. It has mediocre picture quality as blacks appear gray in a dark room, and the viewing angle is very bad so the sides of the screen look washed out when viewed from up close. The 75Hz refresh rate makes it feel a bit more responsive than other 60Hz monitors for gaming.

The ASUS VG245H is a decent monitor for mixed usage. It can get bright to be used in an average lit office and its response time will please most gamers. However, it does not support HDR and it is not good for use in a dark room.

5.AOC 27B2H

Pros & Cons

Now’s a great time to buy a new PC gaming monitor. So many games are enhanced with great graphics, there are always AOC deals to be had (no need to wait for Black Friday 2020) and there’s a massive range to choose from. High quality graphics are super important when you’re playing and the gaming monitors sometimes sold with PCs are pretty rubbish. You may also want to use a monitor alongside a gaming laptop.

The display size, also known as viewable image size (VIS) is the physical size of the area where videos are displayed – not the monitor case itself. The size of a screen is the length of its diagonal, which is the distance between opposite corners, usually in inches. The display size of this large monitor is 27 inches. Check our compare monitors page to see other monitors this size at a larger range of prices.


Best Height Adjustable Monitors – Not all monitors are created equally when it comes to ergonomics. Some offer a full range of adjustment options while others only offer a limited height adjustment. If ergonomics is a very important factor for you when shopping for monitors, then this guide is for you.

In this guide, you’ll find the best monitors with good ergonomics, the ones that offer not only a fully adjustable stand but also wide adjustment ranges. We came up with this product list by rounding up monitors that offer all of the following minimums: 5 inches height adjustment, 30 degrees swivel range in both directions, and 20 degrees backward tilt. Out of the monitors that meet all of those requirements, the five products listed here are the best ones.