Best z97 Motherboards for Overclocking

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Best z97 Motherboards for Overclocking – A Z97 motherboard could be exactly what your computer needs to perform better. It will not only maximize its performance but also will allow you to enjoy a better experience. All you need to do is make the right considerations and pick a unit for yourself, and you’ll be good to go.

Now that you know the features to look at and have considered the best options, making your final pick may seem like an easy decision.


But before you do, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to ensure that the one you choose provides the best of functionality.

1.MSI Z97-Gaming

On the gaming side of the hardware equation the Gaming 5 is fitted with a Killer E2205 network port which comes with application prioritization software, as well as an enhanced Realtek ALC1150 audio solution via Audio Boost. For users with USB DACs there is a feature to offer enhanced power to a pair of USB ports as well to improve power signal quality.

There is also M.2 support for 22x42mm to 22x80mm devices up to PCIe 2.0 x2 speeds, and all the fan headers onboard are 4-pin.

One of MSI’s positive points of late has been the BIOS and software combination, which for the gaming range is boosted by a six-month premium subscription to XSplit. The box also contains a door hanger to let people know you are gaming and an MSI Gaming case badge to affix to the build

2.MSI ATX DDR3 2600

As soon as the Ryzen 5 2600 CPU is revealed, you require a motherboard with B450 or X470 chipset in case you want to avail all those additional overclocking features. We recommend you to go for the finest motherboard that goes optimally with your system.

If you are looking forward to the best motherboard for Ryzen 5 2600, we have compiled a comprehensive list of top motherboards for gamers. Whether you are a casual gamer or the hardcore one, you will certainly find something good on this list.

Also, make a checklist on the important factors to consider before making a purchase, whether it is compatibility or the number of slots.

We have reviewed motherboards in this guide based on budget, form factor, and other essential features. Read on and get yourself better informed!

3.MSI Z97 Desktop Motherboard

One of MSI’s main focus points of the last twelve months has been style. This typically means fashioned heatsinks, almost-invisible traces and if possible a reduction of on-the-board components (trying to balance price as well). MSI wants its motherboards to be shown off, rather than hidden inside a case, such that other users can show it off to their friends and perhaps entice them into a similar build.

The Gaming 5 aims to the more cost conscious Haswell build while still maintaining a full ATX size in the red and black livery featuring the MSI Gaming logo.

On the gaming side of the hardware equation the Gaming 5 is fitted with a Killer E2205 network port which comes with application prioritization software, as well as an enhanced Realtek ALC1150 audio solution via Audio Boost. For users with USB DACs there is a feature to offer enhanced power to a pair of USB ports as well to improve power signal quality.

There is also M.2 support for 22x42mm to 22x80mm devices up to PCIe 2.0 x2 speeds, and all the fan headers onboard are 4-pin.

4.MSI MPG Z390

They’re a necessary means to an end for most PC gamers, and that’s fine. So long as a new motherboard does its job, doesn’t get in the way, and allows you to get the most out of the rest of your expensive PC hardware, that’s all you can ask.

Unless you’re planning on strapping a bunch of graphics cards together, along with an unwieldy RAID array, then most of us PC gamers can get by with a relatively modest motherboard as the base of their PC.

And that’s what MSI’s MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC is looking to offer. But, despite its relatively low price for a top-end chipset board, this MSI Z390 still has the sort of lengthy feature set you’d want for your gaming PC. What’s not to like?


The MSI MPG LGA1151 Gaming Pro Carbon brings power to overclock your chipset, but should you look for a newer one now that we’re in Q2 2020? Remember that the LGA1151  motherboard was launched last month, coming with a new LGA 1200 socket and an increase from DDR4 2666 to DDR4 2933.

When the Core I9-9900K CPU got launched in 2018, gamers that wanted the best processor would want to grab this baby and put them on their gaming rig. The Core I9-9900KS that was launched in late 2019 was definitely an upgrade, but costed double. What really was important was that the best motherboard for the Core I9-9900K chipset was the MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon by MSI.

Not only it did a great job at keeping cool, it helped the CPU push the limit in terms of performance, and it was also bringing the RGB trend on board. Let’s take a closer look and talk about the technical specs, performance and features in our MSI MPG LGA1151 Motherboard Review.

6.ROG Strix Z590-E

For review today, we have the ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming WiFi motherboard courtesy of ASUS. The Strix Z590-E sits in the middle of ASUS’s product stack and at the top of their Gaming series of boards. ASUS classes them all as AI 2.0 motherboards “designed to extract every ounce of performance from the latest 11th Gen Intel Core processors.”

The board features updated power designs, the latest connectivity options, and exclusive software and firmware utilities that leverage Artificial Intelligence. Coming from the upper tier of their gaming series, the Strix Z590-E is fully decked out with new hardware and looks to take on any contender in the virtual battlefield. Let’s take this board for a spin on the test bench and see how it stacks up to our other contenders!

7.ASUS Prime Z590-A

The ASUS Prime Z590M-PLUS motherboard is currently THE cheapest Z590 motherboard we reviewed here on Reatbyte. You can’t lose this opportunity to afford this board while it is on the  budget. On the other hand, if you don’t need all the features the Z590 chipset can provide, you can check out the MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus, which is another affordable high-end option.

And in today’s review, we’ll look at one of the Asus 2021 Z590 releases, the ASUS Prime Z590M-PLUS. So, without further ado, let’s get into the advantages and downsides of this motherboard.


Now that we do (and Intel’s performance embargo has passed), we have completed testing (presented on page 3) with a Core i9-11900K and have added a score and other elements (as well as removing some now-redundant sentences and paragraphs) to make this a full review. 

Gigabyte’s Z590 Aorus Master includes an incredibly robust VRM, ultra-fast Wi-Fi and wired networking, premium audio, and more. While its price of roughly  is substantial, it’s reasonable for the features you get, and far from the price of the most premium models in recent generations.

If you don’t mind a bit of audible VRM fan noise and like lots of USB and fast wired and wireless networking, it’s well worth considering.


ASRock’s H470 Steel legend is designed to provide years of stable and reliable service with a signature sapphire black PCB dressed with XXL Aluminum Alloy heatsinks. Based around Intel’s H470 chipset, the Steel Legend gives you the performance that life demands.

While not designed for overclocking, ASRock’s new Base Frequency Boost bends the rules and allows Intel’s 10th generation processors to achieve maximum performance by running at its highest power state for longer. Add in Dragon 2.5 gigabit LAN, Realtek ALC1200 Nahimic Audio, and technology ready for next generations PCIe 4.0 hardware, ASRock’s H470 Steel Legend gives you the tools to build your own legend.

10.ASRock Z490 Phantom

Asrock designed the Z490 PG Velocita with a fairly ordinary appearance, with black and silver featuring heavily in the PCB’s makeup. Streaks of red spice up the color scheme a bit, but the unpowered board really doesn’t stand out in terms of looks.

This changes somewhat when power is supplied to the board, and “Asrock” and “PG” logos on the heatsink and rear I/O shroud illuminate. This makes the board recognizable at a glance, even if this kind of lighting feature is common nowadays at this price level.

The power circuitry toward the back of the board is even actively cooled by a small fan hidden beneath the rear I/O shroud. Two additional fans directly behind the top heatsink help keep things cool, as we

Best z97 Motherboards for Overclocking – BUYER’S GUIDE

< class=””>Heat Sinks

If you are one of those users that overclock their units every other day, then you may be aware of the heating up that takes place in your CPU. This heating up greatly influences the performance of your device, and not in a positive way. It is, therefore, important that the unit you choose has an efficiently functioning heat sink to keep the unit sufficiently cooled.

< class=””>Budget

While looking at various products, you may notice that even the cheapest of the products may cost a considerable amount. While making your final choice, you need to ensure that the unit you pick has only the features you need. You can pick a unit with all the features if you can spare a hefty amount for your motherboard, but if you want to stick to a budget, it’s better to buy only what you need.


Best z97 Motherboards for Overclocking –  Living in an age where everything moves at the speed of light, why should your computer be slow?

The speed and performance of your PC mainly depend upon its processor. A good motherboard can ensure an amazing functioning of your computer, allowing you to accomplish all your tasks with great ease.

One such processor is the Z97, which not only adds a higher degree of functionality to your PC but also boosts its performance capabilities.

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