Best Motherboards for Gtx 1070

Best Motherboards for Gtx 1070 – We hope you have understood which gaming motherboard is best for you and which should you get for your PC build from the list of 7 best motherboards for GTX1070. You can also go through to get complete surety that you are getting the right products.

If you are serious about gaming and want to do one time but quality investment, then these motherboards are for you. So, to get more discount you can follow the link that we have provided and you will get an extra discount when you make the purchase.


So we’ve shown you five of the best motherboards that you can use with the GTX 1070 video card from NVIDIA. You’ll get excellent performance with any of these boards, but if you really want to push the limits on how far your card can go, the Maximus X Hero is definitely a long-term solution that you won’t regret.

1.MSI Arsenal

Pros & Cons

The MSI B450 Tomahawk is the successor to the popular  and MSI’s ‘Arsenal offers users a slightly better feature set. This starts with including a pair USB 3.1 Gen2 ports, as well as customizable RGB LED lighting integrated into the board.

The B450 Tomahawk is a gaming-themed motherboard and comes from MSI’s ‘Arsenal’ range of motherboards designed to offer users an affordable option with many of the features found on the more expensive models, but with some differentials to keep the overall cost down. This includes the pairing of decent quality and cost-effective Realtek controllers on audio side and the networking side.

2.Asus ROG Strix Z390-E

Pros & Cons

Motherboard makers often use secondary network controllers to set their features above budget-priced competitors, and Asus chooses Intel’s value-priced 1.73Gb/s W-Fi controller for this. Its low cost is made possible via the Z390 PCH’s CNVi integration, as are the integrated 10Gb/s USB 3.1 Gen2 ports that don’t require any third-party controllers.

Asus even includes two USB 2.0 and a PS/2 port, so that users can connect their keyboard and mouse without consuming any of the I/O panel’s 10Gb/s (red) or 5Gb/s (blue) connectors.  DisplayPort and HDMI 1.4b allow users who care to tap into CPU integrated graphics, an i219V PHY adds Gigabit Ethernet, and an S1220A codec connects five analog jacks and a stereo optical output to fill remaining space.

3.ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E

Pros & Cons

The middle market, designed to satisfy most performance enthusiasts, has crept up to a rough range , while a complete set of high-end features generally costs a bit over $220. And the wild stuff typically happens past .

With that said, the Strix Z370-E Gaming is priced at around $210. So, is this a better value in a high-end board, or just a mainstream overclocking board with a few added features? Let’s take a closer look.

The single light bar on the board hints that it’s not designed for serious show-offs, but that’s okay with us. Lots of people are more interested in what a board can do than with what it looks like. And besides, there’s nothing unsightly about brushed-aluminum heat sinks or a plastic I/O connector cover that’s been painted silver to match.

4.Asus Prime Z390-A

Pros & Cons

Starting with the premier entry-level Prime range, the ASUS Prime Z390-A is an ATX sized motherboard and features a white, silver and black design throughout. The board has a white rear panel cover and chipset heatsink, with integrated RGB on both with support for ASUS AURA Sync.

The PCB has a white patterning which contrasts quite nicely and represents one of the more subtle looking ASUS Z390 options. The Prime Z390-A has three full-length PCIe 3.0 slots with two getting treated to ASUS Safe slot armor protection and the slots operate at x16, x8 and x4 from top to bottom. This means the Prime Z390-A officially supports two-way SLI and up to three-way CrossFire multi-graphics card configurations.

5.ASUS ROG Strix X470-F

Pros & Cons

The ROG Strix board has all of the key features you’d need of a powerful gaming rig. Its top two PCI-E x16 slots are steel-supported, and can handle two Nvidia cards and three AMD cards – a complement that matches pricier boards, with almost nothing handling 4-way multi-GPU these days.

The memory slots can accept the same 64GB of DDR4 memory as rivals (you get two M.2 slots), with one protected by an extension on the southbridge heatsink. However, bear in mind that only one of those connectors actually supports the faster NVMe interface; the second relies on slower SATA connectivity.

6.ASUS ROG Strix B450-F

Pros & Cons

The Strix B450-F Gaming is classed as a mid-range board and is part of the Republic of Gamers lineup, which places an emphasis on gaming and related premium features.

The board supports both Crossfire and SLI multi-GPU configurations, has a 6+2 phase VRM and uses the SupremeFX S1220A audio (an Asus-tweaked Realtek codec) while supporting the full range of Ryzen processors, up to the flagship mainstream processor in the Ryzen 7 2700X.

Asus places the B450-F Gaming as a middle of the road gaming motherboard from its ROG lineup.

7.ASUS AM4 X570-Plus

Pros & Cons

The X570 chipset has been introduced solely for purveyors of fine, enthusiast-grade motherboards. That is to say, gamers and content creators with fat stacks in the bank. It’s not meant to usurp the X470 or B450 boards in the market, merely sit atop the stack offering a little more to those that want to go all in on Zen 2.

And so that leaves the TUF Gaming in a bit of a pickle. A cheap X570 is an oxymoron. Yet, due to some shifting of key components from the northbridge to the CPU back in the day, any effect a motherboard has on overall system performance has been almost entirely negated.

8.ASUS TUF Z390-Plus

Pros & Cons

Asus also includes a heatsink for the lower M.2 slot – a sensible location, as it’s more likely to be able to benefit from your case’s airflow here than if it was trapped in the slot under your graphics card.

Like the MSI board, the heatsink can only be fitted to this lower slot, but both M.2 ports offer support for either SATA or PCIe M.2 SSDs, and with the latter both slots are full fat PCIe 3.0 x4.

There are four SATA 6Gbps ports in the bottom-right corner and another two mounted at right angles to the PCB beneath the 24-pin ATX connector for neater cable tidying, but the MSI board went further here with even more angled connectors.


Pros & Cons

The GIGABYTE Z390 Aorus Pro WIFI is one of three Falcon-inspired models from its Aorus branded product stack; what’s interesting is that there’s a total of just  between them. This includes the Z390 Aorus Pro  which is identical to the Pro WIFI, but without the WIFI, and the Z390 Aorus Elite ($170). What users consider to be gaming features can be perceived differently with manufacturers usually altering the design, branding and software bundle to set the gaming and non-gaming boards apart.

Some of the core features of the Z390 Aorus Pro WIFI model include a Realtek ALC1220-VB HD audio codec, an Intel I219-V 1 GbE NIC and an Intel 9560 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi module. GIGABYTE advertises the Z390 Aorus Pro WIFI to feature a 12+1 power delivery which is spearheaded by an Intersil ISL69138 PWM 7-phase controller. Cooling this is two solid heatsinks pieced together along a single heat pipe which is nestled neatly underneath the rear panel cover.


Pros & Cons

Gigabyte’s Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 offers a more cost-conscious alternative to its big brother, the Z370 Aorus Gaming 7: Shaving the second Gigabit Ethernet port off the I/O panel, the firm also shaved  off the price tag while adding a low-cost Wi-Fi adapter. A few onboard buttons are also gone, along with the Gaming 7’s single M.2 heat spreader, but Gaming 5 buyers still get the three M.2 storage slots of its higher-priced sibling.

The company also kept the full onboard RGB package and associated light strip headers, but the value of those additions typically depends on the builder’s choice of case aesthetic. We’ll treat this as a potential value bonus for RGB fanatics as we delve deeper into the Z370 Aorus Gaming 5’s value credentials.

Best Motherboards for Gtx 1070 – BUYER’S GUIDE

Identifying The Budget

There are thousands of gaming motherboards that you can acquire and start using your gaming PC. If the budget allows you to get the premium ATX board with the cool features. Then you should get that one only. As you will get complete satisfaction besides this, it will easily integrate the heavy CPU and GPU with maximum output. So, first, prepare the distributed budget. And try to identify how much can you spend and optimize the need as per your budget. It can take time but give you nest specification as per your requirements.

CPU Type

There are two but the most leading companies in terms of providing the best CPU processors for everyone’s needs. These two companies are Intel and AMD. The AMD processors are famous among budget segment gamers, whereas the intel is demanding among high-end gamers. There are many games are available in the market and all need different configurations.

Like many of them to need high CPU consumption but some demand for high GPU consumption. So, you will probably go with AMD if you want to use the multicore benefit. Also, it will be your favorite choice if you want to play high-end games that require strong GPU consumption. But on the other hand, you should consider the intel if you want pro-level gaming with a single-core boost.

Ports Needed

Also, decide the required number of ports that you will be required to have in your gaming PC. And also should have a look at the ports area of the motherboard to get ensure the availability of ports. In all the motherboards you find at least two ram slots. But gaming and high-end motherboards offer 4 ram slots that support up to 128 GB of memory in your PC building. Also, there are USB 3 or USB3.1, USB 2, USB 3.1/3.2 Gen 2 ports. That provides high to slow speed connectivity for the keyboard, mouse. And another similar type of component gets connected with the USB port.

These days there are type c ports available in many motherboards that give the flexibility to charge your mobile when the battery goes low. You can also check the HDMI and VGA ports connectivity for future up-gradation. If you are buying an expensive motherboard. Then you should see the audio ports available as it is very common to have to inject your microphone or speaker with it.

Graphic Cards

The slots for graphic cards can vary from model to model and price range. But from the starting to the mid-level motherboard, you will see the single GPU integration option. So, if you want to add your GPU right now and do not need the future up-gradation, then having a single slot graphic card is sufficient for you.

But if you are willing to add one more GPU to your PC build. Then you should try to get the multi slots graphic card motherboard. This will be a future-proof investment from your side. And can get maximum gaming and heavy task performance without any distortion. You can check our given list: there is the best motherboard for GTX and also have multiple slots for the GPU.


In most of the motherboards, there is an auto overclock and one-click overclock option available. That will give the ultimate gaming experience when you play heavy games on your PC. If you want to use the old motherboard, then you need to choose a Z490 chipset that can support the ‘K’ intel processor. And if you want to overclock the AMD processors, then you can get this overclocking feature in the latest generations of AMD chipsets. But in the AMD series, you can also overclock the budget segment CPUs with A320 and A300.

Led RGB Lighting

If you want a complete gaming experience. Then there must be RGB lightings to make the game feel better. And most of the latest and upgraded versions of gaming motherboard offers RGB lights with over 16 million colors with approx 21 effects. Also, this can be completely controlled with the help of aura sync features in your motherboard. If you want this cool thing on your gaming PC and you are spending a similar amount. Then you can go and continue with our list so that you can get the best monitor with RGB lighting.

ATX Vs Mini And Micro ATX

You should also consider the form factor as well before purchasing any kind of motherboard. The reason being, the type of form factor will affect the availability of features. The bigger form factor will offer more ports and other essential features.

There are three types of form factors named micro ATX, Mini ATX, and ATX. The micro ATX is the budget segment board that contains typical features. Those are suitable for budget or office purpose users. The mini ATX is the motherboard type that is available in mid-series with more ports and features than the micro ATX. The last is the ATX board and if you are a gamer or building a PC for gaming purposes only, then you will go to will ATX board.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you already have a GTX 1070 OC  mother board and you only have enough money to buy another GTX 1070 then sure go ahead and get it. But if you are looking at future proofing your rig then you are definitely looking at this from the wrong perspective. Right now on Ebay the one that I can find closest to your description is for $260. That one is used. But for one that is new it is $410 for the cheapest one. If you have $410 and you sell your other GTX 1070 OC you will have about $670. At this price you can buy a GTX 1080 ti or a RTX 2070. Or if you still want to SLI you can buy two RTX 2060’s and call it a day, but most applications and games dont support SLI in ray tracing. But if you don’t have both cards you probably have a minimum of $820 and with that you can buy a RTX 2080 and that will outclass the GTX 1070 OC SLI by a far margin. If you have that kind of cash then go for the RTX 2080 hands down. But if you get a RTX 2070 and you have $670 from the previous scenario then spend that additional cash on faster or more RAM, a better CPU cooler, or some other part that you feel is lacking. But the one thing that I haven’t covered yet is mining. If you are going into mining, go with the RTX 2060’s as they have the quickest turnover rate


Best Motherboards for Gtx 1070 – The GTX 1070 mother board is not a bad idea to implement as the gaming card in your PC. This can also provide you with pro-level gaming. In today’s world, there are a lot of graphic cards and still, the GTX 1070 is considered one of the great graphic cards among gamers. This card can be used perfectly if you get the best motherboard for this one. So, in this article, we will discuss the top 7 best motherboards for GTX 1070.