Best Monitors for Gtx 1080 Ti

Best Monitors for Gtx 1080 Ti – There are several high resolutions and vibrant monitors with a great refresh rate. They have all the qualities that a monitor with GTX 1080 must have. Hence, they are equipped to provide you with an enhanced gaming experience. All you must do is pick your ideal monitor and start gaming.

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1.LG 27GL83A-B

Pros & Cons

The LG 27GL83A-B is a great monitor for gaming. It has an extremely low input lag and an outstanding response time, resulting in clear motion with little blur behind fast-moving objects. It supports FreeSync variable refresh rate technology (VRR), but it’s also certified by NVIDIA to support VRR from recent NVIDIA cards. On the downside, it may be difficult to place it comfortably due to its lack of swivel and limited ergonomics.

The LG 27GL83A-B is a very good monitor with a 27 inch, 1440p IPS screen. It delivers a great gaming experience with extremely low input lag, an outstanding response time, and a few great gaming features.

2.HP VH240a

Pros & Cons

The HP VH240a is a good budget monitor for office-related tasks. It has an ergonomic stand, built-in speakers, and a great image quality. However, for gaming and content creation, there are better alternatives out there. Further, those sensitive to screen flickering should look for another display.

The HP VH240a is a decent budget monitor if you need an affordable 24″ 1080p IPS display with a fully ergonomic stand. It’s great for work, everyday use, and casual gaming even though it lacks certain features which are available on similar budget models.

3.Sceptre IPS

Pros & Cons

Are you yearning for a high-quality monitor capable of taking your gaming experience to the next level? See if it betters these under  gaming alternatives and under 400 bucks options we reviewed, too. Or, do you want a monitor that will stream your favorite movie in high resolution to relax your mind?

If you want to get a multi-purpose monitor that ensures you enjoy the best viewing experience, you should consider a Sceptre monitor. Sceptre is a reputable brand that offers some of the best monitors in the market. And it’s not like you can’t find them among top under 200 dollars displays on offer and budget 144Hz monitors, as reviewed here.

4.Acer SB220Q bi

Pros & Cons

Measuring 15.1 by 19.6 by 8.3 inches (HWD), and weighing 5.5 pounds, the SB220Q is both lightweight and very compact. Its dimensions don’t tell the whole story, as the figure for the depth or thickness of the monitor includes its base.

And while the bottom third of the cabinet is more than an inch thick, the top two thirds of the screen is just under a quarter of an inch thick, making it one of the thinnest monitors we have reviewed. Its narrow bezels on the top and side help keep the monitor’s dimensions small for its screen size.

5.BenQ 24 Inch IPS

Pros & Cons

The monitor uses LG’s AH-IPS (Advanced High Performance – In-Plane Switching) panel with a 250-nit peak brightness, a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, and a 60Hz refresh rate.

It supports 8-bit color via dithering (6-bit + 2-bit FRC) and covers the basic sRGB color space. Overall, the colors are vibrant and significantly better than that of similarly-priced TN panel displays.

The Full HD (1920×1080) resolution provides a decent pixel density on a 23.8″ screen of the BenQ GW2480, which means that the details are clear and vivid with a fair amount of screen space available.


Best Monitors for Gtx 1080 Ti – A GTX 1080 is not any simple graphic card. It is a premium graphics card that was specially designed to support hardcore gaming.

However, it’s not that simple. You need a monitor that can keep up with GTX 1080, and not many monitors can do so.