Best Monitors for Adobe Illustrator

Best Monitors for Adobe Illustrator – These were our picks for the Best Monitor for Adobe Illustrator. If you have tested a monitor and want to share feedback, we would love to take its feedback from you. For any other doubts and queries, please contact us here.

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1.ASUS ProArt Display 27”

Pros & Cons

The ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV is a very good budget-friendly monitor that’s intended for creative professionals. Its superb ergonomics, high peak brightness, and wide viewing angles make it a good fit for nearly any type of workspace. It comes with good color accuracy out-of-the-box and it has an excellent SDR color gamut; however, it can’t display a wide color gamut and doesn’t support HDR.

It has impressive gaming performance despite its professional-looking design, as it has a fast response time, Adaptive Sync support, and a 75Hz refresh rate that makes fast motion look just a bit more fluid. Unfortunately, it has a low contrast ratio and mediocre black uniformity, which is expected of most IPS panels. On the bright side, it provides a generous number of USB ports and even has a pair of built-in speakers.

2.ASUS TUF Gaming 27″

Pros & Cons

The ASUS TUF VG27AQ is a great monitor for most uses. This monitor has great resolution and size, a very low input lag, fantastic response time, wide viewing angles, and excellent ergonomics. It’s a good choice if you often share your screen either for work or for a co-op gaming session. It’s more suitable for an average-lit room as it can’t get very bright and can’t display deep blacks in a dark room.

It also supports FreeSync variable refresh rate technology to reduce screen tearing. Unfortunately, even though it supports HDR, it doesn’t display a wide color gamut for HDR content and can’t get bright enough to bring out highlights.

3.ASUS VP28UQG 28″

Pros & Cons

The Asus VP28UGQ is so easy to put together that you won’t even need a tool belt, nevermind a tool box. You simply insert the panel into the thick stem sticking out of the circular base, paying attention to alignment. A screw with a handle makes it easy to tighten by hand. I used a screwdriver to make sure things were as tight as possible.

Sick of screens eating away at bezels? Well, with the Asus VP28UGQ you won’t be. Many (often pricier) monitors are moving toward slimmer bezels. But the VP28UGQ’s black, matte plastic border is a proud 0.75 inch (19.05mm) thick.

4.Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX

Pros & Cons

However, a monitor is such a utilitarian device that the purchase of one seems like drudgery, and many of us tend to shy away from spending as much on it as we would on flashier gadgets. It might surprise you to learn that there is a monitor that not only offers great image quality but is, in fact, an exciting tech purchase.

We tested the Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX, a monitor that’s beautiful enough that it might make you change how you view your display. The Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX is a jack of all trades—for creators and businesses, this is the screen to beat. The only people who might be advised to look elsewhere are hardcore gamers, who will probably prefer a screen that prioritizes refresh rate and response time over other factors.

5.Philips 343E2E 34″

Pros & Cons

The Philips 343E2E is the cheapest ultrawide monitor with USB-C that supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode and Power Delivery of 65W.

While it’s not perfect due to the somewhat low pixel density, it offers exceptional value for the price thanks to its wide color gamut, FreeSync up to 75Hz, and height-adjustable stand.

If you have a laptop that supports DP Alt Mode and Power Delivery over USB-C, the Philips 343E2E is an excellent budget ultrawide monitor for you! It offers vibrant colors, smooth performance, and plenty of features.


Best Monitors for Adobe Illustrator – Running a software program such as Adobe Illustrator requires better equipment and instrumentation of your monitor. If you are looking for a monitor that supports Adobe Illustrator and can let you work freely with your graphic-intensive tasks then you would require a monitor with good screen size, colossal storage, and optimum connectivity choices.