Best Am4 Motherboards Under 100

Best Am4 Motherboards Under 100 – If you are looking to save cost on the motherboard while building an AMD rig so you can maximize budget on the rest of the components then you need to look in to the best AM4 motherboards under $100.

Here we looked at some of the latest and popular options. We recommended sticking with the latest chipset for future proofing yourself.

We have talked in detail about what you can expect at this price range as well.


Once you have that figures out you need to get the motherboard that offers those features for the least price. But you should not take quality lightly. This guide is proof that you can get a decent motherboard for Intel and AMD CPUs for around $100.


Pros & Cons

MSI motherboards let you manage speeds and temperatures for all your system and CPU fans. Total Fan Control allows you check your primary system characteristics in a simplified graphical interface. You can also set up to 4 temperature targets for CPU and motherboard, which will adjust the fan speeds automatically.

The MAG A520M Vector WIFI is the latest in the company’s MAG series. It is equipped with MSI Extended Heatsink Design and Turbo M.2 with M.2 Shield Frozr. The new gaming motherboard also supports Wi-Fi AC 3168 and Gigabit LAN.

2.ECS A320AM4-M3D

Pros & Cons

ECS Elitegroup A320AM4-M3D AMD A320 AM4 Ryzen Athlon DDR4 mATX Micro ATX 7th Generation Motherboard Processor

Support for AMD Ryzen processor, 7th generation non-ECC dual channel Athlon processor, memoryless DDR4, 2 DIMMs, HD audio, Realtek Gigabit LAN with Wake-over-LAN 6 USB 3.0 and 6 USB 2.0, 4 SATA III 6Gb / Again, the size of the mATX Micro-ATX.

On this review, we are taking a look at the ECS A320AM4-M3. A micro-ATX AM4 motherboard built around the A320 chipset. This is ECS’ reinvigorated budget offering featuring the Durathon 2 technology. It’s essentially a combination of hardware and tests to ensure maximum stability and performance.

The ECS A320AM4-M3 also features a 3+2 power phase design and is claimed to have been tested with perfect compatibility with the majority of AM4 coolers. Learn more from the official product page and get it at Amazon.

3.Rockrok Motherboard

Pros & Cons

We are all surrounded by numerous gadgets, but there are some which are the most common and those are our smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops. Almost all the work that we do in a day is mostly done through these devices.

So you must know the right kind of motherboard that you need for the most efficient functioning of your work and giving you the maximum performance.

There are a lot many motherboards available in the market as well as online, but you need to have the right one with you.

The Rockrok motherboard which is also called socket H3, came into the picture in 2013. This board replaced LGA 1155 motherboards and was specially designed for the fourth-generation intel processors and fifth-generation Broadwell processors.


Pros & Cons

The main bulk of the board’s aesthetic prowess come from the PCB, which features a black base with a grey striped circuit-like pattern emanating from the corners of the board towards the socket. This entry-level offering has two full-length PCIe slots; the top slot is PCIe 3.0 x16 while the bottom slot is PCIe 2.0 x4. Sitting in between the two full-length slots is a single PCIe 2.0 x1 slot.

Thanks to the two full-length slots, this means AMD CrossFire multi-graphics card configurations are supported, although it should be noted NVIDIA SLI is not supported across the B450 chipset; this is due to a limitation of PCI bandwidth.

Like all of GIGABYTE’s launch day range of B450 motherboards, the B450M DS3H has four memory slots capable of supporting DDR4-3200 memory. This means that a total of 64 GB of system memory can be installed with both ECC and non-ECC Un-buffered memory types being supported. There is also support for DDR4 memory with XMP profiles built-in.


Pros & Cons

The GIGABYTE B550M DS3H has perhaps one of the funkiest black and grey patterned PCBs from GIGABYTE, with small black heatsinks that feature gold text for contrast. Included is a full-length PCIe 4.0 x16 slot, with another full-length PCIe 3.0 x4 slot, and a single PCIe 3.0 x1 slot.

There are four memory slots with support for up to DDR4-4733, and up to a maximum capacity of 128 GB across four available memory slots. For storage is a pair of PCIe M.2 slots, one PCIe 4.0 x4 and the other PCIe 3.0 x4, with four SATA ports with support for RAID 0, 1, and 10 arrays.

6.ASROCK H470 Phantom

Pros & Cons

Warranty 3 Years by AsRock Phantom Gaming is designed by gamers and for gamers! Underneath its relentless appearance lie plentiful gaming oriented features and excellent gaming capabilities. It’s all about bringing a new gaming experience to gamers! Base Frequency Boost (BFB) Technology Who ever said that only K series CPUs and the Z-family platform are capable of being performed with maximum power.

Via ASRock BFB (Boost Frequency Boost) Technology, users may install their non K series CPUs to ASRock’s 400 series motherboards (even non Z models) and enjoy the base frequency boost with the hidden power of processors immediately.

While ASRock BFB breathes life into non K series CPUs and non Z series motherboards, the boost frequency currently still depends on the cooling system applied on your rig. 10 Power Phase Design Featuring sturdy components and completely smooth power delivery to the CPU. Plus, it offers unmatched overclocking capabilities and enhanced performance with the lowest temperature for advanced gamers as well.

Premium 50A Power Choke Compared to traditional chokes, ASRock’s premium 50A power chokes effectively make the saturation current up to three times better, thus providing enhanced and improved Vcore voltage to the motherboard.

Nahimic Audio Whether you are using headphones, a headset, external or internal speakers, via USB, Wi-Fi, analog output or even HDMI, Nahimic Audio offers you the most engaging listening experience, vibrant and rich with details. Intel® LAN Intel® LAN provides the best throughput performance, lower CPU utilization, enhanced stability and is able to deliver ultimate network experience to users!

7.Asus Prime B450M-A

Pros & Cons

ASUS Prime B450 Series motherboards provide the solid foundation needed for your first build, plus flexibility to grow with your ambitions.

We’ve melded all the good stuff that’s packed into AMD Ryzen processors with essential ASUS design and engineering, so you benefit from industry-leading technologies including automated system tuning, comprehensive cooling controls, and immersive onboard audio. When you build with an ASUS Prime B450 Series motherboard, you build smart, easy and affordably.

ASUS Prime B450 Series motherboard, you build smart, easy and affordably.


Pros & Cons

The four-pin EPS connector is in the usual top-left corner. And while the other three models put their VRMs across the top, Asus moves its down to the side, right next to the CPU interface. This seems like an excellent idea, since it puts the VRMs partially under the CPU cooler for extra ventilation. Straight down from the VRM is a four-pin chassis fan header.

The only other fan header is intended for the CPU cooler, and it’s right above the two DIMM slots. Halfway down the front edge is the ATX power plug, just above the PCIe slot.

Like the other H81-based boards, PCIe transfer rates are limited to 5GT/s through the 16-lane slot. Again, that’s plenty. Asus does give you a second PCIe x1 slot, whereas ASRock only offers one on each of its boards. That extra slot is only useful if a graphics card doesn’t cover it.

9.ASRock B450M PRO4

Pros & Cons

ASRock has a new value MATX board with the latest B450 chipset from AMD; it’s got everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The ASRock B450M Pro4 MATX motherboard has all the essentials. There are plenty of ports on the back and a PS/2 port for those with old school peripherals. You’ll find 4 SATA ports and 2 M.2 slots for storage, RGB headers for aesthetics and gigabit Ethernet for connectivity.

Whilst the audio is the Realtek ALC892 codec and not the ALC1220 we see on ‘gaming’ products it’s still going to be good enough for all but the most hardcore of gamers and it fits the price point well.

10.ASUS TUF Gaming

Pros & Cons

The new Asus TUF A15 is one of the most versatile gaming laptops you can buy right now. That’s all down to its affordable combination of brand new, top-end AMD Ryzen APU mixed with a healthy dollop of Nvidia’s Turing graphics silicon.

This isn’t some thin-and-light notebook, nor a hulking great workstation machine, but as well as some genuinely impressive gaming chops the Asus F506IV—or TUF Gaming A15 to its close friends—is capable of so much more.

The eight cores of Ryzen Zen 2 processing is able to offer the sort of CPU performance video editors and 3D artists will love, with a capacious high-speed SSD also playing its part

Best Am4 Motherboards Under 100 – BUYER’S GUIDE


There are four chipsets that you can usually find under this price range i.e A320, B450, A520 and B550. Of these four, the A320 and B450 are older and hence cheaper.

The A520 and B550 are newer and slightly more expensive.

We recommend that you stick with the newer chipsets because they support the latest processors from the get go. On the older chipsets you may have to update the BIOS to support newer Ryzen Gen 3 or 4 processors.

Also, it is worth nothing that the “A” series are the entry level chipsets, where as the “B” series are a mid range AM4 chipset.

We explore the characteristics of chipset in the sections below.

PCIe Expansion

If you choose to go for A520 or the A320 chipset, you can only find a single PCIe x16 expansion slot because this chipset can only support a single GPU.

You may or may not find the smaller X1 slots.

The B550 and B450 are a bit more versatile. These can handle dual graphics card so you may find 2 x X16 slots here albeit the second X16 slot generally operates at X4 speed (enough to run an AMD card).

PCIe Version

If you want to go for a motherboard featuring the latest PCIe V4.0, then B550 is the way to go. The PCIe V4, like all the previous gen, improves by doubling the lane speed.

An x4 lane on PCIe V4 can top 8 GB/s second. The same with a V3 can top only 4 GB/s.

Higher the transfer speed, the better and newer graphics card or other devices like SSDs you can install.

The A520, albeit new in the market, does not feature PCIe V4.0. Instead its GPU and general purpose lanes from the chipset all conform to PCIe V3. This is in contrast to the A320 chipset on which the general purpose lanes conformed to PCIe V2.

Form Factor

Most of the motherboard in this price range are Micro ATX motherboards with a 9.6 inch by 9.6 inch dimensions.

You can also find ATX motherboards on the higher price side but the mini ITX are quite rare to find under this price tag especially if you choose to go for the newer chipsets.

M.2 Slots

The A320 and A520 motherboards offer a max of single M.2 NVMe SSD slot. The B450 and B550 can offer 2 x M.2 slots.


Affordable chipsets like A320 or A520 lacks power VRMs or VRM heatsinks. Image Source

If you are an enthusiasts who loves tweaking their system, then we recommend sticking the B450 and the B550 chipsets.

The A320 or the A520 motherboards DO NOT allow overclocking.

This has mainly to do with the fact that in order to save cost, the A520 and the cheaper chipsets lack the amount of VRMs or the VRM heat sinks to stabilize voltage or temperature in overclocked situation.


The newer chipset, the B550 supports WiFi 6. The other chipsets, including the A520 lacks support for the newer WiFi 6.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Expect From AMD Motherboards Under $100?

Motherboards under $100 are considered general purpose motherboards for home or office use. They bring the minimum specs to the table.

However, as seen above, there are a certain few motherboards under the $100 range that can provide you with an extraordinary value for your money if you are a gamer too.


Best Am4 Motherboards Under 100 –  AMD’s popularity is on the rise, there are articles over articles these days singing the praise of the newer AMD processor as well as the graphics so it only makes sense that your next investment be an AMD setup.

In this article we look at the best AM4 motherboards under $100. Basically we look at motherboard that will be suitable for office/home use as well as for gamers who want to keep the cost of their motherboard to a bear minimum.

Fortunately, with the latest A520 series and the low-end B550 series chipset, you can find some pretty sweet deals for AM4 motherboards in this price category.