Best z390 Motherboards for 9900k

Best z390 Motherboards for 9900k – These all are the best motherboard for i9 9900k, and I would recommend you to get anything according to your budget from this list. If you want something affordable and features enriched, go with Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro, while if you want something sturdy and expensive, there is MSI MEG GODLIKE Z390. But it’s not fair to get $600-$700 motherboards for this processor, save that money for other components like graphics cards or get dual GPUs.

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Pros & Cons

The MSI MEG Z390 Godlike is a seriously high-end Intel Z390 motherboard. It is also one of the most expensive Z390 motherboards you can currently buy. At £533, it’s around thirty pounds more than chief rival the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Extreme, and is a huge amount of money for a motherboard.

It’s still obviously got the Intel Z390 chipset and the LGA 1151 socket, though – so how does this board justify its stratospheric price?

The MSI supports two-GPU Nvidia SLI and quad-GPU AMD CrossFire, which should be enough for anyone, and dedicated buttons at the bottom of the board can be used to enable or deactivate PCI slots in order to alter bandwidth priorities


Pros & Cons

Straight out of the box, the Extended-ATX-size (E-ATX) MEG Z490 Godlike is almost entirely black, with just a few thin white lines and labels to add detail. You’ll see some gray thrown in the mix on various metal parts, but these are all fairly dark and don’t stand out much from an otherwise black PCB.

After the board is supplied with power, it’s still not what I’d call colorful, but lights on the rear I/O shroud and the motherboard chipset do add some life to the board. The lights on the rear I/O shroud illuminate a dragon image that looks nifty, but it probably won’t be visible depending on where you place your PC.

But if money is no hurdle, and the aim is pushing a 10th Generation “Comet Lake” Core i9 or Core i7 to the limit, then this builder package is certainly worth considering. Fancy features such as an onboard OLED info/bling panel and an included M.2 SSD expansion card pump up the price, but this board rivals Asus’ offering for Z490 supremacy.

3.MSI MEG X570

Pros & Cons

Like almost all gaming-oriented motherboards today, the MEG X570 Ace is a mostly black PCB. Black and grey heatsinks with yellow accents cover the chipset, the M.2 slots, and the power-regulation circuitry, giving the board a touch of color while also doing the crucial cooling duties.

But even this board is second silicon banana in MSI’s X570 lineup, with the MEG X570 Godlike the obligatory over-the-top option. The Ace shares many of the Godlike’s features and gets points for a bit of creative PCB bling. But a few feature quibbles and some install issues with the audio software put it a step, and half a star, behind several of the other AMD X570 boards we’ve looked at so far.


Pros & Cons

One might think that a mainstream product would be targeted towards average consumers, but there’s nothing average about the build-your-own crowd of PC enthusiasts.

They get a range of boards that starts with low-end overclocking products and builds from there. The middle mark regarding overclocking capabilities and features has been their mainstream, and that’s historically been priced around ⅔ of what a reasonably-equipped Core i9-9900K board will cost.

Choosing instead boards that support our CPU’s full Turbo Boost ratio as our starting point, we can see that the Z390-E Gaming offers far more than just the basics.

5.Micro Center Intel Core i9-9900K

Pros & Cons

Intel’s ninth-generation Core processors started shipping on Friday, and the reviews are out, with most of them focusing on the company’s new flagship gaming CPU, the Intel Core i9-9900K.

Also known as Intel’s Coffee Lake-S Refresh, the ninth-gen Core processors are targeted at desktop PCs, primarily for gaming, though the company has also cited content creation as a use case. Beyond Intel’s high-end Core i9-9900K, the company also released the Core i5-9600K and i7-9700K today.

Both the ninth-gen Core i7 and Core i9 pack eight cores compared to a maximum of six cores in the previous generation. The Core i9 comes with a clock speed of 5GHz and 16 threads, compared with the last generation’s 4.8GHz and 12 threads, respectively.

The Core i5 and Core 7, on the other hand, offers clock speeds of 4.6GHz and 4.9GHz and thread counts of six and eight, respectively.


Best z390 Motherboards for 9900k –  The motherboard is one of the essential components in a computer system as most of the parts have to attach to it. If you own an unlocked processor, you can take it to new limits by overclocking with the help of a good power design motherboard. That’s why we have decided to list up some of the best motherboard for Intel i9 9900K to get the full performance out of it.