Best Motherboards for Skylake

Best Motherboards for Skylake – The Skylake motherboards are a one-stop solution for the lagged and inefficient systems. Thus, grab the best deal today itself and replace the old motherboards and experience a superior performance! To know the top 10 best Skylake motherboards


Now that we’ve taken you through these aspects that you need to consider, hopefully you feel ready to pick the motherboard that will work best for you. We’ve seen that there are a lot of options out there, in different sizes with different features.

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It’s important that you think about what your main purpose will be with your PC, and what extensions you will be looking to add. We’ve taken you through our favourite motherboards for Skylake, now you need to decide which one is the best option for you.

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2.Gigabyte LGA1151


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3.ASUS LGA1151


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6.MSI Intel Skylake B150


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7.MSI Z390-A PRO


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8.MSI Performance


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Best Motherboards for Skylake – BUYER’S GUIDE

RAM Technology

The best budget Skylake motherboards have a DDR3 or DDR4 RAM technology, which is super amazing build quality, heat dissipation feature, and many more, which are an essential requirement in the latest devices.

RAM Size

The maximum RAM storage size in these top Skylake motherboards is approximately 256 Gb or even more. This amount of memory is efficient for maximum efficiency with zero lag, even during heavy-duty tasks.

Graphics Card

Since a good graphics card is an absolute necessity for the high-end gamers out there, the best brands of these good Skylake motherboards like Asus and others have a PCI-E graphics card that provides a smooth and lag-free experience with optimum output.

Processor Speed

The processor speed in this Skylake motherboard ddr3 or ddr4 has a great processor speed of at least 4.3GHz or more, which provides a quick overall response or working of the entire system, unlike those slow systems.

LAN Connectivity

The Skylake motherboards have two or more wifi connector antenna ports as well. Most of the good Skylake motherboards with wifi have a LAN connectivity of Intel I219V Gigabit Ethernet Controller, which provides high-speed connectivity of at least 40Gb/s or even more without any network interference that might creep into the system.


Gone are the days of those bulky motherboards. Skylake motherboards like MSI, mini ITX, micro ATX, and many more weigh just a kg, or even lesser, which is super lightweight and does not make the CPU much heavy or bulky, unlike the regular ones.

USB Ports

There are more than 2 USB ports available with these intel Skylake motherboards. These also have Dual M.2 slots, three or more PCIe x16 slots, and three or more SATA Express slots, which provides greater connectivity feasibility to numerous external devices like pen drives or hard drives and others at a single go.

Power Connector

The best bands of the fastest Skylake motherboards have a power connector of 1x 24pin ATX Main Power Connector, which is super-efficient in providing seamless usage without any hassle in the power consumption of the motherboard.


Various chipsets for various Skylake motherboards, like the Intel H110, are for micro ATX Skylake motherboards and others. The chipsets have a variable set of specifications, which are chosen as per the user’s requirements.


These Skylake motherboards ddr4 mostly work on Lithium Metal batteries, which are one of the most durable and long-lasting options out of the others.

Audio Processor

The audio processor of the usual motherboards isn’t the best one. Thus, the best Skylake motherboards have a Creative Sound Core with a 3D Quad-Core Audio Processor or 7.1 CH HD audio powered by the Realtek ALC 1150 codec with an Audio Boost 3 along with Nahimic Audio Enhancer, which provides great control of the overall sound ports of the system.

RAM Slots

There are many ram slots available within these Skylake motherboards ranging from two to five, expanding the RAM whenever required.

Game Boost Dial

The Skylake motherboards also have specific game boost dials, one of the most significant features of these good Skylake motherboards. It automatically overclocks the system at least to eight stages whenever required. One might also opt for manual overclocking, which is available in the BIOS supported Skylake motherboards.


Heating motherboards are everyday problems. Thus, these Skylake motherboards have Steel Armor PCIe slots to better protect and cool the motherboard during high-intensity usage for such scenarios. This also increases the longevity and optimizes the system in the long run.

Voltage Regulator Module

Many best budget Skylake motherboards also have specific voltage regulator modules to regulate the additional power drawn and keep them in check. These are excellent to optimize the system now and then automatically or manually, which was not present in the regular motherboards.

Reset Buttons

The Skylake motherboards also have onboard reset and power buttons for situations when the overclock suddenly stops working. One can easily use that in one click and reset the system conveniently without much hassle or external help.

LED Post Display

The LED post displays are great if one is a beginner to the troubleshooting issues since these will provide suitable codes for the user’s convenience in such situations.


One might consider these Skylake motherboards extensively expensive due to such competitive features. The best Skylake motherboards for gaming cost just $300 to $1000, which is super affordable and worthwhile.


In case one has issues with the speed of the system or anything in general with these Skylake motherboards, approach the brand and claim the warranty. Most motherboards brands provide at least one year to six-year warranty period for their customers’ assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which Motherboard is Right for You?

While your motherboard isn’t going to have any kind of direct impact on your in-game experience, it will play a large role in determining what components you can put into your build. The cheaper the motherboard you choose, the more limited you will be.

However, if you are working with a tight budget, you can definitely choose a less-expensive motherboard. And, if all you are planning on doing is building a single video card setup then you don’t necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars on an extreme motherboard.

Ultimately, though, your motherboard is an important part of your computer and you should definitely take the time to choose one that will serve your needs and even will give you upgrade options in the future.

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This means that if you’re looking to build a PC, or if you want to upgrade your current one, the motherboard is an essential part for achieving the optimum computer. And if you’re taking a look at this article, then you’re probably looking for one that is compatible with Intel’s Skylake.