Best Mouse for Jitter Clicking

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Best Mouse for Jitter Clicking – There are many jitter clicking mice available in the market, but our recommended top 10 mice are the best mouse for jitter clicking that has some extra features and made with reliable materials; they are all supports up to 50 million of continuous clicks.

Hence, in such intense gaming experience, having the best mouse for jitter clicking matters a lot.

Here we looked at some of the famous professional grade gaming mice that are use by many for fast clicking.


Most of the above-listed mouses can easily handle the fast slamming of fingers as they are designed for even more heavy use.

1.Corsair Nightsword RGB

2.Razer DeathAdder V2


4.Glorious Model O

5.HyperX Pulsefire

6.SteelSeries Rival

7.PICTEK Gaming Mouse

8.Havit RGB Gaming Mouse

9.Redragon M602

10.Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best Mouse for Jitter Clicking – BUYER’S GUIDE

When playing a multi player game , every one in the game strives to somehow achieve an edge over their opponents , and jitter clicking is all about that by getting some extra clicks. Most of you might be able to learn this art but can fail while choosing which mouse to use for the best gaming experience. So let’s have an overview of what are things which you should be considering. COMFORT I have noticed numerous gamers complaining that jitter clicking has resulted in Pain in their hands and they are unable to do it. So this is usual that you will have to suffer dis-comfort if you have not been using a good mouse. And here a good mice would refer to units which are easy to hold ( should be light weight) and easy to drag over the surface and providing the opportunity to make sudden movements would be even better! DURABILE The mouse should be durable, which means it should have a strong structure with good quality parts. Usually, you will be making a rough & tough use while gaming as instant movements and couple of clicks per second will be made continuously, So that’s not possible that an average mouse could survive this, And this will require you to ensure that you buy something which can live for a longer time period and keeps on serving you without having a fall efficient performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best mouse for jitter clicking?

My English is not good, sorry. I got a mouse called Razer Deathadder Elite about 6 months ago because I had heard that the mouse is decent for jitter clicking. But I’ve had some problems with this mouse. The big size of the mouse makes my hand uncomfortable. (I’m an asian and have small hands among them.) And it’s hard to aim quickly because of its heavy weight. So I’m planning to buy a new good mouse for jitter clicking again. The mouse must be following these.

  1. Easy to jitter click with.

  2. Lighter than 80g.

  3. Has a small size.

  4. Has a reasonable price.

I’m really serious so please do not joke on this post. (No trackpad. No something like 5$ mouse.) And I’ve heard that ‘Glorious Model O Minus’ has a heavy mouse clicking switches. Before I’ve heard that I decided to buy this mouse, but yeah, Please tell me your opinion. And I watched a Intel Edits’ video which recommand Razer Viper Mini to viewers and some of the people of this community said so too. However, also some people said “DO NOT BUY THIS MOUSE!” (Including Razer Deathadder V2, Razer Viper Mini etc.) I have no idea what opinion I should follow. The last note, I know that CPS is not all of the game, I’m sure that I’m pretty OK at jitter clicking, I can get around 14, aim smoothly, and block hit while I jitter click. I just have some weight and size problems with the current mouse, Razer Deathadder Elite. Someone says that if I am good at clicking, the kind of mice does not matter, but be honest. Better mouse can allow you to aim more smoother and clicking slightly faster. I think that is the reason most of the pros use expensive mice.


That said, one of the few techniques people use is jitter clicking. Jitter clicking is a clicking technique that involves clicking your mouse as fast as possible using only one finger.

It helps to do this when, for example, the mouse click performs a vital action in the game like weapons firing.

While it may sound easy enough, you will need the best mouse for jitter clicking so that your efforts work out successfully.

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