Best Motherboards for Ryzen 9 3950x

Best Motherboards for Ryzen 9 3950x – The motherboard is the boring part of your computer. But you can’t deny its importance. Replacing a motherboard is a decision you should take very carefully, especially when you own a premium system like Ryzen 9 3950x. Investing in a quality motherboard ensures that you have a fast, smooth, stable, and reliable operation of your system. We have listed the best options that are most compatible with your AMD chip. You can choose any one of these, and believe us; you will not be disappointed with the results.

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Pros & Cons

Gigabyte’s Aorus boards are the company’s gaming and enthusiast lineup, usually including features such as RGB LEDs, metal “armor” on the DIMM and/or PCIe slots, electrostatic discharge (ESD) guards, along with more of a focus on styling.

The Aorus Ultra fits that mold, while offering a wide array of functionality at a reasonable price point. Gigabyte’s X570 lineup includes common board sizes and a wide range of price points, from the entry-level X570 UD to the flagship X570 Aorus Xtreme offering a bit of something for everyone, even a Mini-ITX board in the X570-I Aorus Pro Wi-Fi.


Pros & Cons

The MSI X570 Godlike motherboard isn’t new — in fact, we’ve used it  as our test platform in some AMD CPU reviews.  But we’ve never had the chance to review it, and given that the Ryzen 9 5950X is our new test CPU, we’ve decided to put this flagship board through its paces with AMD’s latest flagship silicon.

Focusing on performance, the Godlike did well in our benchmarking suite, running most tests on the faster side of average. Even in the PCMark 10 MS Office/Application testing, where we often see anomalies, we saw consistent results across the full gamut of testing.

The bold Godlike name infers this is one of the best out there, and to be frank it isn’t very far off, if price isn’t much of an issue.


Pros & Cons

Straight out of the box, the Extended-ATX-size (E-ATX) MEG Z490 Godlike is almost entirely black, with just a few thin white lines and labels to add detail. You’ll see some gray thrown in the mix on various metal parts, but these are all fairly dark and don’t stand out much from an otherwise black PCB.

After the board is supplied with power, it’s still not what I’d call colorful, but lights on the rear I/O shroud and the motherboard chipset do add some life to the board. The lights on the rear I/O shroud illuminate a dragon image that looks nifty, but it probably won’t be visible depending on where you place your PC.

MSI’s MEG Z490 Godlike is the company’s Intel Z490 flagship, competing directly with the likes of Asrock’s Z490 Taichi and Asus’ Z490 ROG Maximus XII Extreme in terms of both price and features

4.MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus

Pros & Cons

With the Intel’s latest 9th generation processors showing a great interest in the market right now, we are also getting more Z390 motherboards for reviewing at, so today we are reviewing MSI MAG Z390 GAMING PLUS motherboard from MSI. A budget to midrange full ATX Z390 motherboard satisfying all that gamers need for Intel’s latest 9th generation gaming system build.

MSI MPG Z390 GAMING PLUS is equipped with Extended Heatsink Design, Core boost, Twin Turbo M.2, Game Boost, Turbo USB and Intel CNVi connector and MSI latest Dragon Center APP

Now let’s see what this MSI Z390 chipset gaming board have for us.

5.ASRock X370 Taichi Socket AM4

Pros & Cons

Our second AMD Ryzen motherboard focuses on ASRock’s X370 Taichi (AMD X370). If you’re looking at building a Ryzen system, it’s worth a look.

AMD’s Ryzen launch must have been one of the most exciting of the past half-decade, as it brought AMD back into the high-end computer hardware market. Ryzen’s strength is its workstation capabilities, where it does better than Intel in regards to multithreaded performance at a more reasonable price.

To match Ryzen’s exciting capabilities, motherboard vendors from across the globe have prepared and launched their first generation of high-end motherboards. One of ASRock’s offerings is the X370 Taichi.


In early 2019, a 16-core CPU seemed like a vision. AMD has worked very hard to make this vision a reality. They announced Ryzen 9 3950x later last year. Bridging the gap between mainstream and high-end desktop platforms, Ryzen 9 3950x is an extreme CPU on a mainstream platform. It is the fastest consumer CPU.

Having an awesome processor like that calls for the best motherboard to exhibit its true potential. Choosing a great unit to upgrade the stock motherboard is not an easy task. We have gone through a number of products and shortlisted some of them to ease you in your search for a possible candidate.

This article is the ultimate buyer’s guide for people who are looking for the best motherboard for their Ryzen 9 3950x.