Best Gaming Mouse Under 40

Best Gaming Mouse Under 40 –  So, there you have it, with all that considered, these have been our top 10 picks for best gaming mice under $40. We hope this article makes finding your next gaming mouse a little easier. See the recommended articles alongside this page for additional Buyer’s guides and other articles on gaming mice.

In case if you are looking for the best gaming mouse under 40, then these mouses can be your ideal choice. Besides, you can use these mouses with every device that you want and believe me you won’t regret it.


In addition, you can also pick your favorite colors which are an amazing thing about these devices. On the other hand, make sure to choose the device according to your requirements for the best results. You can also tell us in the comment section below how you liked our devices.

1.HyperX Pulsefire Haste

Pros & Cons

2.Razer DeathAdder V2

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3.Corsair M65 RGB

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4.SteelSeries Sensei

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5.Logitech G502

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6.PICTEK Gaming Mouse

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7.Redragon M602

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8.Havit Mouse

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10.Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Best Gaming Mouse Under 40 – BUYER’S GUIDE

Battery capacity. It’s vital for wireless devices as they should deliver stable performance when you play action games. Some CSGO mice underperform when you use them in an energy-saving mode. That’s why you need to test a device before purchasing it or read detailed reviews. Battery life is one of the main criteria we were paying attention to when choosing the best mouse under 40 USD.

Keys. There aren’t a lot of gamers who prefer using a mouse with extra keys for gaming. However, we have made sure to test such devices to find the perfect products for those 3 percent of users, who like having a device with multiple keys.

Sensor. Another important feature to pay attention to is a sensor. The best gaming mouse under $40 usually comes with a great sensor, such as the Pixart 3360 or other similar versions. Besides, the best MOBA mice usually come with adjustable DPI. In most cases, you can choose between the minimum of 2400 and the maximum of 16000 DPI. It refers to the distance that the cursor covers when you move the mouse. If your mouse has high DPI, it is quite sensitive and quickly reacts to your movements.

Since high DPI makes your mouse less precise, adjustable DPI solves this issue. You can easily change it during a game to improve your gameplay. There are several occasions when adjustable DPI is pretty handy. For example, sometimes you need to use an 8 times scope to take a precise shot at a great distance when you play FPS games. In this case, you need to lower DPI to achieve better precision.

Comfort. Just like other pieces of your gaming gear, the best wireless mouse under 40 USD needs to have a solid build to serve you for years to come. Manufacturers release many devices that feel quite comfortable when you palm them. A well-thought-out design accounts for reducing wrist strain. If a mouse has high-quality switches, it is more durable and can pass any click test. Most devices on the market deliver up to 20 million clicks thanks to their switches. Among the mice that we have tested, only the M65 was made of aluminum. Other mice are more durable and have a solid build which adds to their reliability.

Lighting. Before testing these devices, we weren’t sure if we had to pay attention to RGB light effects. However, while they don’t influence the overall performance, they make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Many users consider these effects as one of the most distinctive features of a gaming mouse. This is why we have decided to take into account lighting while looking for a perfect 40 dollar gaming mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best budget mouse?

The best inexpensive gaming mice in 2020 are the Logitech G602 wireless mouse, the Logitech MX Master wireless mouse and the Redragon M601 wired gaming mouse.

  • • Is it better to purchase a mouse designed specifically for gaming?

While the best options for gamers are quite expensive they are well worth their price. However, if you don’t need extra buttons and advanced lighting effects, make sure to check out gaming mice under 40 USD. If you want to buy a mouse both for gaming and casual use, it’s better to purchase an all-purpose device.

  • • Is a top-notch gaming mouse expensive?

A gaming mouse is a quite expensive piece of gaming gear. If you are interested in high-end devices, take a look at the options that come at $50, or $100, or more. However, you can easily find the best computer mouse under 40 USD.

  • • What mice are used by pro-level gamers?

If you are a fan of eSport and enjoy playing FPS games, take a look at the Zowie FK series, the Logitech G502, SteelSeries Sensei, and the Razer Deathadder. They are quite popular among professional gamers and can significantly boost your gaming performance.


The gaming mouse offers much more than a conventional mouse which is why it has become a key gadget to have for gamers. In addition, the vibe and enjoyment of playing games with a specifically made mouse just for gaming are matchless.  Also, gaming mice are introduced with bursting lights, quivering shades, and sleek designs. All of these specifications are tempting towards top-notch gaming. I will explain 10 best gaming mouse under 40 in detail.