Best Mouse for Minecraft

Best Mouse for Minecraft – A good gaming mouse for Minecraft only needs to fit your hand well, have a little weight for stability and feel natural to use. All that fancy stuff available on an expensive gaming mouse is just overkill for a game like Minecraft. Not that they don’t help, but the extent to which your gaming experience changes with an expensive gaming mouse is minimal at best.

Our collection of reviews does not necessarily take Minecraft as a primary requirement. Since Minecraft needs little to no additional features other than comfort; you can pick any of the models we review.


Many gamers, serious and casual, play multiple different games. If Minecraft is your top game then you don’t have to worry about as many of the fancy features that you would if you played other games.

1.Logitech G602

Pros & Cons

2.Corsair M65

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3.Razer DeathAdder V2

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4.PICTEK Gaming Mouse

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7.HyperX Surge

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8.Redragon M908

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9.UtechSmart Venus Pro

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10.Gwolves Hati

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Best Mouse for Minecraft – BUYER’S GUIDE

While choosing a decent Minecraft gaming mouse, you need to pay attention to certain characteristics:

< class="tm-sec-subtit">Sensor

There is a never-ending debate about optical and laser sensors. Gamers tend to favor mice with a laser sensor because it eliminates possible jittering and inaccuracy. Laser sensors are unbeatable on non-traditional surfaces like glass but they suffer from inaccurate tracking. Thus, if you dream of getting the best mouse for Minecraft, you’d better choose the one equipped with a laser sensor.

< class="tm-sec-subtit">Dots per Inch (DPI)

DPI defines how much a cursor will move per inch on the screen while you are moving a mouse. Therefore, if you play on a large screen, make sure to get a mouse with a higher DPI value, which presupposed faster tracking.

However, too high DPI can signal that a mouse is intolerable sensitive. The best way is to get a mouse with adjustable DPI, so you can pick the right one based on the gameplay situation.

< class="tm-sec-subtit">Grip Style

There are 3 common grip styles – fingertip, claw and palm. Define yours before buying a Minecraft mouse unless you want to get a tool that is inconvenient to hold.

< class="tm-sec-subtit">Weight

Strangely enough, but not all gamers really understand the importance of this criterion. Actually, the weight of a mouse greatly influences the maneuverability of your device, so if you usually move it a lot across the surface, you need something not so heavy. Fortunately, most manufacturers of PC peripherals create products with adjustable weight and it makes sense to buy such a model.

< class="tm-sec-subtit">Connectivity

Choosing between wired and wireless mice has become even more complicated because the latter are now on par with their direct rivals. Modern wire-free models boast improved response times, so you won’t feel any input lag. However, the thing that is kept unchanged is a big gap in prices between the two. Wireless gaming mice are more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I really buy a gaming mouse for Minecraft?

If you have a traditional mouse and decided to try playing Minecraft, there is no need to waste money on a purpose-built product. However, if you are avid gamers striving to boost your gaming prowess, you can buy a special mouse for Minecraft.

  • • What is the best mouse for Minecraft?

I believe that the Logitech G502 absolutely deserves this title. It is a robust wireless model compatible with the PowerPlay charging mat. The weight of this mouse is easily adjustable, so you can “create” a perfect tool for your needs.

  • • Should I use a lighter mouse to play Minecraft?

A lighter gaming mouse is faster and more precise at lower sensitivity levels. Heavier mice show better results with higher sensitivity, but are harder to accelerate and decelerate. Decide on your priorities and choose accordingly.

  • • Which mouse for Minecraft has dual-mode connecting?

PICKET is matchless in this regard. It allows jumping from wireless to wired mode in an instant. After you have charged the battery, you can use the mouse for 48 hours without interruptions if the RGB lighting is switched off.


Getting the best mouse for Minecraft, you are sure to level up you gaming proficiency. Minecraft is included on the list of the most popular video games with more than 100 million people playing it.