Best Mouse for Csgo

Best Mouse for Csgo – Now that you’ve been through this list about the best mice for CS:GO, you can confidently and securely take a choice on your gaming gear. There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a mouse, as long as you’re using a pro model that you feel comfortable with, you’ll be great. And if you ever get tired of playing Counter-Strike you can always try something different like Unturned.

All the  mouses are in a class of their own when it comes to the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They boast of a high CPI, sensitivity, acceleration, and they suit the needs of both right-handed and left-handed gamers. Of course, we can’t dispute the fact that Logitech G Pro rules the world of CS:GO.


While training can help you become a professional CS:GO player, you must have the right device. If you have a bad mouse, you can easily skip the pixels and this can be fatal for any competitive player.

1.BenQ Zowie EC1

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2.Logitech G

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3.SteelSeries Rival

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6.Glorious Mouse

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7.Nixeus Mouse

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8.ROCCAT Burst Pro

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10.PICTEK Gaming Mouse

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Best Mouse for Csgo – BUYER’S GUIDE

< id="h-team-wire-or-team-wireless">Team Wire or Team Wireless?

In the distant past (around 2010 or so), it would have been a crime to think of using a wireless mouse to play any game, especially an FPS. Most models presented a certain degree of lag, and although it was minimal, every second matters on the CS:GO battlefield. However, more and more fabricants are choosing to release wireless mice in the market that have no lag whatsoever, like the Logitech G Pro.

Still, many gamers prefer the good and always reliable wire in their mouse, since they almost never have to worry about lag issues with wires. That’s why many people keep choosing wired mice over wireless options. Still, a wireless mouse can give more mobility than a wired mouse, so keep that in mind when you make your purchase.
< id="h-hand-comfort">Hand-comfort

We firmly believe that no gamer in the world should go to bed with a tired hand. That’s why you need to pick a mouse with an ergonomic design that can adapt to your hand and your gripping style. If it feels comfortable and like a good fit, then you’ll be able to spend more time worrying about killing and less time worrying if you’ll need to leave your hand on a bucket of ice after the game ends.

Take a look at your hand. Whether you have small or large hands be sure to choose a mouse suitable for your size.
< id="h-left-or-right">Left or Right?

No, we’re not talking about politics, we’re talking about hand preferences. If you’re right-handed, then give yourself a pat on the back because most gaming mouse manufacturers have you on their sight. And what about our left-handed gamers in the world? Well, they have it harder.

Being left-handed limits your choices, but it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Some mice makers make left-handed versions of their products. Some others (like the BenQ Zowie FK2 or the SteelSeries Sensei Ten) are made to be ambidextrous. So no matter which hand you use, there is a pro mouse out there for you.
< id="h-dpi">DPI

Another factor to keep in mind is the Dots per Inch (DPI). While technically it should be Counts per Inch (CPI), most people know it as DPI so it’s easier for manufacturers to keep it as DPI.

Basically, the DPI it’s the sensitivity of the sensor. So, the higher the DPI the less physical distance you need to move your mouse to move the cursor on the screen. Nowadays, some mice will have a ridiculously high number of DPI, but just try to use a mouse with 10,000 DPI without asking yourself “Why am I spinning in circles?”

Although it’s nice to have a high DPI option, most CS:GO pros recommend setting your mouse around 100 to 1000 DPI for optimal gameplay. This is for better accuracy when shooting. But still, ask yourself if you’re a fan of fast and big hand movements (1,200 DPI or less) or prefer slower and smaller hand movements (2,000 DPI or more). If you’re used to using your mouse with a DPI of 2000 or more, try to practice your aim with something below 1000 to play professional style.
< id="h-built-to-last">Built to last

We all know that when playing a game like CS:GO people can get… passionate. Because when we are in “the zone” sometimes we might click too hard or we might just grip the mouse-like our lives depend on it. So if you like to hold tight your mouse then it’s best to go for a resistant and well-built model. Most of the best mice for CS:GO are tested by their developers and pro gamers to verify their solidity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Gaming Mouse Worth It?

Yes! A gaming mouse will prove to be helpful to any gamer. Whether it’s the ergonomics, the aesthetic design, or the multiple buttons, a gaming mouse it’s worth the investment.

Can a Gaming Mouse Improve your Aim?

While having a better mouse won’t necessarily improve your aim, the right equipment will surely help you improve your skills in a faster time. That means that if you have a gaming mouse that’s comfortable to use and makes your gameplay smoother, you’ll eventually improve your aim.

Does your Mouse Matter in CS:GO?

Yes. Most gaming mice have better sensitivity, are built to be stronger, and have more functionalities in order for gamers to live a better game immersion. Especially if you rely a lot on your aim and like aim duels. Regular mice are good for general purposes, but they make gaming mice for a reason, to play better.

Is a Wireless Mouse Better than a Wired Mouse for Gaming?

Wireless mice have a reputation of presenting lag issues, and for gamers, that’s crucial for not leaning towards them. However, nowadays there are more and more manufacturers creating wireless gaming mice with a latency as low as wired mice. Still, most gamers prefer a wired mouse since they are seen as more responsive and reliable.

How Heavy is the Average Gaming Mouse?

Everyone has a different preference and most gaming mice have a weight that ranges from 90g to 120g.

Does Weight Matter in a Gaming Mouse?

The lighter the mice the easier it is to move around without complications, but people who have a harder grip might feel like they’re playing with a feather. Heavier mice will give you better control over how it moves around, but some people might see their mobility reduced. In short terms, heavier mice help with accuracy and lighter mice help with mobility, it’s all about preferences.

What DPI Do CS:GO Pros Use?

Most pro CS:GO players use a DPI of 400 or lower and around 1.5 and 2.0 in-game sensibility.

Why Are CS:GO Pro Mice so Expensive?

Simple, because they will help you play smoother and for a longer time without too many issues. You could technically get a 10-buck regular mouse at any big store, but ultimately, these mice are chosen by pros for their quality, their comfort, and their ease of use.


CS:GO is a game where every little advantage goes a long way. Players experiment with all sorts of stuff in order to squeeze every last drop of performance from their rig. CSGO is also one of the most ‘pure FPS’ games around, at least when looking at the most popular ones. With no classes, heroes, or any real starter loadouts to choose from your aim is going to be super important.

The gameplay in CSGO is quite straightforward: there’s you, your gun(s) and an assortment of utility grenades to choose from. No abilities, extra pieces of kit, ultimates, and so on means that you don’t need a mouse with a ton of sidebuttons or extra functionality. A simple, well built mouse with a comfortable design and a sensor which perfectly translates your movements to the game is all you really need for CSGO. In fact, distractions could even be detrimental to your performance.