Best Motherboards for i7 7820x

Best Motherboards for i7 7820xASUS XA PRIME & Intel Core iX Skylake-X Review | Play3r. Best motherboard for intel core i7 7820x Intel’s Core iX lands on the X platform with eight cores, 16 threads, and a $ price. Let’s see if it can match Ryzen 7’s strong value proposition. Intel Core iX motherboard support.

There are 10 motherboards, compatible with this processor. Complete list of these motherboards is available on the Intel Core iX motherboards page. Intel Core iX specifications. The specs below were provided by the, and they are published with their permission.


So, if you’re in the market for a new motherboard for your Intel Core i7-10700K

1.MSI MPG Z490

Pros & Cons

Not that long ago, Intel introduced its 10th generation desktop PC segment processors. We reviewed the Intel Core i9-10900K and Intel Core i5-10600K. As is Intel’s way, we also got a new chipset and socket to go along with them. Today we are taking a look at a fully custom retail add-in-board partner motherboard based on the new Z490 chipset, MSI’s MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon WiFi motherboard, which is one of two motherboards we got access to alongside the CPU prior to the embargo date.

This motherboard is built for high performance and supports 10th Gen Intel processors. The MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon WiFi was used for all of our review testings in the Core i9-10900K CPU review.

2.ASUS ROG Strix X299-E

Pros & Cons

Asus motherboards often have a tough, armored look to them: dark colors accented by sharp angles and plenty of metal. The ROG Strix X299-E Gaming is a perfect example of this design, sporting several heatsinks and metal-braced PCI Express slots, the latter being 2017’s signature of a premium-design motherboard.

The board’s tough image would be undermined by overloading it with LEDs, so Asus seems to have exercised some restraint in peppering the ROG Strix X299-E Gaming with RGB LEDs.

That’s not to say that we disapprove of the ROG Strix X299-E Gaming’s lighting choices. The cover over the usual I/O-port cubes (in the pic above, tapering down from the upper left edge of the board) has a long, angled sliver of an LED capable of displaying multiple colors at once.

It’s classy and doesn’t detract from the sharp lines that make the cover look as though it were carved from stone.

3.ASUS ROG Rampage VI

Pros & Cons

While ASUS’s original X299 motherboards are still very well equipped to handle Intel’s HCC (up to 18C) parts, Intel even used them for reference scores for the 7980XE, the Rampage VI Extreme features some reworked socket circuitry and improved VRM cooling to better handle the new CPUs.

The motherboard actually doesn’t even support Kaby Lake-X CPUs, and only supports the new Skylake-X CPUs, and as such is focused on supporting the new CPUs to their maximum.

Let’s see what ASUS has to offer with the Rampage VI Extreme.


Pros & Cons

You could argue that Gigabyte’s ports are limited to 10Gbps when addressing USB devices, as it addresses only half of a Gen 2×2 connector’s data pins. But Thunderbolt 3 is currently more popular (especially among professionals and prosumers), and devices that can use this transfer mode do so at up to 40Gbps.

That bandwidth limit is for the controller itself, so that the X299X Designare 10G’s two ports share it, and it includes whatever monitor data is being transferred from your discrete graphics card to the Thunderbolt 3 ports though the board’s dual DisaplayPort inputs.


Pros & Cons

The biggest advantage we can find in TRX40 Aorus Xtreme specs is Intel’s 10GBASE-T network controller, which offers users a way to get 10GbE over copper (Cat 6A) cabling in addition to 5GbE, 2.5GbE, and standard Gigabit Ethernet compatibility over the same cable.

That kind of interoperability explains why Intel calls this its Converged Network Adapter and moreover, it provides two of these 10GbE connections compared to the 10Gb/1Gb Ethernet set of the competing Asus product.


Pros & Cons

So similar is the Z390 Gaming X layout to the previously-tested Gaming SLI that we had to do a double-take, at first glance finding nothing more than the center slot missing the pricier-board’s metal cover and the lower slot switched from x16-length to x1.

The fact that the middle slot has only four fixed lanes rather than stealing eight from the upper x16 slot could be seen as a benefit to anyone hoping to use a PCIe x4 storage card there, since it leaves the top slot’s sixteen lanes intact. As for the bottom slot, the change from x16-length to x1 is hardly a problem given that the Gaming SLI’s bottom slot had only two lanes.


Pros & Cons

Moving on to GIGABYTE’s B560 stack, we have its premium (at the time of writing) ATX sized offering via the B560 Aorus Pro AX. It’s a quintessential Aorus board with a similar design we’ve seen from GIGABYTE over the last couple of years. It is using an all-black PCB, with black power delivery heatsinks, with a black metallic-looking rear panel cover that features an Aorus Falcon logo.

There’s a pair of M.2 heatsinks, with a black and grey chipset heatsink which has a diagonal-like design. GIGABYTE is advertising a 12+1 power delivery with 50 A power stages and uses a single 8-pin 12 V ATX CPU power input.

8.MSI MPG B550

Pros & Cons

Looking at the rear panel, the B550 Gaming Edge Wifi includes one USB 3.2 G2 Type-C, one USB 3.2 G2 Type-A, two USB 3.2 G1 Type-A, and two USB 2.0 ports. For networking, it is using a Realtek RTL8125B 2.5 GbE Ethernet controller and Intel AX200 Wi-Fi 6 pairing, while the onboard audio which consists of five 3.5 mm audio jacks and S/PDIF optical output are controlled by a Realtek ALC1200 HD audio codec.

Users looking to use legacy peripherals will find a single PS/2 combo keyboard and mouse port, while Ryzen APU’s are supported and a pair of video outputs are present including an HDMI and DisplayPort 1.4. Finishing off the rear panel is a small BIOS Flashback button.

The MSI MPG B550 Gaming Edge Wifi has an MSRP of $190 and represents its mid-range AM4 series aimed at gamers.

9.MSI MPG X570

Pros & Cons

The MPG X570 Gaming Plus has very little going for it outside of the adequate-capacity voltage regulator, though it does a fair job with the basics. We still get PCIe 4.0 to all the board’s slots, and the audio codec is the same ALC1220 we would expect to find on  models.

And that audio codec still feeds five rear-panel audio jacks and a front-panel HD Audio header, because there wouldn’t be much value to crippling it with cheaper connectors.

Zooming in, we also find a tiny button for flashing the firmware which, lacking the ASIC that allows certain pricier boards to update firmware without certain hardware, seems only a little out of place on a model this inexpensive

10.EVGA X299 Micro

Pros & Cons

The EVGA X299 Micro Motherboard is mid-range microATX offering aiming to please a wide range of users but isn’t marketed towards any one function in particular. It supports 2-way SLI, includes a U.2 port, an M.2 slot, and has Wi-Fi connectivity via an included card.

It sits as the second smallest commercial X299 motherboard, behind the X299E-ITX. For the X299 platform, as they did with X99, EVGA has the fewest motherboard SKUs compared to the other major board partners, a total of three. These range from the flagship X299 Dark, the mid-range full-sized X299 FTW K, and the X299 Micro which we are looking at today

Best Motherboards for i7 7820x – BUYER’S GUIDE

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This is a great X motherboard for the money. I trying to design the best to a point and then scale back to what I can afford. The Gigabyte Z Aorus Xtreme is packed with issues.

I need some help from your side. Thank you. Last generation, Core iK in roughly the same price range gave you 40 lanes, so we consider the drop to 28 a regression.

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