Best Motherboards for i7 7700

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Best Motherboards for i7 7700 – So these are all the best motherboard for i7 7700K. We hope our article will help you in making the right purchase. And remember you can always ask us for help, feel free to ask anything in the comments section.

In this section, we will let you know all the essential things that you should look for before you make the purchase.


Intel released their fourth-gen Haswell processors in 2013, with the Core i7-4770K launched as the flagship high-end option.

1.ASRock Z370

In more recent times, though, “high end” has since come to mean something completely different to enthusiasts. Welcome, ASRock’s Z370 Extreme4, to the enthusiast mainstream.

PCI Express storage has mostly outmoded add-on storage controllers, and sheer dollars-and-cents inflation has bumped prices upward. Yet the Z370 Extreme4 still provides a high-bandwidth add-on controller for modern external devices…but at old-school prices. What other surprises did we see on this board given the price? Let’s take a look.

2.ASRock Mini-ITX

The ITX form factor has a dedicated following, and the ASRock A520M ITC/ac definitely seems to thinks so. With the ever increasing integration of functionality into the chipset, there really isn’t a need for multiple PCIe slots like there has been in years past.

Does a typical gamer need more than one slot for a graphics card? If the board has WiFi, LAN, USB 3.0 and decent audio, most of the core bases are covered.

AMD’s budget Ryzen motherboard chipset, the A520, has largely slipped under the radar. While B350 and B450 motherboards were mostly regarded as being entry level, A320 was strictly seen as resolutely low end.

3.Asus Z170-A

Asus had a comprehensive range of Z170 motherboards ready in time for Intel’s official Skylake launch, with gamers and overclockers equally catered for. The Z170-A reviewed here is arguably the most mainstream board we’ve seen, but it’s still fully featured, with an appealing white and gunmetal grey colour scheme that should complement almost any PC build.

It might not have the flashing LEDs, bright colours, or even a POST code display for troubleshooting, but the Z170-A has everything you’ll need to get a Skylake computer up and running, including support for four sticks of DDR4 RAM running at up to 3,400MHz.

4.ASUS Z170-WS

With the introduction of the LGA1151 platform, many users had hoped that Intel would have expanded the amount of CPU PCI-E lanes, but when the platform launched many users were faced with the reality that they were still limited to 16X PCI-E 3.0 for their GPUs.

Once again consumers were forced to invest in the high-end desktop platform (X99) or purchase one of the few Z170 motherboards with an added PCI-E bridge chip. Most motherboard manufacturers offer at least one motherboard with the famous PEX8747 chip that produced 32 PCI-E 3.0 lanes from 8 or 16 PCI-E 3.0 lanes.

5.ASUS ROG Maximus XII

ROG Maximus XII series motherboards are designed to explore the upper echelons of gaming and overclocking. The Formula is plumbed for custom liquid cooling and includes other enhancements to punctuate premium systems. The CrossChill EK III VRM block, co-developed with EK Water Blocks, help cope with higher VRM loads associated with Intel Comet Lake CPUs.

Aesthetically, Maximus XII Formula has a stealthy black finish with intricate patterns cut into its reflective armor. The latest-generation Formula is all set to make your showcase rig shine.

6.ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E

With that said, the Strix Z370-E Gaming is priced at around $210. So, is this a better value in a high-end board, or just a mainstream overclocking board with a few added features? Let’s take a closer look.

The single light bar on the board hints that it’s not designed for serious show-offs, but that’s okay with us. Lots of people are more interested in what a board can do than with what it looks like. And besides, there’s nothing unsightly about brushed-aluminum heat sinks or a plastic I/O connector cover that’s been

7.MSI MPG Z490

The MPG series brings out the best in gamers by allowing full expression in color with advanced RGB lighting control and synchronization. Experiment on another level of personalization with a front LED strip that provides convenient in-game and real time notifications.

With the MPG series, transform your equipment into the center of attention and top leaderboards in style.

8.MSI MPG B550

The MSI MPG B550 Gaming Edge Wifi is an ATX motherboard with a simplistic primarily black aesthetic with silver accents on the heatsinks, with integrated RGB LEDs within the chipset heatsink. Dominating the lower portion of the board is the expansion slots which consists of a single full-length PCIe 4.0 x16 slot, a full-length PCIe 3.0 x4 slot, and two PCIe 3.0 x1 slots.

For storage, the B550 Gaming Edge Wifi includes two M.2 slots with the top slot operating at PCIe 4.0 x4, and the second slot limited to PCIe 3.0 x4, while six SATA ports are present which support RAID 0, 1, and 10 arrays. MSI includes official QVL support for DDR4-5100 memory and allows users to install up to 128 GB of system memory across four memory slots.

9.MSI Z390-A

The main difference between the MSI Z390-A PRO and the rest of MSI’s Z390 product stack is that this board isn’t specifically targeted towards gamers. The aesthetics are simple with a coffee colored PCB which does include silver patterning across it; primarily around the edges of the board and around the silver and black heatsinks.

The main selling point of the MSI Z390-A PRO is in its value with a good selection of controllers including an Intel I219V Gigabit Ethernet controller and a Realtek ALC892 HD audio codec handling the onboard audio.

10.Gigabyte B550

Gigabyte’s B550 product stack consists of seven motherboards in varying form factors (ATX and Mini-ITX) and prices. The B550 Aorus Master is the flagship SKU, followed by six other boards. Prices range from  for the board we’re looking at here, down to MSRP for the Micro-ATX B550M DS3H.

While a price approaching  doesn’t seem like mid-range, aside from this board and the B550 Vision D, prices are at least below $200. Though prices have increased over B450 due in part to the addition of PCIe 4.0, similar to how X570 came in higher than X470, there are still several boards at reasonable price points.

Best Motherboards for i7 7700 – BUYER’S GUIDE

  • CPU Compatibility

The primary thing you need to take care of is that if the motherboard is compatible with your CPU or not. In this post, I have listed all of the Motherboard that is compatible with 7th and 8th generation Intel Core processors and are the best motherboard for i7 7700K.

  • Socket

The LGA, PGA, and BGA play an important in the connectivity of the motherboard. So go for the socket that is acceptable by your CPU. We recommend you to get LGA as it is the newest socket from Intel.

  • Features of Motherboards

Some motherboards come with features like onboard Wi-Fi Audio features. So, you expect some built-in features like that built-in Wi-Fi, excellent Audio and a lot more so that you don’t need to worry about those in future.

  • Form Factor

Another primary thing you have to choose is the form factor of the motherboard you’re looking for. Form Factor, in other words, maybe essentially characterised as the shape or you’re trying to find. Mostly, ATX and Micro ATX, and Amplified ATX form factors are used in motherboards. On the off chance that you’re unknown about the form factor you need, compare it with the items accessible with the more the last one you used to get a reasonable idea.

  • SATA slots

The SATA slots play an essential role in connecting to external optical drives and other storage devices such as HDD and SSD. So, before you buy a motherboard, ensure that it has SATA ports that will later help you in connecting all necessary drives.

  • PCI Slots:

To connect expandable cards, PCI slots must be there in your motherboard. Accordingly to your requirements you should select the motherboard with Supported extensions slots. On the off chance that you’re buying motherboard consistent for gaming purposes, you should purchase a motherboard with at least one supporting a PCI slot with at least x16 space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many USB slots are present in ASRock motherboard for i7 7700k?

There are 2 x slots for 3.1 and 3.0 8 x slots.

How good is i7 7700K?

It’s a powerful processor, and it is Intel’s new “Kaby Lake” generation. This model gives you an advantage like higher clock speed. It improves the graphics performance of your system.

Can Z370 Overclock?

Yes, it can, if you have one with good quality, then it be able to overclock as long as you do it safely & accordingly to avoid any damage to hardware.

Are the Z370 Motherboards Backwards Compatible?

No, unfortunately, they are not, the Z370 despite using the same Socket as the previous couple generations. So, they’re not backward compatible.


Best Motherboards for i7 7700 –  Picking up the right motherboard is an excellent way to cut down the stress and get the best experience of whatever you are doing in your PC.

Whether it is gaming or professional video editing. The Intel Core i7 7700K processor provides all the power that is needed by your computer to manage all of your operations.

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