Best Touch Screen Monitors for Windows 10

Best Touch Screen Monitors for Windows 10 – A monitor is an integral part of your computer setup, contributing in many ways to overall performance. With touchscreen models for Windows 10 becoming more common than in the past, what we look for in our computer screens has changed. Across our top picks for the best touchscreen monitors for Windows 10, you now have plenty of options to consider, even if you have a high-quality build for the rest of your PC.

The most important thing to remember is that you need a monitor that fits your computer needs and habits. Once you’ve narrowed down your preferences, out list will be right here to help you find one that meets both your technological goals, but also your budget.

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1.Acer T272HL bmjjz

Pros & Cons

As with the Acer T232HL, the T272HL uses a silver picture frame-type stand that resembles a bicycle kickstand. It allows up to 60 degrees of backward tilt and folds flush to the back of the cabinet if you decide to use the four VESA mounting holes to hang the monitor on a wall.

There are six buttons, including the power switch, on the right side of the cabinet and three USB 3.0 ports on the left side. At the rear of the 1.9-inch thick cabinet are HDMI, DVI, and VGA video inputs, a USB 3.0 upstream port, an audio input, and the power jack. The internal speakers are adequate, but they don’t get very loud and could use a bass boost.

2.Acer T272HL bmjjz

Pros & Cons

Acer’s menu system is a pleasure to navigate, although picture settings are limited. Pressing any button activates on-screen labels for each button. The main menu starts with Acer’s eColor Management, or picture modes. There are four presets (standard, movie, eco, graphics) and a user mode to choose from.

Other settings include brightness, contrast, color temperature, and ACM (Adaptive Contrast Management). When using an analog signal you can use the auto-adjust button or manually adjust clock, phase, and position settings. There are also volume control and an input select buttons.

3.Planar Helium PCT2235

Pros & Cons

The Planar Helium PCT2235 has a U-shaped stand attached to the back of the monitor, which can be adjusted with a tilt range of 55 degrees. This isn’t as flexible as some of the other touch screen monitors out there, but the stand can be folded away to let the screen lie flat on your surface if you prefer. It’s not flashy or impressive, but it’s functional.

There is no large bezel like we found on the Acer T232HL, which is both a blessing and a curse. We thought that the bezel on the Acer T232HL was ugly, but the lack of bezel on the Planar Helium PCT2235 means that it can be a little awkward to use the touchscreen when it’s upright. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t it seems.

4.ViewSonic TD2230

Pros & Cons

The ViewSonic TD2230’s design is reminiscent of the Planar Helium PCT2235 that we tested a while back. Both monitors share the same thin bezel design, both have a glassy reflective surface and they’re both styled in a similar, reserved manner. In fact, if it wasn’t for the logos on the front we probably wouldn’t be able to tell you which was which.

The thin bezel means that, like the Planar Helium PCT2235, the ViewSonic TD2230 sits very low on the desk when using the stand to prop it up. This makes the touch screen less comfortable to use that some other models, as you find you hand scrunching up against the desk when trying to touch the bottom end of the screen. If comfort is your primary concern, we recommend the Planar Helium PCT2485.

5.GeChic 1303i

Pros & Cons

GeChic’s 1303i model is a well-made product in their portable monitor line – it’s a 13.3″ touchscreen display that can be connected to a variety of peripheral devices. It features the “Plug & Play” functionality, which eliminates the need to install appropriate drivers. We think that it deserves a more in-depth look – so let’s dive into the full GeChic’s 1303i overview!

The brightness rating stands at 250 cd/m², and the screen supports 16.7 million colors, as expected. But the thing that surprised us is the fact that this is also a touchscreen monitor – it sports the capacitive touch technology, supporting the 10-finger multi-touch gestures. This can come very handy in certain situations, from quick note taking to replying on the go.


Best Touch Screen Monitors for Windows 10 – Between phones, tablets, and gaming devices, touchscreens have become increasingly commonplace in our lives. Computers are no exception to this trend, with everything from laptops to full desktop setups starting to have touchscreens implemented, increasing the flexibility of how we interact with and use our technology.