Best Gaming Mouse for Mmorpg

Best Gaming Mouse for Mmorpg – One thing we didn’t talk about in this guide is the “click”; the sound you’re bound to hear a lot of from any and all of the multitude of mouse buttons described above– is it crisp and firm, a bit soggy, or maybe high pitched and annoying? It’s a feature that’s a little hard to describe, and it’s pretty subjective to interpret, so be sure to check out the videos we’ve included. Hearing it for yourself is worth a thousand descriptors!

You can’t go wrong with any of the mice on this list, they’re all excellent picks and it’s a matter of choosing the one you find most suitable for you. And if you have any comments or questions, write them down in the section below and we’ll help you out!


Since there a number of factors that go into finding the right mouse for your gaming needs, it can be hard to look past the marketing fluff and hone in on what’s actually important in an MMO mouse.

1.HyperX Pulsefire Core

Pros & Cons

2.Razer DeathAdder V2

Pros & Cons

3.Logitech G502 Hero

Pros & Cons

4.Corsair M65

Pros & Cons

5.ASUS ROG Chakram

Pros & Cons

6.Swiftpoint Z

Pros & Cons

7.Redragon M908

Pros & Cons

8.Zelotes C12

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10.Havit RGB

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Best Gaming Mouse for Mmorpg – BUYER’S GUIDE


A macro in the world of MMOs is basically an in-game command. In WoW for example, this action could be to “use” something, “equip” something, “cast” a spell, and so on. There are a lot of things you can do in MMOs, and sometimes, like when a boss is about to wipe your raid, you want to do a lot of things really fast. That’s why it’s helpful to create macros and to have a mega-macro-pusher right in the palm of your hand.

You may be wondering how you create these macros. How do you let WoW know that you want to cast “Seed of Corruption” when you press right-click? A good MMO mouse has software that will help you accomplish this easily and effectively.

Button Layout

The classic layout of 12 buttons arranged like the number pad on a phone is what might first pop into your mind when you think of MMO mice. This grid is common, but it might not be best for all gamers or for all types of MMOs. Don’t overlook other button layouts that offer a hybrid of the traditional two-button mouse and the 12-button grid. You also have options that have differently organized button grids as well – they may even be better than a conventional 12-button grid.


The sensor is that underneath your mouse makes it more than just an RGB paperweight. The mouse’s sensor detects movement, and in modern mice will either be a “laser” or “optical” sensor. There are varying quality levels for each type of sensor; the high-quality ones allowing increased and adjustable sensitivity levels due to their ability to sense the surface below the mouse in a more nuanced way. You can go a lot deeper into the technicalities of what makes one sensor better than another, but it’s much more helpful for the purposes of this guide for us to tell you that all of the mice on this list have sensors that will perform excellently when it comes to the needs of MMOs.

Having an ultra-sensitive and exact sensor is not as important with MMO gaming as it might be with games like fast-paced twitch-shooters. What is perhaps more important to look out for is a sensor that’s adjustable– whether through the mouse’s software, or on-the-fly with a physical switch/button right on the mouse itself.

“CPI” or “DPI”?

In the world of gaming mouse terminology, CPI and DPI refer to the same thing; although technically they are actually different. DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, and technically refers to how many dots are contained in one inch of a digital image or a printed copy of a digital image. However, DPI is the term that most mouse manufacturers use to describe the sensitivity of a mouse’s sensor; where the higher the value means higher sensitivity.

CPI stands for Counts Per Inch, and it tells us how many instances of information a mouse sensor receives as it moves one inch. This measurement usually increases in increments of 250, and usually ranges from 250 to 4000. The higher the number, the less distance you need to move the mouse to send that cursor flying. For the purpose of this guide, we will use the term DPI to refer to mouse sensitivity because, while it is technically incorrect, this term is so widely used that it has become the industry standard nomenclature.

Higher isn’t necessarily better when it comes to DPI, although manufacturers would like you to think that it is. There are also in-game sensitivity options that affect how you mouse travels across the screen. Keep your gaming style, monitor size, and monitor resolution in mind when considering DPI range and how important it might be to you.

Included Software

In the software, you’ll want to look out for things like the ability to create and save different “profiles” that you can easily switch between. You might want the buttons on your mouse to control certain macros for your Warlock and totally different ones for your Rogue. Quality mouse software should also allow you to manually adjust settings like DPI, tracking speed, X/Y sensitivity, and so on. The software that controls your mouse should also be easy to use and– as the two usually go hand in hand– pretty to look at. You might be surprised at how often mouse software feels and runs like a slapped together afterthought, with apparently no intention of ever being used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Really Need an MMO Mouse?

If you have been getting by for years without using macro buttons, then it does beg the question of whether or not you actually need an MMO mouse at this stage in your gaming career. But if you aren’t sold on the concept yet, then you should ask yourself a few other questions.

First of all, how do you use your keyboard? Do you have keybinds all across your home row or do you design your key layout so that you never have to lift your left hand? If you are comfortable lifting your hand mid-action then you already have at least 87 keys on your keyboard that aren’t being fully utilized. If, however, you are like me and can’t easily lift your left hand from the keyboard without losing your place, then an MMO mouse opens up a lot more options for control layouts.

Second, do you use multi-key macros? They aren’t necessary (or allowed) for every MMO out there, but for some games like World of Warcraft they are absolutely necessary at the highest level of play. An MMO mouse makes multi-key macros much easier to execute, though there are also softwares like MultiKeyboard Macros that can fill this role for you.

Lastly, how important is ergonomics to you? Any MMO veteran knows that some raids are more involved than an 8-hour workday, and that is a lot of stress to put your hands through. If you like to do serious marathon sessions then you should absolutely take the time to find a mouse that will be easy on your hands. Carpal tunnel is serious business, folks.

While there are alternative options for managing the famously large skillsets of your favorite MMOs, an MMO mouse is a great catch-all solution for the high-APM gamer, as it addresses all three of these concerns in one.


MMOs require you to manage a lot of things at once, so you need a mouse that has the necessary buttons and the necessary customization options to manage every complex macro you assign to it. We’ve combed through the many options and put together this list of the best MMO gaming mouse available right now. If you need some additional help deciding which mouse is right for you, scroll down to find our buyer’s guide.