Best Motherboards for i5 7600k

Best Motherboards for i5 7600k – In a nutshell, we know about your confusion. At this point, most gamers feel stunned because they never know which motherboard is very outstanding among all the best motherboards for i5 7600k. But don’t be afraid at that time. We are here to help you in this matter. All these motherboards are perfect and excellent because they all have different types of potent and energetic components.

 Nevertheless, in our personal opinion, if you want to select the best motherboard for gaming, then you must choose the ASUS brand motherboard because ASUS motherboards are very fortunate in performance and reliability. That’s why the ASUS motherboards brand stands at the high position.

From this article, you can select the ASUS PRIME Z270-A gaming motherboard because it has unlimited multiple features for gaming like high audio capacitors, powerful USB ports, various storage drives, and so on. You can read the above detail about this motherboard. But in the end, the choice is yours, which motherboard attracts you more. Let me know about your decision.


Building a PC can be a fun task, and it’s reasonably easy to do as well; however, where most people get tripped up is in processor-motherboard compatibility. What processor fits in what motherboard socket? That isn’t exactly the easiest to understand, and thus why we’ve assembled the best motherboards for i5-7600K for you. Anyone of these will bring you excellent performance, whether you’re spending just a few dollars or a few hundred dollars.


Pros & Cons

Recently, I’ve got my hands on several Asus Prime Z270-P motherboards. I’ve build a couple of rigs with those and decided to share with you guys how I did it.

Let’s start by taking a close look at the board first.

The Asus Prime Z270-P is an entry level MoBo with LGA1151 socket chipset that supports 7th and 6th gen Intel CPUs. It is affordable and well-made, which makes it a great mining MoBo.

Compared to other models of the Z270 family, the Z270-P features one of the best money per supported GPU ratio. It can handle up to 8 GPUs, which is arguably the best amount of GPUs per rig to begin with.

I’m using a Dual-Core Intel Celeron G3930 with the mobo and I’m quite satisfied with it. The CPU can be purchased for  USD on Newegg and is probably the cheapest option for this motherboard.

2.ASUS Prime Z390-P

Pros & Cons

A pair of USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-A and four USB 3.0 Type-A ports make up the boards USB connectivity with a pair of PS/2 ports and a DisplayPort and HDMI duo of video outputs on the board. The cheapest and basic of the ASUS Z390 motherboards has a Realtek RTL8111H Gigabit LAN port and Realtek ALC892 powered trio of 3.5 mm audio jacks which completes the rear panel.

The ASUS Prime Z390-P loos set to release as the cheapest Z390 board with the MSRP remainign unknown as of yet. The most basic and entry-level board offers a Realtek controller pairing which cuts down as much cost as possible, even with the use of straight-angled SATA ports to shave as much cost off as humanly possible.

The Prime Z390-P is probably not the board to be considering for one of the new 8-core Intel Core i7-9900K processors, especially where overclocking is concerned due to the small and lightweight looking power delivery heatsinks.

3.MSI Enthusiast

Pros & Cons

Intel’s new 11th Generation “Rocket Lake” Core processors are here, and that means we get a whole new round of motherboards to help them achieve their full potential: higher clocks, PCI Express 4.0 compliance, and more. Though less than a year has passed since the previous-generation boards (the first with Intel’s LGA1200 socket) appeared, MSI’s MEG Enthusiast  Ace is a considerably different breed from its MEG Z490 Ace predecessor.

It feels like an improvement through and through, but it also brings a price hike from $399 to $499 while dropping a few of the older board’s features. This Rocket launch is a success, but it may burn up more of your budget than you planned to spend.

4.MSI Intel B365 LGA 1151

Pros & Cons

Even though AMD is currently leading in the CPU market thanks to its Ryzen lineup of CPUs, Intel, and its CPUs are still more than enough for gaming.

And when you considered the lower prices of the older 8th gen and 9th gen processors, they are worth considering for your next PC. If you wish to use these CPUs from Intel, then you will need one of the best LGA 1151 motherboards stated down below because of the following features:

Apart from these factors, you will also find all the various features and specifications along with a complete and detailed “Buying Guide” regarding motherboards which will allow you to buy the best LGA 1151 motherboard for your needs by the time you have gone through this listicle completely.

5.MSI Arsenal

Pros & Cons

The MSI B450 Tomahawk is the successor to the popular B350 Tomahawk and offers users a slightly better feature set. This starts with including a pair USB 3.1 Gen2 ports, as well as customizable RGB LED lighting integrated into the board.

The B450 Tomahawk is a gaming-themed motherboard and comes from MSI’s ‘Arsenal’ range of motherboards designed to offer users an affordable option with many of the features found on the more expensive models, but with some differentials to keep the overall cost down. This includes the pairing of decent quality and cost-effective Realtek controllers on audio side and the networking side.


Pros & Cons

With the dawn of the latest in-the-middle chipsets—AMD’s B550 and Intel’s H470 and B460—midrange desktop motherboards just keep getting better. That arguably goes without saying, but in this generation we’re seeing more pronounced improvements. Case in point: MSI’s MAG B550 Tomahawk ($179.99), which might be mistaken at a glance for a premium ATX pick.

And the similarities go deeper than just appearances—with PCI Express 4.0 support, a 2.5Gbps NIC, and two 10Gbps USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports on the back panel, this board has a modern feature set that’s comparable to what we have seen on many AMD X570 and Intel Z490 motherboards. This makes the Tomahawk a hard option to pass up in the midrange market, and our latest Editors’ Choice winner among mainstream Ryzen desktop boards.


Pros & Cons

The ROG Strix Z270F Gaming motherboard is a full more than other Z270 chipset motherboards. Being part of Asus’ ROG brand, it’s focused at high-end users who like to overclock: overclocking is what gamers do according to most motherboard manufacturers’ marketing departments.

Our experience is somewhat different in that most gamers want to get on and game with the minimum of fuss while competitive overclockers overclock more than they game. Either way, we just want to inform casual buyers about what they’re in for if they just want to buy a decent motherboard.

As we’ve said before, our motherboard reviews are for the general populace who understand a bit about motherboards but who aren’t fussed about intricate levels of advanced overclocking.

8.Asus ROG Z390-E

Pros & Cons

Motherboard makers often use secondary network controllers to set their features above budget-priced competitors, and Asus chooses Intel’s value-priced 1.73Gb/s W-Fi controller for this. Its low cost is made possible via the Z390 PCH’s CNVi integration, as are the integrated 10Gb/s USB 3.1 Gen2 ports that don’t require any third-party controllers.

Asus even includes two USB 2.0 and a PS/2 port, so that users can connect their keyboard and mouse without consuming any of the I/O panel’s 10Gb/s (red) or 5Gb/s (blue) connectors.  DisplayPort and HDMI 1.4b allow users who care to tap into CPU integrated graphics, an i219V PHY adds Gigabit Ethernet, and an S1220A codec connects five analog jacks and a stereo optical output to fill remaining space.


Pros & Cons

In addition to the advantages inherent in the B450 chipset, the ROG Strix B450-F Gaming motherboard has a substantially improved layout compared to its predecessor.

In the older board, Asus placed one of the PCI Express x1 slots directly below the primary PCIe x16 slot, which rendered it effectively useless for anyone using a graphics card. The company wasn’t able to place the PCIe x1 slot above the B350-F’s graphics card slot as this space was filled by a long M.2 Key-M 22110 slot. Asus also separated the SATA 3.0 ports on the ROG Strix B350-F Gaming, which results in a slightly less organized-looking finished build.

10.ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero

Pros & Cons

The Maximus board has RGB LEDs in its rear IO and southbridge heatsinks – just like the ASRock. Asus pairs its RGB LEDs with four RGB headers across the board, and those all work with Asus Aura Sync – so they can be synchronised with other ROG hardware.

The Asus board supports the standard 64GB of DDR4 memory, and it has six SATA ports and two M.2 sockets. One of the M.2 sockets can use both SATA and PCI bandwidth, while the other just relies on PCI speed. Both have heatsinks.

Only one of the ASRock’s M.2 connectors had a heatsink, but that board offered three M.2 connectors and eight SATA ports. For storage, then, ASRock is the clear winner.

Best Motherboards for i5 7600k – BUYER’S GUIDE

< class="">Greater Storage

The motherboards on our list have very high storage capacity. They have 64 GB  of RAM, which provides great storage for advanced gaming, too. Moreover, most also have dual M.2, which helps in improving memory capacity.

< class="">Easy Fixing

These motherboards fix easily in the i5 7600k processors due to the locking mechanism. They have the right socket which fits into these processors. The LGA 1151 has the perfect fit for these processors. The shape is also right for the slots that the processor has in it.

< class="">Cool Aesthetics

Another important thing that we like about these motherboards is that they have a cool appearance too. The RGB lights and mystic lighting display on them make them great for the gaming arena.

< class="">PCI-E Slots

The presence of PCI-Express slots makes these motherboards our favorite too. Other external slots for USB and wired devices are quite competitive, as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we go with i5 7600k gaming motherboards?

There is no issue when we use the i5 7600k motherboard for gaming because all the best gaming motherboards for i5 have no serious problem, which irritates you when borrowing it. These motherboards are loaded with perfect and excellent components that perform their work honestly and help your PC manage the whole system.

All the best motherboard for i5 7600k has a very unique and attractive design with lighting effects. The perfect thing is that all these motherboards for i5 belong to the top-ranking brands according to your budget. When you get this motherboard for gaming, you feel very comfortable due to its performance, so don’t waste your time. Just click one of the best motherboards for more advantages.

Which i5 7600k motherboard is very compatible with gaming?

As you know, there are all the top and classified motherboards of the i5 7600k for gaming and working. But from everyone, there is one who has extra particular importance and uniqueness. Similarly, there is one motherboard compatible with i5 Which is very consistent for gaming, as well as all its unique features, give you more power when you use it at high speed.

 This motherboard is an ASUS Z170-A ATX motherboard; it has very recommended by all the great game enthusiasts who know the real meaning of games. If we talk about its features, we explore it has DDR4 memory with 64 GB of RAM, high quality Japanese audio capacitors, various expansion slots, a powerful USB port, fan control system, and various others. So, please don’t ignore it. Just get it because it gives you trustworthiness when you use it.


Best Motherboards for i5 7600k –  So you’re building a massive, powerful personal computer, and you want to put the even more impressive Intel Core i5-7600K quad-core processor inside of it. That’s some serious power right there — you’ll be able to handle just about any application or video game with this; however, you need a properly equipped motherboard to go with it. Luckily, the Intel Core i5-7600k uses the LGA 1151 socket, so the amount of available high-end motherboards for the processor are plenty.