Best Monitors for Triple Monitors Gaming Setup

Best Monitors for Triple Monitors Gaming Setup –  Triple monitor setups became widespread in the 2010s after Nvidia launched its Surround Technology that spans the PC’s output via three similar screens. The ability to play and work on a 5760 x 1080 seemed exciting when it first appeared, as it gave users great visibility and a limitless workspace. Nowadays, most monitor brands develop ultrawide screens to replace triple options with one item for convenience and usability.

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Pros & Cons

Additionally, the monitor has a color gamut of 72% NTSC, which is equivalent to ~99% sRGB. In other words, the colors are accurate, consistent and vivid.

Out of the box, you may want to make some picture adjustments by using this website as a reference.

Here’s the kicker: the 1080p resolution looks crisp and sharp on the 23.8″ viewable screen of the ASUS VP249QGR. You get a decent pixel density while the resolution is not too demanding, allowing you to maintain high frame rates even with entry-level gaming GPUs easily.

2.Sceptre IPS

Pros & Cons

Are you yearning for a high-quality monitor capable of taking your gaming experience to the next level? See if it betters these under $200 gaming alternatives and under 400 bucks options we reviewed, too. Or, do you want a monitor that will stream your favorite movie in high resolution to relax your mind?

If you want to get a multi-purpose monitor that ensures you enjoy the best viewing experience, you should consider a Sceptre monitor. Sceptre is a reputable brand that offers some of the best monitors in the market. And it’s not like you can’t find them among top under 200 dollars displays on offer and budget 144Hz monitors, as reviewed here.

So, which type of Sceptre monitor should you go for? Our honest and detailed review looks at different types of monitors to help you make an informed decision. Apart from this text, where we focus solely on Sceptre, you can find out more about the best budget picks, look here for the top-shelf bezel less options, or explore the ultimate FreeSync monitors here.


Pros & Cons

But the VG245H’s adjustability is the real star of the show here. You can raise or lower the screen 5 inches up or down, tilt it 33 degrees backward or 5 degrees forward, or swivel it 90 degrees to the left or right. You can even pivot the monitor vertically into portrait mode, should you want to use it as a second display for viewing your Twitch chat.

The VG245H’s highly practical design extends to its on-screen interface, which is painlessly easy to navigate thanks to a set of physical buttons behind the right side of the display. The monitor’s small directional nub makes flipping through menus a breeze, and there are dedicated buttons for switching display modes and activating special GamePlus features with just a few taps.

4.HP Pavilion 22cwa

Pros & Cons

The HP 22CWA is a decent budget monitor with an IPS panel. It lacks more advanced features to improve the picture quality and performance, but still performs okay. It has wide viewing angles, which helps the image to remain uniform when viewed from up close.

Blacks appear gray in a dark room, but in a bright room, the monitor can overcome some glare due to the good reflection handling and decent brightness. Motion handling is only decent but is limited by the 60Hz refresh rate and the mediocre response time.

5.AOC C24G1

Pros & Cons

The AOC C24G1 is based on a VA panel with true 8-bit color depth, an exceptional 3,000:1 static contrast ratio, a 250-nit peak brightness, 1080p resolution, and 178-degree wide viewing angles.

The Full HD resolution, 1920×1080, results in a decent pixel density of roughly 93 pixels per inch when displayed on the 23.6″ viewable screen of the AOC C24G1.

Such pixel density allows for sharp and clear details as well as a decent amount of screen real estate. Many users may be tempted to get the 27″ model, the C27G1 since it’s bigger and only slightly more expensive, but 1080p results in a notably lower pixel density on 27″ sized monitors meaning that you’ll get a more pixelated picture quality.


Best Monitors for Triple Monitors Gaming Setup – If you have a triple monitor setup, you will be more productive. People who tend to work on one screen, claim that switching between windows to perform a simple research task is not convenient at all.

In this article, we will try to refute this statement and describe the best budget displays that can make up a triple monitor setup.