Best Monitors Under 150

Best Monitors Under 150 – The $150 Monitors are considered as budget monitors, so you shouldn’t expect those high-end buttery smooth frame-rates and lightning fast response time for gaming and professional works in this price range. However, there are some hidden gems in the market which our monitor professionals were lucky enough to dig out, that are capable enough to blast through frame-rates with their 144Hz display.

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1.Acer R240HY bidx

Pros & Cons

Along the bottom edge of the panel is a strip of glossy-black trim that holds five function buttons and a Power switch, and around back are an HDMI port, a DVI port, and a VGA port, as well as a headphone jack. As with many midrange monitors, the R240HY lacks USB ports and speakers.

It’s also missing a DisplayPort input. Picture settings are basic and include Brightness, Contrast, and Blue Light adjustments, along with the usual analog (Position, Focus, and Clock) settings. You won’t find any advanced settings, such as the 6-Axis-Color and Gamma settings that you get with the Acer H257HU. Picture presets include User, ECO, Standard, Graphics, and Movie modes.

2.Acer R221Q Bbix

Pros & Cons

Acer R1 Series monitors are perfect for everyday computing. With an ultra-thin enclosure and ZeroFrame design, these monitors fit perfectly in your home or office. They provide sharp and outstanding visuals complemented by vision health technologies

Experience content on a multi-functional monitor with the best specs at the right price. The “Acer R221Q Bbix 21.5-Inch Full HD Monitor” with an IPS panel is versatile for gaming with vivid colors and provides Elegant Ultra-Thin ZeroFrame Design for the best quality from any position. A VGA cable is included for your convenience and an HDMI port can turn any desk into a multi-display setup. Get trusted Acer performance for your home or office.

3.Dell 27 LED Backlit

Pros & Cons

The Dell SE2719H is a very affordable 27-inch monitor with a 1080p IPS screen that’s ideal for daily use in the home or office. The product doesn’t offer specialized specs, but its promise of a clear view and its sleek and sophisticated design make it an attractive option. Let’s check out if the Dell SE2719H can offer a level of performance that can equal or even exceed the SE2717H and its success in the market.

Build quality for the Dell SE2719H is decent, but there is a slight wobble on the device if you type too hard or accidentally nudge the chassis. Quality control is, as expected, great since we did not find any sharp edges or uneven seams. The monitor’s plastic parts don’t feel brittle, but we couldn’t shake off the feeling that it was a bit thinner than some models we’ve handled.

4.ViewSonic VA2447-MH

Pros & Cons

ViewSonic announced the expansion of its line of commercial displays. It is a new 24-inch ViewSonic VA2447-MH Full HD 1080p monitor that is the ideal solution for presentations and intra-corporate communications for hotels, retail spaces, and healthcare facilities. This 1080p Full HD MVA panel is equipped with a variety of content source interfaces including HDMI, VGA, 3.5mm audio jack.

This monitor has a frameless edge-to-edge screen for easy configuration of multi-screen setups. It is also equipped with VESA Adaptive-Sync which seamlessly synchronizes the frame rate output between your graphics card and monitor

5.Sceptre E248W-19203R

Pros & Cons

It gets the most basic I/O inputs: D-Sub, DVI, and  two HDMI ports, but it doesn’t get USB port or DisplayPort, which is available on monitors that cost more. It does, however, get a pair of built-in speakers, something we didn’t have in its predecessor from last year, the Sceptre E248W-19203RS.

You are paying for a basic monitor, so you’re getting the same basic settings for Brightness, Contrast, and Blue Light adjustments, along with the usual analog (Position, Focus, and Clock) settings. You won’t find any advanced settings, such as the 6-Axis-Color and Gamma settings that you get with most high-end monitors.


Best Monitors Under 150 – Monitors under $150 is a sweet spot for budget buyers as there are plenty of options available to choose from in this price range. Usually, budget buyers who are in a hunt for cheap monitors look for basic features such as color accuracy, screen-size, and connectivity ports which will just get work done for them.