Best Monitors for Content Creation

Best Monitors for Content Creation – In this article we looked at the best monitors for content creation. While we listed monitor from several price categories, if you make content purely for viewing on smartphones, internet or on monitors, you don’t really need an expensive monitor.

All you need is a monitor that can cover sRGB color space and comes factory cablirated. In that case, we highly recommend the affordable Viewsonic VP2468 monitor.

However, if you create content for other mediums like print media, cinema, TV etc, then you definitely have to invest in creme de la creme like the ASUS PA329Q.

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1.LG Electronics 34UB88-P

Pros & Cons

Newegg has LG’s monitor marked down to . You can knock another $50 off the price with coupon code EMCBRBK63, which brings the total down to . That is not the lowest we have seen a 34-inch ultrawide monitor go for—LG’s 34UM60-P was available for  a few months ago, but that had a 2560×1080 resolution, versus 3440×1440 on this model.

The panel type is of the IPS variety, with barely any bezels on the sides and top. It has a rated 300 nits brightness, 178-degree viewing angles (vertical and horizontal), and 5ms response time. FreeSync is supported here as well.

2.BenQ 32

Pros & Cons

The BenQ EW3270U is a good 4k monitor with decent picture quality. It has a VA panel with a high native contrast ratio and decent black uniformity, allowing it to produce deep, uniform blacks. It has a low input lag and fast response time to deliver clear images with minimal motion blur; however, the refresh rate is limited to 60Hz. Gamers will surely appreciate its FreeSync support and G-SYNC compatibility, and although it supports HDR, this monitor can’t get bright enough for a satisfying HDR experience.

Also, its ergonomics are quite bad and its viewing angles are just okay, so it may be worth investing in a VESA mount if you often need to share work or content. Overall, it’s a monitor that performs well for most uses and its simple design should fit anywhere.

3.ASUS ProArt Display PA27UCX-K

Pros & Cons

Announced earlier this year, this monitor finally is seeing good availability. Ergo we figured another news items is  worthy. This 27-inch 4K monitor for creators has an “OCO” function that can reduce halo effects when viewed from an angle by 80% with a correction layer that controls the light transmittance around the edges.

The backlight is a direct mini LED, and 576 independent local dimming zones allow you to reproduce high-precision HDR content with the highest contrast. In addition, by conducting rigorous tests using ASUS’s advanced grayscale tracking technology, the color difference value has achieved delta E <1. In addition, the product also comes with a disc calibration, which enables image expression that is always faithful to the primary colors.

4.ViewSonic VP2768 PRO

Pros & Cons

Back in June, we reviewed ViewSonic’s VP2771 and found it to be a very capable and well priced display for the professional. If you’re on a budget and need to trim a few bucks off the bottom line, the VP2768 delivers most of its stablemate’s accuracy and functionality for about  less.

You still get a factory calibration, with accompanying data sheet, a 14-bit internal look-up table, multiple color gamut options (up to sRGB), the ability to interface with ViewSonic’s Colorbration software and meter package, and rugged build quality.

5.LG 34WK650-W

Pros & Cons

The LG 34WK650 is an excellent 34-inch ultrawide monitor for gaming and watching movies thanks to its beautiful design and the plethora of features including AMD FreeSync up to 75Hz and HDR. However, due to its rather low 2560×1080 resolution for the 34-inch screen size, it’s not recommended for those who also need the monitor for work.

Looking for the best gaming monitor under ? The LG 34WK650 might be just for you. It’s a gorgeous 34-inch 21:9 ultra-wide display with HDR10 and AMD FreeSync up to 75Hz.

However, keep in mind that its screen resolution is only 2560×1080, which makes it unsuitable for the type of work that involves a lot of reading and typing.


Best Monitors for Content Creation – A content creator is a highly versatile person who is tasked with creating and distributing information to mass media.

Since a content creator is a jack of all trades who works with text, images as well as video, he/she is generally seen as a highly creative person.

Also, since, they are judged by the quality of the content that they create, it is only natural that they have the best tools of the trade. And that is where the best monitors for content creation come into play.