Best z170 Motherboards Under 200

Best z170 Motherboards Under 200 – Hope you are familiar with all the best z170 motherboard under 200 mentioned above. All of these motherboard meets your needs and delivers an outstanding performance. As a gaming fan and have a tight budget, all of this motherboard proves to be perfect for you. It offers the best overclocking feature that will enhance the overall performance of the games.


There are many choices of Z170 motherboards under 200. A few that we mentioned may be slightly higher than 200 but trust us, they are worth the extra bucks. We urge you to check their features and compare them before making a choice. All the aforementioned motherboards are popular among pro gamers for being reliable and trustworthy. So, don’t hesitate. You will make the right choice.

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If you’re setting up your PC and it’s primarily dedicated to gaming or other graphics-intense activities, you must consider these, as they’re some of the best z170 motherboard under 200. Not only do you get good quality, but you also get affordable products, so you won’t have to empty your bank account just by buying a chipset.

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3.Gigabyte Z370M DS3H


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5.Asus H110I-PLUS


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6.ASUS Prime Z390-P


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7.ASUS Prime Q370M-C


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9.Gigabyte B450 AORUS


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10.MSI Z390-A PRO LGA1151


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Best z170 Motherboards Under 200 – BUYER’S GUIDE

Choosing the best gaming motherboard when you are building up a gaming PC is quite a confusing process. Choosing the best gaming motherboard under $200 requires more attention.

The motherboard that you will be picking up will supply the power to every port that is connected. So, keeping a keen eye on minor details like computer size, the number of ports you want to plug in, the CPU socket or the chipset defines what kind of processor you can install in it.

Here is the buying guide that you should consider while buying the best gaming motherboard under $200

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Chipsets, Size of Board & Connector and ports

Suppose you are looking for a basic motherboard that includes the differences between motherboard sizes, connector, ports features, chipsets, and RAM slots that you find on the motherboard basics. Here you can deeply look for the complexities of board details, features, and motherboard designs so that you’ll exactly get to know what you are going after.

How much to spend on the motherboard?

The prices may range up from $50 to $1000 for top-notch premium boards that support high-end desktops chips. Here is a rough idea of the features of motherboards according to their price range.

  • Up-to $100

You can get boards with overclocking features for AMD chips in this range, even with the premium, last-generation X370. But if you are looking for intel chips, then you’ll get stock speeds. It depends on the prices; you can get a host of features, including onboard Wi-Fi.

  • Up-to $150

Boards with chipset and Intel Z490, you need to overclock starts from this range. You will need to see some AMD boards. You can also get AMD motherboard with a higher-end chipset in this range that also premium features like RGB lighting and Wi-Fi support.

  • Up-to $200

Coming up to a higher range, you can get to see a more higher-end motherboard that offers heatsinks, RGB lightings, and a better power phase with Voltage regulation modules (VRMs). You can also find a better port selection in this range.

CPU to use with the motherboard

The CPU that you are going to use with this motherboard directly affects the performance of your system.

For example, if you are using an Intel 10th gen core processor, then the best motherboard you can pair it up with is LGA 1200 socket. The older gen processors need boards with an LGA 1151 socket.

While using AMD makes a process a bit easier and less confusing, the company still uses the AM4 pockets all of its current gen-chips, from Athlons to the 16-core Ryzen 9 parts.

The size of the motherboard

The modern motherboard comes in three sizes

  • ATX: it’s the standard and offers the most place and space for slots and plugs.
  • Micro-ATX: It’s2.4 inchesshorter motherboardwhich results in less performance
  • Mini-ATX: Madefor a small PC, it has only one slot for an add-in card and fewer cards for RAM and storage.

Ports that you might need

Here are some ports that you should have on your motherboard

  • USB 3/ 3.1 Gen1

There are fewer chances to have more than one USB 3.1 port, as they are fast and work with most of the peripherals.

  • USB 2 port

Slower, but these ports are adequate for keyboards, mouse and other devices.

  • USB 3.1/3.2 Gen 2

This port can deliver 10Gbps of bandwidth that is double the USB 3.1 USB port.

  • USB Type-C

Another modern port could be either USB 3.1 gen or USB Gen 2 that is compatible with newer devices and supports new phones.

  • HDMI port

You will need these ports if you want to use integrated graphics.

  • Audio ports

If you want to connect analog speakers or headphones, then these ports in helpful.

  • Thunderbolt port

These ports are rare to find in motherboards, but some top-notch motherboards carry them through dedicated add-on cards. This type of motherboard provides the fastest speed, up to 40Gbps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Brand Motherboard is Most Reliable?

It wouldn’t be right to pick just one because they all have their merits. ASUS, MSI, and ASRock are among the more popular brands but you should check the others too and choose based on your preferences.

Why Do you Need a Good Motherboard?

You need a good motherboard because pretty much every function of your computer depends on it.

What is the Difference Between a Gaming Motherboard and Normal Motherboard?

A gaming motherboard need to have higher performance capacity and overclocking ability. You don’t need to look for these in a normal motherboard.

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A number of products are available online that can help to enhance your gaming experience, from gaming earbuds to gaming desks. But for the ultimate gaming experience you really need to think about your hardware.  My personal opinion is that you’ll need a high-quality motherboard, and the best z170 motherboards offer some of the best features available. These products are great for gaming, and they’re just as useful for general computing.

The z170-motherboards are designed to work well with certain CPUs, and they’re popular chipsets for powerful gaming rigs. The Intel Z170 motherboards are made to be compatible with the new Skylake-S CPUs because these components are physically different than those of the previous generation.