Best Mouse for Clicking Fast

Best Mouse for Clicking Fast – In intense PVP gaming in MMOs, the faster you can click the mouse button, the more competitive edge you get.

Hence, in such intense gaming experience, having the best mouse for jitter clicking matters a lot.

The aim of jitter clicking is to increase your clicks per second to perform better in games, especially ones where you play against other people.

In online multiplayer games like Minecraft PVP (Player versus Player), jitter clicking can help a user defeat their rivals much faster and makes the game more competitive.


Here we looked at some of the famous professional grade gaming mice that are use by many for fast clicking.


Pros & Cons

2.DAREU Mouse

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Pros & Cons

4.PICTEK Gaming Mouse

Pros & Cons

5.Redragon M602

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6.Razer DeathAdder V2

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7.Hcman Gaming Mouse

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8.Emopeak Mouse

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9.Jelly Comb

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10.TeckNet Pro

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Best Mouse for Clicking Fast – BUYER’S GUIDE

The Best Mouse

The grip is very important for a good jitter clicking experience

When looking for a mouse that will let you jitter click effectively, there are certain features that you need to be in the lookout for to get a great experience.

The mouse not only needs to be functional in this arena but should also provide several other features that can boost performance.


First and foremost, you need a durable mouse. This means great build quality and a high endurance rating.

Because you will be clicking very fast, you will inevitably put in numerous key impressions, and with time, the use will catch up to the mouse.

A durable mouse will last you much longer than a regular mouse would, especially for jitter clicking because some times, a bit more force gets used than normal. To avoid having to replace the mouse sooner than expected, you need a nice strong unit.

To get a good picture of a mouse’s durability, you should look at the number of clicks it’s rated for. Some popular brands are rated to up to 70 million clicks which is a good estimate although it may not accurately reflect real-world performance.

While being effective for gaming, a durable mouse will also save you a lot of money in the long run.

Mechanical versus Optical Mouse Switches

Traditional mice use the conduction of electric current to transmit information about a click to the computer.

This is great, but after a click, there are usually some vibrations generated as the switch and its mechanisms try to return to their original positions.

To remedy this, some mice implement a feature called debounce delay. While it helps reduce unwanted signals, it introduces some delay which in competitive games could mean losing a match.

A better alternative is an optical switch. These use a beam of light to transmit the information, and it happens immediately the key is pressed. As a result, you get very high response times and much better performance in gaming.

This can help make jitter clicking more effective as you do not have a delay in between each click.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best mouse for jitter clicking?

My English is not good, sorry. I got a mouse called Razer Deathadder Elite about 6 months ago because I had heard that the mouse is decent for jitter clicking. But I’ve had some problems with this mouse. The big size of the mouse makes my hand uncomfortable. (I’m an asian and have small hands among them.) And it’s hard to aim quickly because of its heavy weight. So I’m planning to buy a new good mouse for jitter clicking again. The mouse must be following these.

  1. Easy to jitter click with.

  2. Lighter than 80g.

  3. Has a small size.

  4. Has a reasonable price.


That said, one of the few techniques people use is jitter clicking. Jitter clicking is a clicking technique that involves clicking your mouse as fast as possible using only one finger.

It helps to do this when, for example, the mouse click performs a vital action in the game like weapons firing.

While it may sound easy enough, you will need the best mouse for jitter clicking so that your efforts work out successfully.