Best Motherboards for Amd Ryzen 7 1700

Best Motherboards for Amd Ryzen 7 1700 – The best motherboard for Ryzen 7 1700 should have all the features to make your processors run faster and more effectively. They improve the overall performance of the system. If you’re looking for the right Ryzen 7 1700 motherboard, we have covered the best models for you here. Whether you want an ASUS or Gigabyte motherboard, these motherboards will fit right in your system.

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1.MSI Gaming AMD Ryzen X370

Pros & Cons

This article has been cooking in this reviewer’s mind for quite some time. We’ve been asked numerous times “what motherboard should I get” and from an AM4 socket perspective, it always feels likes splitting hairs between recommending specific vendors or versions of a board.

After receiving the X370 sample of MSI’s Gaming M7 line and getting sidetracked with Ryzen 2 reviews, it is finally time to stack up a proper X370 vs X470 comparison and to see how MSI manages the new product releases.

Having never owned a BMW M7, these two motherboards are probably as close as I will get to an exotic import vehicle in terms of performance and style. For the uninitiated, X370 and X470 are AMD’s enthusiast grade chipsets which officially support more PCIe lanes for multi-GPU setups, additional USB and other enhanced IO for a more fulfilling PC build

2.MSI Gaming AMD Ryzen A320

Pros & Cons

MSI A320M GAMING PRO – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket AM4 – AMD A320 | A320M GAMING PRO

So far, we have looked at motherboards for the AMD platform based on the mid-range B450 and the flagship X470 chipset. While these motherboards are very popular, AMD has not forgotten that the majority of gamers belong to the budget segment. This is where the A320 chipset motherboards come in.

The AMD A320 chipset is designed for budget PC use cases like building an HTPC or a simple office computer. But the chipset is capable of powering a budget gaming rig as well. If your gaming requirements aren’t too high, opting for an A320 motherboard might help in saving a significant amount of money.

3.MSI Performance

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I say ‘inevitable’ new motherboards, but given the Coffee Lake CPUs are more or less architecturally identical to the previous Skylake and Kaby Lake generations, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility to expect these new chips might have functioned in the existing MSI Performance platform. Not so. Because of the extra cores, and the extra power delivery needed, Intel have ring-fenced the latest processors, only allowing them to function in the new 300-series boards.

That’s great for the mobo manufacturers, allowing them to create a whole raft of new homes for your Coffee Lake CPU and forcing you down that path. Well… if you’re lucky enough to find any of the damn chips in stock anywhere, that is.

The MSI Z370 Pro Carbon is their more mainstream Z370, not sucking down the same rarefied air as the ultra enthusiast Z370 Godlike Gaming motherboard, nor costing the same either.

4.ASUS ROG Strix B450-F

Pros & Cons

The board itself is matte black with shiny black stenciling around the PCI and chipsets, with ROG-related slogans, like Republic of Gamer, Hybrid, and some characters from languages other than English.

It’s worth noting this design is also on the back of the board in grey, but unless you happen to have a case with a see-through motherboard tray, this isn’t something you’re going to see once the board is installed.

Covering the Rear IO area and part of the VRM heatsink is a plastic shroud with the only RGB LED implementation on the board, embedded in the ROG logo. The heatsinks for the VRMs are grey and have a fair amount of surface area to keep the heat-producing components underneath running in spec.


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GIGABYTE 400-series motherboards maximize your PC’s potential with AMD StoreMI technology. StoreMI accelerates traditional storage devices to reduce boot times and enhance the overall user experience. This easy-to-use utility combines the speed of SSDs with the high capacity of HDDs into a single drive, enhances the read/write speeds of the device to match that of SSDs, bolsters data performance for incredible value, and transforms the everyday PC to a performance driven system.

GIGABYTE UD series motherboards use a 4+2 phases digital PWM + Low RDS(on) MOSFETs design to support the 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ CPUs by offering incredible precision in delivering power to the motherboard’s most power-hungry and energy-sensitive components as well as delivering enhanced system performance and ultimate hardware scalability


Best Motherboards for Amd Ryzen 7 1700 –  If you are in the market for the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 1700, you are in the right place. Based on our experience and research, the following are the top Ryzen 7 1700 motherboards in the market right now. In the end, your decision should come down to compatibility and which product offers the best features.