Best Budget b450 Motherboards

Best Budget b450 Motherboards – I think the launch of B450 chipset has made the gaming market more competitive and it is certainly not good news for Intel. Now mainstream gamers can easily build powerful mid-range or budget gaming PC using AMD 2000 series processors without shedding too much money. AMD B450 chipset motherboards are just as powerful and good as the X470 ones and they offer all the latest features such as StoreMI, Precision Boost Overdrive, XFR 2 that were mainly found in the higher end AMD motherboards only. If you still have any doubts or questions regarding B450 motherboards or gaming PC then do ask me by leaving a comment below.

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Pros & Cons

Enter the Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro WIFI. Gigabyte has traditionally kept its Aorus brand relegated to premium offerings, but for B450 they couldn’t resist unleashing the falcon that we have appreciate from previous reviews. Bringing a well-respected brand to a lower tier might appear to be a marketing gimmick, but it turns out this board is on-par with similar offerings from X470.

From an aesthetics perspective, the B450 Aorus Pro WIFI looks shockingly similar to the X470 Aorus 5, with the omission of LED lit DIMM and PCIe slots. Comparing the B450 board against the X470 Aorus Ultra, the inclusion of Wi-Fi in the B450 Pro might be enough for some to negate the X470’s improved connectivity elsewhere.

2.MSI Arsenal

Pros & Cons

This motherboard is presented in the Micro-ATX form factor, unfortunately there is no full support for Windows 7, the manufacturer guarantees support for Windows 10 64bit.

The MSI Aesenal motherboard is designed for AM4 socket processors, the practical one is the brother of PRO-VDH and MORTAR. At the same time, the B450 chipset supports the entire line of processor models up to the 3rd generation Ryzen, after BIOS flashing.

All black everything. The Stealth dazzles in ebony sandblasted aluminum and looks like it’d be a prominent tool in 007’s extensive arsenal. The lid has just enough shimmer to pull you in while the black dragon emblem glimmers gently in the light. The rear vents are subdued, a nice change from the supercar inspired design you see on other gaming rigs.

3.ASUS ROG Strix B450-F

Pros & Cons

The Asus ROG Strix B350-F Gaming motherboard was a decent board for its day, but it had some room for improvement. Asus has tried to renovate that room with the ROG Strix B450-F Gaming board, which brings a few feature enhancements including support for AMD’s StoreMI software storage acceleration technology, which intelligently moves hard drive data to an SSD, and an enhanced layout.

In addition to the advantages inherent in the B450 chipset, the ROG Strix B450-F Gaming motherboard has a substantially improved layout compared to its predecessor. In the older board, Asus placed one of the PCI Express x1 slots directly below the primary PCIe x16 slot, which rendered it effectively useless for anyone using a graphics card.

4.MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX

Pros & Cons

From the few second-generation AMD B450 and X470 motherboards we have tested, the majority have been refreshed models of pre-existing boards. Over time, the vendors have had the opportunity to make minor tweaks and upgrades to keep ahead of current technological advances and inevitable design choices.

MSI has tried to tick both boxes with the new B450 Tomahawk which comes with an extended CPU heatsink, USB 3.1 Gen2 support and RGB LEDs.

The MSI B450 Tomahawk is the successor to the popular B350 Tomahawk and offers users a slightly better feature set. This starts with including a pair USB 3.1 Gen2 ports, as well as customizable RGB LED lighting integrated into the board.


Pros & Cons

MSI opted to color the MAG B550 Tomahawk in a mixture of black and gray. Black is the more prominent color, but there’s a good amount of gray that adds contrast and keeps the board from looking too dull. MSI also put some RGB LEDs around the chipset heatsink that add some much-needed color to the board when it’s powered up.

MSI’s B550 product stack is similar to the X570 enthusiast lineup in that boards are divided into segments: In order from highest to lowest, B550 uses MPG and MAG for gamers and Pro boards for creators. MSI doesn’t offer its highest-end MEG class boards on the B550 chipset, leaving that segment with X570 on the AMD side.


AMD motherboards based on the X470 chipset are expensive and it takes a toll on your budget if you try to build a budget to mid-range gaming PC with Ryzen 2nd generation processors. This will not be a problem anymore because B450 chipset is a mid-range chipset and motherboards based on B450 chipset are cheaper than the ones based on the X470 chipset.