Best Gaming Mouse for Claw Grip

Best Gaming Mouse for Claw Grip – With these best claw grip mouse, you’ll never ever once again need to bother with missing out on those game-winning shots. If you wish to choose the best of the very best with no inconvenience select the Razer Viper or DeathAdder for Wired only. Though in the end, everything boils down to what hand size you are and also what you’re most comfy with. These mice will certainly verify to be great in terms of control and also efficiency.



It also features onboard memory which will come in handing while programming keys through the Synapse system just like previously any previous mouse the Razer company has made.

The DPI range goes all the way up to 20k so there is no shortage of responsiveness when it comes to movements on the mouse.

1.Razer DeathAdder V2

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2.Logitech G Pro

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3.Glorious Model

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4.SteelSeries Rival 600

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7.Hotline Games Mouse

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8.HP Wired RGB

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10.Cooler Master MM710

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why do you need a Claw Grip Mouse?

A1. If you are a pro gamer, you must be aware of the concept with Claw Grip style mouse where your fingers are shaped in the form of a claw over the switches. It may not be called a need to play with the claw grip style but rather a choice. Many gamers have obtained the habit in this particular style and they prefer to go with this. It gives better control over your palm and placement of the finders for better movement. However, it can be painful as well.

Q2. What are the different mouse grips?

A2. There are mainly three different types of mouse grips to provide comfortable and practical gameplay for every user. They are Palm, claw, and tip. The most common among these are the palm grip style that is mostly used by gamers and for any other purpose since it is very comfortable and can be used for longer hours. Similarly, we have Claw and Tip style mouse grips that are used by gamers for faster glide motion and faster reaction time. They both have their disadvantage as well that causes strain on the hands for long hours of gameplay.

Q3. Is the claw grip mouse better?

A3. Well, there is no obvious answer to this. Yes, Claw Grip Mouse has its own perks such as it provides faster glide motion and increases the mouse’s movement over the surface a lot better. If you have been using the claw grip style it will be a lot easier and comfortable to you. But on the other hand, it does lead to massive strain on the hands and palm due to the position of the fingers that you are subjected to while playing games in this style.


There are a lot of video gaming mice. A lot of mice that attempting to choose a single size and also style – particularly on a budget.

That’s nevertheless just how I began my search for a brand-new pc gaming mouse. I’m not a severe gamer, and I don’t stay with one type of video game, though I favor first-person shooters. I had actually never actually offered much thought to the mouse I made use of beyond changing from a wireless one to wired. I am a pc gaming mouse noob. This is what I have actually learned.