Best Motherboards for i5 4460

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Best Motherboards for i5 4460 – If you are looking for the best GPU for i5- 4460, then there is no better option than AMD RX 570 8GB, the card is 30% faster than GTX 1050 Ti and you can play almost every latest game with this graphics card. The card provides an excellent price/performance ratio. If there are chances that you’ll upgrade your CPU later to 5th or 6th gen then Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB is the best option. The card will not provide its full performance with i5-4460, almost 7-10% of FPS will be lost due to CPU bottlenecking.

Is the i5-4460 processor the one you need for your PC setup? In this product we found balance. You can shop in a reasonable price range and get more than impressive performance. This proved it’s definitely a wise buy. Simply be aware that you may have to sacrifice a bit when it comes to your utility bill.


With its many attractive features, it’s clear to see why it still ranks high on the popularity charts. This applies whether you’re buying for gaming, business, or design. And when you do sell your PC at some stage, its versatility will find you a buyer easily. We recommend this to almost anyone looking to upgrade on a budget.

1.MSI Intel Z97 LGA 1150

One of the first things I noticed about the Z97 Gaming 5 is the PCB, especially in the socket area. MSI would seem to have a knack for making a PCB look polished, especially on these lower end models where there are fewer components. Like other gaming ranges, MSI uses a red on black theme here, with the heatsinks being the main source of red on the motherboard. The slots and port connectors are all in black, and even the power delivery chokes are an off gray as to not interfere with the general look.

The power delivery heatsinks use an odd surface area design and are not conjoined by a heatpipe, but feel sturdy enough for four phases each. The socket area is not outlined by the typical white box denoting the Intel minimum distances, although we had no issue fitting our CPU heatsink here. The socket area has access to four fan headers – two CPU headers to the top right, one SYS header just above the first PCIe slot and a final one below the 24-pin ATX power connector. The other fan header is at the bottom right of the motherboard.


Are you looking for a high-quality, affordable motherboard? Look no further. The ASUS Micro ATX DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 Motherboards B85M-G is exactly what you’ve been waiting for, all in a convenient and well-priced package.

It enhances computer security; it is reliable and durable. So, without any further ado, let’s see what other premium features it includes at such an affordable budget!

This model gives your computer five times the protection of other models, offers the most user-friendly graphical BIOS control, has intuitive functions to find your favorite BIOS pages and frequently accessed settings via shortcuts.

You can write quick notes in the BIOS for future references. Due to the hardware optimization of ASUS Windows 8, the computer’s boot process presents much greater flexibili

3.MSI Intel B365

MSI motherboards been designed with tons of smart features for convenient setup and usage, such as pin-header keep out zone, friendly SATA & USB location and multiple cooling solutions, so DIY users can pick and choose any gaming rig they want.

To the builders who would prefer to plug their ears and repeat “MicroATX is too big,” we would like to remind them that the extra DIMM slots can come in handy. While PCIe slots are of greater importance to some builders, all builders should be able to appreciate the ability to upgrade memory. This was our conclusion when we recently tried to upgrade from 16GB to 32GB on a Mini-ITX office machine, only to be confounded by the 8GB-per-DIMM limit of DDR3.

That quibble aside, MSI makes reasonable use of space on other parts of this board, adding a four-lane x16-length slot to the bottom, as well as an M.2 slot above each x16-length slot. Due to the B360 chipset’s limitations, though, the second M.2 slot works only when the bottom PCIe slot is empty. Perhaps the B360 chipset would have made more sense on a Mini-ITX board?

4.MSI Intel Z270

MSI Z270 Gaming M7 Socket 1151 motherboard (F7a BIOS), 4GHz Intel Skylake i7-6700K CPU, 2 x 8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400MHz C16 DDR4 RAM, Samsung 960 Pro M.2 hard drive, Corsair H80i v2 Hydro Series CPU cooler, Corsair Platinum Series AX1200i 1200W Digital ATX Power Supply, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070, Windows 10, Dell 2715PQ monito

We usually eschew overclocking-focused motherboards in order to focus on decent boards which just plain work. But MSI’s Gaming M7 board has turned our head.

While competitive overclockers won’t care about all the automatic overclocking features that come on this board (they’ll do it all manually) being able to ramp up performance just by turning a dial – which actually goes up to 11 – is enough to capture the attention of any non-overclocking computer enthusiast. But only for so long.

5.Supermicro Motherboard

On the flip side, Supermicro’s Professional Gaming brand attempts to deliver server-infused products into the enthusiast community. Though the previously reviewed X11SRi-IF had an unusual form factor and niche, Supermicro aims the C9X299-PG300F at the higher-tiered gaming PC or workstation near you.

Sporting Intel’s X299 chipset, it supports Intel’s i7 and i9 Core X-series processors with support for up to 165W TDP SKUs. Though it does support our Core i9-10980XE, it does not enable the additional four lanes equipped through the refreshed Intel processors.

6.Supermicro X10SLL-F-B

When Intel released the Haswell Xeon E3-1200 V3 series, we posted an initial listing of the Supermicro Haswell Xeon motherboards. One of the more interesting motherboards from that list is the Supermicro X10SL7-F. For those wondering X10 is for the new generation of Xeons and the S in the model name lets us know this is a single processor motherboard.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the motherboard comes from the “7” in its model number which denotes an onboard LSI SAS 2308 controller, similar to what one would get with a LSI 9207-8i. The Supermicro X10SL7-F is very much a successor to the Supermicro X8SI6-F we reviewed years ago.

That belonged to two socket generations prior (X8) and utilized the LSI SAS 2008 controller onboard. In its day the Supermicro X8SI6-F was a very popular storage server motherboard and Supermicro is looking to capitalize on a similar market segment this time around.

7.Desktop PC Motherboard

Choosing the best gaming motherboard (or best motherboard for another type of build) is in many ways an integral part of your PC build, despite the fact that choosing the best CPU or the best graphics card often gets more attention. Nearly every part of your PC plugs into your motherboard. Its form factor dictates the size of your computer (and case), and its chipset and socket limit what kind of processor you can install.

If you’re not sure which chipset you’re after when choosing the best gaming motherboard for you, or you have more basic questions for a different type of build, you can visit our motherboard basics and motherboard buying guide features to help narrow down your buying options.

8.MSI Pro Intel Z490

On the rear panel is a basic set of IO, with one USB 3.2 G2 10 Gbps Type-C, two USB 3.2 G1 Type-A, and two USB 2.0 ports. There is a Realtek RTL8125B 2.5 G powered Ethernet port and a pair of video outputs consisting of a DisplayPort and HDMI output. For onboard audio, there is five 3.5 mm audio jacks and S/PDIF optical output controlled by a Realtek ALC1200 HD audio codec, with a single PS/2 keyboard and mouse combo port for users with legacy peripherals.

Overall the MSI Z490-A Pro caters more to professional users but includes more premium networking with a Realtek 2.5 G Ethernet controller which is a bump over previous versions of the A Pro. The two full-length PCIe 3.0 slots support dual AMD Crossfire graphics card setups, with a decent looking power delivery on a budget-focused model. MSI hasn’t provided pricing information as of yet.


The ASUS MAXIMUS VII HERO has a long-standing tradition to live up to, and while the first Hero board did well, it did have a few shortcomings and might have been overshadowed by some of the other new ROG boards, like the IMPACT. What an apt name that is too, IMPACT, as that board definitely made its mark on the OC scene. So who exactly did the HERO save?

I think people may overlook something with ASUS’s HERO SKU. The idea of who it’s suppose to champion may not be immediately obvious unless you know some of the OC scene’s past history and ASUS’s ROG branding. Like with the IMPACT, many users requested that ASUS release a trimmed down board, stripped of the features that were not needed while still packing all the awesome engineering ASUS is known for.

To me, that is this HERO’s main purpose. Capable of much, but much cheaper than HEROs of the past, the EXTREME, GENE, and FORMULA, it is to provide a decent and affordable platform to push performance limits on.

10.ASRock H110 Pro

AsRock H110 Pro BTC Motherboard: Overview, Features, Installation: Lets Learn about the AsRock H110 Pro BTC ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ 13GPU Mining Motherboard Cryptocurrency and its features, installation and other important details regarding cryptocurrency. A well-known developer and manufacturer AsRock has released an upgraded motherboard H110 PRO BTC.

H110 was conceived and developed as a continuation of the line of motherboards for mining digital coins and is the successor of the very popular H81 ProBTC board from the same brand AsRock. The new product should appeal to miners who want to collect the maximum number of video cards in the case of a single farm.

Please note- We love to be transparent as possible to our audience. The AsRock H110 Pro BTC Motherboard: Review 2021 was done earlier than 2021 so their will be variation interms of the rate would earn when currency exchange is taken into consideration.

Best Motherboards for i5 4460 – BUYER’S GUIDE


Don’t let the price of the Intel Core i5 4460 processor fool you. Just because it’s a bit more affordable than some other processors doesn’t mean it can’t still outperform them.

The price has fluctuated and dropped over time. Now, since it’s from a previous generation, you can pick up this CPU for a reasonable amount. Luckily, because it was advanced for its time you’ll still get excellent service from it today.

FIVR (Full Integrated Voltage Regulator)

The smart technology in the Fully Integrated Voltage Regulator was another main attraction of this processor. This type of regulator is common in Intel’s 4th generation processors and it’s found inside the die of the processor. The advantages of FIVR are far-reaching, even improving the battery life of your laptop.

With the FIVR a computer’s peak power also increases, which is especially helpful for burst workloads.

Graphics Support

Graphics performance is becoming more important over time. It’s vital for gamers of course, but video resources also play a role in most industries these days. Video is important for everything from marketing to business presentations. Despite the design being a few years old already, it’s good to know that the i5-4460 provides excellent graphics support. Videos will display excellent! This makes it good value for money in the modern market.

Some of the highlights for graphics include:
– Your overall performance in terms of graphics is maximized thanks to DirectX 11.1 support.
– An improvement in supporting applications because of OpenCL 1.2 as well as OpenGL 3.2 support.
– You’ll have optimized performance in terms of graphics thanks to a digital display splitter. The ports and CPU connect directly. You can support up to three different displays, whether you’re using HDMI, VGA, or DVI outputs for your setup.
– There’s a maximum graphic frequency of 1.1GHz

To give you an idea of the graphics quality you can expect, here’s a summary of the i5 4460 specs in terms of max resolution on different display outputs:
– On HDMI 1.4: 4096 x 2304 @ 24Hz
– For VGA: 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz
– With eDP: 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz
– DP: 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz

Power Consumption

The Intel Core i5 4460 processor showed massive improvement in power consumption compared to products in the previous generation. This i5 4460 benchmark paved the way for the innovation in power consumption of the past few years.

While the Intel Core i5 4460 may not have the best power consumption in the industry today, it’s still very decent. Thanks to innovation that allows proper power management, energy use is controlled and kept at the lowest possible level. This helps you manage your utility costs. They won’t spiral out of control just because you’re working on your computer a lot.

You can measure the power consumption at around 84W. Technology has evolved and you’ll get processors offering lower consumption these days. We feel this is a small sacrifice to make when you look at the multiple benefits.


This is a versatile processor that is a wise investment to cater to your entire family’s diverse needs. If you’re buying for yourself, you’ll have one computer that works for all your PC activities.

Firstly, if you’re planning to use the i5 4460 for gaming you will be pleasantly surprised. Even though this is a previous generation processor, it was designed with gaming use in mind. It showcases features like Intel Virtualization Technology. You can get a very decent, immersed gaming experience, with aspects like texturing taken care of.

Of course, other factors impact gaming, such as your graphics card. Support those components with this processor. Thanks to the 4 core 4 thread design, your processor will do what’s required for gaming, even while other processes run in the background. For example, you can keep both a spreadsheet and your game open at the same time. The gaming experience won’t be affected.

The graphics support even mean good news for individuals who require a computer for design work. For tasks like rendering images or editing a video, the processor won’t slow you down.

Note that many newer games may require a higher core and thread count. Consider the games you play and research what’s needed in terms of a CPU to ensure your computer will be able to cope.

The i5 4460 specs will also help if you need a processor for other applications. Thanks to aspects like the Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, it empowers you to get work done faster. It will run multiple programs at an impressive speed.

User Friendliness

With DIY projects being popular these days, it’s good to know this CPU is easy to install in your system. You should be able to do it yourself and it can take as little as five minutes. Setting up your system after connecting the i5 4460 socket will be painless.

It’s compatible with different motherboards, including Z87 and Z97. Just note that if you have a Z87 you’ll possibly need a BIOS update.

We will say, if you’re a total newbie you can ask an expert for assistance to ensure the system works optimally.


If you’re feeling apprehensive about buying a low-priced processor, don’t be when you consider the Intel Core i5 4460 processor. During our i5-4460 review process, we found positive feedback from users who have had these processors for years. They didn’t run into any problems, so you can know you’re getting a long-term solution for your PC.

Durability is a valuable feature if you consider the future too. You may want to sell your PC to upgrade to another device. Knowing that your processor will keep for years to come can give you peace of mind that you’ll still get a good price for your PC or laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best budget motherboard for i5 4460?

I don’t want to spend too much for a motherboard, preferably not over $50. I don’t care about SLI/Crossfire or overclocking. I don’t know very much about what other features I should look for.


Best Motherboards for i5 4460 –  The Intel Core i5-4460 is still a solid chip for general usage, like creating content with premiere pro or using it for office purposes. It is also a good CPU for budget Gaming. If you’ll pair it with a good graphics card, then you can play almost every game of mid-2020 but definitely with lower graphics settings. After some testing and research, we selected the best GPU for i5 4460. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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