Best Motherboards for i5 9600k

Best Motherboards for i5 9600k – You can’t ignore the motherboard while building the machine of your dreams. If it doesn’t match up with your processors, there’s no point in spending money on such a PC. In this article, we’ve given you 10 Best motherboards for i5-9600K that you can buy and get the max out of your device. The list includes boards for both budget buyers and those who can spend some extra dollars as well. We’ve eliminated the wrong ones for you, and you have to decide between any one of these according to your personal preference.


We conclude that all the features of the best motherboards for i5 9600k mentioned in the list are correct. Besides, this list was created after detailed research of different motherboards in the market. If you want to make your homemade PC with an i5 9600k chipset, then all these motherboards that support i5 are brilliant with overclocking ability and a lot more. So, don’t hesitate, stand up and buy now.

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As you can see, there are a lot of excellent motherboards available for the i5-9600k. Here, we’ve tried to show you a wide spectrum of options, from budget-level all the way up to a top-end performer.

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1.Gigabyte Z390 AORUS MASTER


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2.ASRock Motherboard


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3.ASRock Z390 Phantom


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4.MSI Z390-A PRO


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5.ASUS ROG Maximus XI


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6.ASUS TUF Z390-Plus


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7.Asus Prime Z390-A


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8.ASRock LGA 1151


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9.ASRock Z490 Extreme4


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10.MSI MPG Z390


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Best Motherboards for i5 9600k – BUYER’S GUIDE

Before buying a motherboard for your i5 9600k, make sure to have made your decisions based on how the following factors affect you:

Price of the motherboard:-

Just as there are various motherboard products on the markets, so also are there different price options to choose from.

While you would find motherboard products selling for relatively high prices like four hundred dollars and more, others would go for lesser prices like a hundred and ninety dollars, and so on.

Now, no matter how much you’re spending on a motherboard, make sure that you’re getting the product that best suits the intended user. Usually, what happens with the high priced products, are the fact that they tend to come with increased user-friendly features- especially more than you would find with the products that are priced relatively less.

This does not mean, however, that every low priced product would not bring the needed use satisfaction for users. This is why the best thing to do, is to decide on how much you’re willing to spend on a motherboard, before moving on to consider any other factors.

Again, you would find products with high specifications that are not necessary for your type of activities. These are some of the things that affect the price of a product; since the higher the specifications, the higher the price.

After deciding on a budget, select out the best options that fall within that price range, and that only has the features that you require.

Aesthetic design and presentation:-

Since every motherboard product was designed and built by different brands, and with different underlying intents, you’ll find out that some products seem so good looking and appealing, while others are not even so close to it.

For some people, aesthetic design and presentations are an essential quality to consider, while it’s not so much of a big deal for some others.

Sometimes, the aesthetic design of a motherboard actually speaks volumes of what to expect with its function, but this is really not always the case.

Some products may not look great in aesthetic design but have indisputably top-notch functionalities. On the other hand, you shouldn’t rule out the fact that some products may have an impressive appearance, but with lesser functionality.

When putting this factor to consider, it is better to be on the safer side. Being on the safer side means that you’ll only consider product options that are not bad in aesthetic appearance but are also not bad in functionality.

On a few occasions, however, you may find the product that is just right for you- having a not so cool aesthetic appeal. If this happens, you may have to sacrifice the beautiful designs, for the function and abilities.

This is however dependent on what you really desire on a product, and this is one of the factors that very much with different users.

The motherboard’s overclocking abilities:-

The ability of a motherboard to perform (or not perform) overclocking, has become an essential trait to look out for in i5 9600k supported products.

You wouldn’t be making an ideal choice, if you intend to carry out high tasking functions on the motherboard, without making considerations of its overclocking abilities.

Now, different products come with different overclocking tendencies, and it is not just enough to know that a motherboard can carry out only basic overclocking.

If you’ll be carrying out heavy functions like software development, or heavy e-gaming, then you should go for a motherboard whose overclocking arrangements and structures are able to perform beyond average.

The overclocking of a motherboard could be a partial reason why you’re able to push the function tendencies of your processor to do much more, than another processor with lower overclocking ability.

Other fundamental things to look out for:-

Asides the factors already listed, other things that could influence your buying, are the number and type of attachment slots that are provided on the motherboard.

Don’t forget that these features also form the basis of whatever you’re able to use the motherboard for. Essentially, any motherboard product for i5 9600k should have M.2 and USB 3.1 port features. You need a system that aptly incorporates speed with function, and these features have an influence on that.

You may also consider the number of RAM slots supports, on the motherboard. You may need a motherboard with multiple RAM slot supports- if you’re going to be doing some very heavy stuff on the device. However, this is not important if you’re not going to be doing so much.

Although other higher 9th generation processors asides the i5 9600k exists, you can always make the best use of your i5 9600k- using just the right combination of a motherboard. Now, it’s up to you to leverage on the fact that there are several ingenious motherboard products available already.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Overclock i5 9600k?

You can overclock your intel i5 9600k processor if you follow these simple steps:

  1. First of all, make sure you have a proper hardware
  2. Stress-test your system
  3. Increase multiplied of your CPU
  4. Repeat it till failure. After that, boost up the voltage.

Is Overclocking Safe or Not?

The overclocking is pretty safe if done correctly, but it has some adverse effects on the CPU’s overall health. If you’re a gamer, then overclocking may give you an edge in performance.

How Long Does A Motherboard Last?

The motherboards can last from a few months to several years. In most cases, the last 10 to 20 years is not less time. But in reality, the life of your motherboard depends on your using manners.

Which Form Factor Motherboard Is Okay If I Want To Build A System With Intel i5 9600k?

It depends on you if you’re aiming to build a system with a lot of room for expansion like extra GUIs, Audio cards, memory, and a lot more than ATX form factor motherboard is a good option which is liked by severe gamers. But if you want to make a system with a light and mobile body, then ITX form factor mobo is best for you.

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The motherboard is a basic determinant of whatever functions your laptop computer is able to perform. Hence, you may blame the type of motherboard you have adopted, whenever you think your computer is not serving you as well as it should.

This is consequently why it is most important to decide and/or know what motherboard you’ll be using for your computer, right from the stages when you’re just starting to make the plans of buying one.