Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking

Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking – To rule in the world of gaming, the butterfly-clicking mouse will play a pivotal role. Getting higher cps in different games is now possible through butterfly-clicking.

Despite this, there are numerous benefits of using the butterfly clicking tool. But, on the other hand, its continuous use could affect wrist muscles and tendons. So, play games but do not exceed their use.

If you’ve come this far down the list and you still aren’t sure which gaming mouse is the one for you, don’t worry! In this section we’ll be giving you some extra advice to help you out with your purchase.


And that’s our list for The Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking. If it helped you find the right mouse for, be sure to let us know about it in the comments down below! Thanks for reading.

1.Glorious Model O

Pros & Cons

2.RedThunder M6

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4.Razer DeathAdder V2

Pros & Cons

5.PICTEK Gaming Mouse

Pros & Cons

6.Logitech G403

Pros & Cons

7.SteelSeries Sensei

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8.HyperX FPS Pro

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9.Corsair Harpoon

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10.MARVO G961

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Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking – BUYER’S GUIDE

The Buttons

The foremost important factor when choosing the right mouse is the button switches. You need to have buttons that are very light to touch, have a shallow actuation and have a comfortable grip for placing two fingers comfortably.

Shallow actuation and light touch buttons matter because they can stimulate double bounces when pressed in a certain way.

This is a VERY VERY important point to remember. When you are butterfly clicking, you are essentially pressing the button 20 – 25 times individually. Instead you are bouncing the fingers off the buttons in way that it stimulates two clicks.

This not possible on all mice though.

Many mice these are actually built to block double clicks because in any other game other than Minecraft (and the likes) double clicking can get quite annoying.

Rest of the Factors

Of course, the grip is one of the most essential part here. You have to gauge the size of your hands. You have to make sure that if you have small hands that you do not purchase a mouse with a large grip.

On top of that, you have to make sure the orientation of the mouse. Most mice are built for the right-handed. If you are left-handed, you will need to look for either left-handed mice or ambidextrous mice.

You have to look at the DPI and what kind of settings it provides.

Finally, most gamers prefer going for Wired mice to reduce the input lag. However, some wireless gaming mice do have a very high response rate that can match clicks per second of your butterfly clicking.

However, since pro butterfly clickers can get very fast, we do not recommend wireless mouse for the sole reason that sometimes the PC MAY not register the clicks .

Frequently Asked Questions

Is butterfly-clicking harmful?

Yes, butterfly-clicking could affect your wrist muscles. Due to consistent clicking, the user may suffer from various damages within the wrist muscles. It could also result in arthritis.

Why are few websites not allowing butterfly clicking?

Butterfly-clicking is a technique that most gamers use to win games over other contestants. Therefore, few websites consider this trick unfair. Because users with butterfly clicking tools could get an advantage in games over others who do not use it. To deal with this situation, most websites provide a list of strict rules to avoid problems.


In gaming, there are a ton of different techniques and styles of play that a player can make use of to have more of an advantage. Watch any Esports competition, for example, you’ll see different participants that each have their own styles that they use to outplay their opponents. Whether your personal style is something as simple as how you rest your arm with a keyboard and mouse, to something more technical like butterfly clicking. Learn more with our Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking Guide.