Best z370 Motherboards for 8700k

Best z370 Motherboards for 8700k – Among the Best Motherboard for i7 8700k, the most suitable in our calculation is the MSI Z370 M5, due it’s excellent value for the price, and the long list of features and exceptional functionality, along with fantastic gaming design and Mystic RGB Lighting, there is nothing better to ask for.

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1.ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero

Pros & Cons

In this review we check ASUS with their ROG Maximus X Hero. The Hero is a bit more budget aware, yet has that ROG flavor, and that can only mean good stuff. It has great looks and all the features you probably seek for a Z370 motherboard. The motherboard has been fitted with the usual suspects, including a Gigabit based Ethernet jack and on  the board you may house two M2 SSDs. Fairly standard for Z370 sure, however the Hero is about, style and price and offers a nice balance there. Yeah we test the new Coffee Lake platform.

Coffee Lake are the new 8th generation desktop processors from Intel, including the new mainstream six-core part. A product line that is the direct answer and effect from what AMD has been pursuing aggressively in the desktop processor channel. With this first ‘mainstream’ step from intel they will offer 6-core processors.

2.ASRock LGA 1151

Pros & Cons

Designing a motherboard that comes across as tough and stylish and capable is challenging, but ASRock proves it’s up to this task-in-triplicate with the  Z390 Taichi.

With its cogs-and-gears theme and layered heatsinks, the Taichi line has, for several generations, presented a fresh, edgy design to high-end boards from this aggressive maker, and the Z390 Taichi exudes class and attitude. Add in the Z390 version’s overclocking-friendly power-management features, and you have a board that rates its tough looks. It’s a worthy pick for your 9th Generation Core build conceived around a K-class unlocked processor.

The non-Ultimate Z390 Taichi, while still rather pricey for a board on Intel’s mainstream platform, as opposed to on its high-end desktop (HEDT) X299 Core X-Series, will look like a better mix of dollars-for-features for some gamers. Still, it will be out of reach for many.


Pros & Cons

Anyone planning to build a system around Intel’s smoking-new eighth-generation CPUs would do well to allocate a decent chunk of the budget to a new motherboard. Intel’s “Coffee Lake-S” processors don’t support older chipsets, which means picking up a Z370 board is a must.

Although the Z370 represents a modest update to Intel’s desktop chipsets, we doubt that will deter the passionate DIY builders from springing for an Intel 8th Gen processor and a new board. We recently looked at both the Intel Core i7-8700K and the inexpensive-but-spicy Core i5-8400 and found both to be solid chips for gamers.

Speaking of the power phases, Gigabyte makes much of the Gaming 7’s all-digital pulse-width modulation (PWM) controllers and high-end chokes. Sturdy power design is worthwhile for any motherboard, but particularly for gaming boards, which are likely to see overclocking.

4.MSI MPG Z390

Pros & Cons

They’re a necessary means to an end for most PC gamers, and that’s fine. So long as a new motherboard does its job, doesn’t get in the way, and allows you to get the most out of the rest of your expensive PC hardware, that’s all you can ask. Unless you’re planning on strapping a bunch of graphics cards together, along with an unwieldy RAID array, then most of us PC gamers can get by with a relatively modest motherboard as the base of their PC.

And that’s what MSI’s MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC is looking to offer. But, despite its relatively low price for a top-end chipset board, this MSI Z390 still has the sort of lengthy feature set you’d want for your gaming PC. What’s not to like?

5.ASUS TUF Z370 Pro

Pros & Cons

You’re also going to need a quality GPU to drop into your gaming rig, so pick from the best graphics cards around today.

When it was revealed that 200-series backwards compatibility wasn’t going to be on the table with the new Intel processor platform there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth (so sayeth the CPU bible).

And when we found out that Intel were only going to be releasing their top-end chipset into the wild at launch, with the budget-oriented H370 and B360 boards not coming until well into the new year, the tech world became a veritable puddle of salty tears and broken shards of enamel and dentine.


Best z370 Motherboards for 8700k –  Since Intel Core i7-8700K is a variant processor, it comes unlocked and you can overclock the processor with a Z-series motherboard. When it comes to motherboards for Intel processors, the Z-series motherboards are the best since they offer high-end features, allow overclocking and have premium feel to them as well. Intel Core i7-8700K can be used with Both the Z370 chipset motherboards and Z390 chipset motherboards where the Z390 chipset motherboards come with a higher number of USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports and offer a native wireless network solution.