Best Motherboards for i7 4790

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Best Motherboards for i7 4790 – These things are most important in a motherboard, and if you ignore considering these, you can make a choice that you will be regretting your whole life. I’m hoping that you have found the Best Motherboard for i7 4790k with the help of this simple guide. Do let me know in the comments which one you liked and which one you didn’t.

As I said in the beginning, the i7 4790k might be a dated processor but there are many good reasons to use it and a lot of people are still running their PCs with this processor.


If you want the best Motherboard for i7 4790k, you can choose any one listed among the list. However, you can still think about specific features of your processor to select its right partner.


We got the new Nvidia GeForce 940MX in a pre-sample of the MSI ATX DDR3 notebook. The CX72 series is based on the more expensive GE72 series, but offers less features and visual highlights. Our device lacks the Dynaudio and Steelseries logos, for example.

The red accents are black in the case of the CX72. The texture of the keys is a bit different as well, but the typing experience remains good. You also have to live with the purposely (for gamers) “wrong” placed Windows button. The biggest difference compared to our GE72 sample is the less expensive screen, which is probably based on the TN technology.

Due to the early pre-production status, however, we are not going to rate the device. Our review of the GE72 is a good indicator in terms of case, keyboard and touchpad.

2.MSI MPG Z390

They’re a necessary means to an end for most PC gamers, and that’s fine. So long as a new motherboard does its job, doesn’t get in the way, and allows you to get the most out of the rest of your expensive PC hardware, that’s all you can ask.

Unless you’re planning on strapping a bunch of graphics cards together, along with an unwieldy RAID array, then most of us PC gamers can get by with a relatively modest motherboard as the base of their PC.

And that’s what MSI’s MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC is looking to offer. But, despite its relatively low price for a top-end chipset board, this MSI Z390 still has the sort of lengthy feature set you’d want for your gaming PC. What’s not to like?

3.MSI H81M-P33

The problem is made worse again by a bootup bug that resulted in error “9C” when we had USB devices connected in certain combinations: a USB disk and a USB keyboard and mouse plugged into various USB and USB3 ports meant our motherboard wouldn’t POST and left us scratching our heads.

There’s no relief mid-board, either: there aren’t any USB3 headers so you’ll be stuck with slow USB connectors even if your case’s front panel has USB3 connectors.

There’s a PCI-E slot that runs at x16 speeds for a graphics card. Even if you install a double-height card, the PCI-E x1 slot situated below it is not obstructed, so you’ll easily be able to fit a PCI-E wireless card or other expansion hardware, although it’s a bit of a squeeze.

4.ASUS Micro ATX

Not all motherboards come in one size. ATX is probably most familiar but can be quite the beast when trying to kit out a PC case that’s a little on the small side. MicroATX is the next step down before hitting mini-ITX and acts as the middle-ground between compactness and functionality.

The ASUS TUF Gaming B550M-Plus is pretty special in that regard. Not only is it MicroATX, but it’s also rocking AMD’s B550 chipset, a slightly more affordable option compared to the range-topping X570. That makes this motherboard rather affordable, but not quite as affordable as some of the competition.

5.MSI Intel B365 LGA

MSI motherboards been designed with tons of smart features for convenient setup and usage, such as pin-header keep out zone, friendly SATA & USB location and multiple cooling solutions, so DIY users can pick and choose any gaming rig they want.

Intel LGA-1151 Micro-ATX motherboard with DDR4 2666MHz, Core Boost, DDR4 Boost, Audio Boost and EZ Debug LED

6.Gigabyte H97 Extreme

Gigabyte H97 Extreme Multi Graphics Support UEFI DualBIOS Micro ATX DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 Motherboard GA-H97M-D3H User Reviews

GIGABYTE LAN Optimizer is designed to allow the user to manage different types of network traffic so that data streams such as HD media, web browsing or online gaming can be prioritized, taking precedence over large data downloads that tend to strangle overall network bandwidth.


GIGABYTE motherboards feature an audio noise guard that essentially separates the board’s sensitive analog audio components from potential noise pollution at the PCB level. LED trace path lighting Illuminates to show the separation of the PCB layers.

The GIGABYTE B365M-DS3H motherboard comes in small, original packaging. On the box cover in the form of icons it is indicated that the board supports the installation of processors of the ninth generation. The official website states that this motherboard supports the 9-th generation Core i3, i5 and i7 processors and you do not need to update bios for them, everything will work out of the box.

8.Gigabyte H87 LGA

GIGABYTE 8 Series motherboards support the latest 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, bringing together a unique blend of features and technologies that offer the absolute ultimate platform for your next PC build.

From high current capable digital power delivery, performance-enhancing caching technologies, exclusive high-end audio features, advanced networking and device charging, gold plated hardware connectors and of course, killer good looks, GIGABYTE 8 series motherboards are in a class of their own.


It works pretty well and will fit the right case, It has RGB Strip support in Green, Light blue, Dark blue, Magenta/pink, Red, Yellow and White, It supports 4K and has HDMI support up to 4096×2160.

10.MSI MPG Z490

Not that long ago, Intel introduced its 10th generation desktop PC segment processors. We reviewed the Intel Core i9-10900K and Intel Core i5-10600K. As is Intel’s way, we also got a new chipset and socket to go along with them. Today we are taking a look at a fully custom retail add-in-board partner motherboard based on the new Z490 chipset, MSI’s MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon WiFi motherboard, which is one of two motherboards we got access to alongside the CPU prior to the embargo date.

This motherboard is built for high performance and supports 10th Gen Intel processors. The MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon WiFi was used for all of our review testings in the Core i9-10900K CPU review.

The MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon WiFi represents what I’d call a low to mid-range motherboard in the Z490 lineup. It’s not the most expensive offering from MSI or the market as a whole, but it’s not the cheapest either.

Best Motherboards for i7 4790 – BUYER’S GUIDE

< id=”sata-ports”>SATA PORTS

Considering the number of SATA ports is most important when you are buying a motherboard for your i7 4790k processor. The function of each SATA port is to connect the storage drives and an optical drive. These drives also include SSD and HDD.

So, it is important that you buy a motherboard that has all the SATA ports that you need to connect the drives that you have installed in your processor.

Also, it is important that you make sure the Motherboard you are buying must offer SATA 6 GBs standard-most commonly known as SATA 3.0.
< id=”pci-slots”>PCI SLOTS

Another important thing for you to note in a motherboard is that whether the Motherboard you are buying contains the PCI slots to meet all your requirements.

A PCI slot is a port or a connection in a motherboard that is most popularly known as expansion slots and is used to connect the expansion cards within the Motherboard.

Do, these ports/slots are very important for you to consider, keeping in view the type of your PC usage; gaming, office work, etc.

However, if you are a gamer and are fond of playing high-profile online games, you need to have a motherboard that contains one full-speed PCI Express x16 slot.
< id=”number-of-ram-slots”>NUMBER OF RAM SLOTS

Your Motherboard will decide for the type as well as the amount of RAM you can have in your PC, so be very mindful of this thing before buying a motherboard for you.

Whatever, Motherboard you may have; i7 4790k or other, it is always best to find a motherboard that comes supporting at least 16 GB or RAM.

This will give you a handsome choice of installing as many RAMs as possible, leading up to 16 GB in total.

Additionally, one other thing that you can look up to in a motherboard, and that is whether it offers four or more memory slots or not? If it has, you will get a great option to install two memory slots initially and can upgrade it further in the future when you need it.
< id=”processor-socket”>PROCESSOR SOCKET

Lastly, another most crucial thing to look for in a motherboard is the Processor Socket.

There is a wide variety of sockets that different motherboards offer. But for Intel processors just like the one you have-i7 4790k, LGA sockets work best. So, if you have an i7 4790k processor with you, we suggest you have a motherboard that comes with an LGA processor socket.

So, these were some things that we consider are most important to consider when you are out to buy a perfectly compatible motherboard for your processor.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, it is just like you are buying a building block of your processor. A motherboard is the one that connects all the interior together. It is also responsible for providing some additional features like USB connectivity, audio, Bluetooth, and also wifi. So, it is necessary to get the best and compatible Motherboard for your processor so that everything works perfectly well.


A motherboard is considered an essential part of the processor that is responsible for generating power for it. So, to find the best Motherboard for your processor, all you need to consider is the Processor Socket, Form Factor, PCI Slots, RAM, and the number of SATA ports.


A good motherboard is worth spending at least a handsome amount from your wallet. Nevertheless, specifically, it is suggested that you should spend between $100 and $200. With this amount, you can get enough features, including USB 3.0, PCIe ports, storage connectivity, and also on-board wifi.


Best Motherboards for i7 4790 –  Following the other popular questions, this one is asked quite often as well, “What’s the best motherboard for I7 4790K ?” the Intel Core I7 4790K is a high-performance CPU with ability to overclocking and different types of people will need a different type of motherboard and as such we have decided to that all those variables into account when making this article to help you out.

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