Best Mouse for Graphic Design

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Best Mouse for Graphic Design – So there you have my comprehensive guide to the best mouses for graphic designers. Due to the precise and detailed work you do as a graphic designer, you need a mouse that you can depend upon.

The best mouse for graphic design will be quick, responsive, and precise. You might also be looking for a wireless, ergonomic, or left-handed mouse. The right mouse is out there for everyone.

Whatever your needs are, you won’t go wrong with any of the mouses on this list. Through personal experience and a lot of research, I’ve found the best mouses for designers.

All these models tick the right boxes and should improve your work experience. But the winner of the best mouse for graphic design has to be the Logitech MX Master 2S.

With exceptional precision and a comfortable design, this mouse outshines the competition.


So, pick out your favorite mouse and click the link above to learn more and check price!

Let me know which mouse you went for in the comments below. Or if you have any questions for me, drop them below, and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

1.Logitech MX



4.ZLOT Vertical

5.Razer V2

6.Apple Magic Mouse

7.Jelly Comb

8.MOJO Pro

9.DELUX Wired Gaming Mouse


Best Mouse for Graphic Design – BUYER’S GUIDE


Before we talk about full-size/compact-size or DPIs, answer if you prefer working in a silent mode or have no issue with minor clicking sounds.

In order to select the best mouse for graphic design, you must seek if a mouse makes clicking sound or has the ability to work in complete silence. Usually, the old school mice tend to have this clicking affect that sometimes gets on our nerves. So, be sure to seek this quality in the mouse that you’d select from my list below.


When you seek an ideal computer mouse for designers, do seek if its optical mouse or has the laser functionality. Obviously, laser beats the optical in terms of efficiency and DPIs in design world but there are some exceptional optical mouse choices that you may consider.


Next, do seek if it has a cord or if its wireless mouse!

If you don’t mind having a cluttered desk then you may opt for a wired mouse and if not, there are plenty of options in wireless category.


There are two types of mice that you can get to have in the market, full size and travel size!

If you like using compact sized accessories then go for travel size mouse or else, there are plenty of full-size mouse for graphic design.

Programmable Buttons

If you like having more control during work, do seek if the prospective mouse has a programable buttons in it. You can get to personalize the button functionality as per your working preferences and speed up your work progress.

Ergonomic Designed

Casually picking a mouse may lead to carpel tunnel injury if you don’t pay attention to how you hold the mouse for hours. Don’t worry, having an ergonomically designed mouse can eliminate such injury risks.

OS Compatibility

During your evaluation process, do seek if the selected mouse is compatible with your operating system or not. If the mouse is compatible for all OS programs, you can enjoy the usage freedom and change the devices without worrying about the compatibility issue.

Left/Right Hand

Are you a lefty or prefer working with your right hand?

Do seek if the design, of your selected mouse, goes with your most used hand or else you’ll experience a strange discomfort during the work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you need a special mouse for Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop requires you to perform multiple operations in a quick way and being armed with a decent mouse, you can do it with ease. This is especially relevant if you work on high-res displays. Adobe Ps also has many tools and commands, so getting a keyboard with additional macro keys is also a good idea if you want to speed up your workflow.

  • • A wired vs wireless mouse – which to choose?

A wireless mouse for graphic designers is flashier and allows you to work not being tied to a certain space. However, a wired mouse will appeal to average users with a limited budget. Besides, it is a bit faster.

  • • Is a trackball better than a mouse?

The first thing that differentiates these devices is that a trackball is stationary, so doesn’t occupy much space. Besides, it works on any surface, but causes some noise unlike the best silent mouse.


As a graphic designer, you probably spent days comparing the best computers. You know the Adobe Suite inside out. You’ve likely even picked out an ergonomic desk chair!

Did you put much thought into the mouse you’ve been using all this time? It’s easy to overlook the importance of having the right mouse.

But your mouse is an essential piece of your toolkit as a graphic designer. While a regular mouse is fine for everyday tasks, you need something more specialized.