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Best Mouse for Moba – After reviewing 12 highly suggested gaming mice and playing League of Legends for about an entire week, we found that the Razer Naga Hex V2 is the best MOBA mouse for the vast majority since it fits easily and comfortably in the hand, offers an extraordinary quality of material, incredible finished surface and side buttons that are instinctively positioned and simple to utilize.

If you are a MOBA gaming enthusiast and looking for a lighter mouse, we suggest Razer DeathAdder Elite. It is very comfortable for all types of hands, whether large or small, and grasp styles and it has 7 programmable buttons, a precise sensor, and a system of illuminating lights.


What matters the most while playing a game is the speed and reactiveness of the mouse. All mice reviewed here are highly recommended on the basis of the experience from gaming


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2.Zelotes 5500

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3.Wireless Gaming Mouse

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5.Redragon M602

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6.SteelSeries Rival

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7.Corsair Harpoon PRO

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9.HK Gaming NAOS

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10.J-Tech Digital M999

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Best Mouse for Moba – BUYER’S GUIDE

Number of Buttons

Although you don’t need a whole lot of buttons, admit it that it is convenient to impose a spell without even touching the keyboard.


Good ergonomics is yet another essential component. Make sure the material the mouse is made of does not allow your palms to get sweaty. Needless to say, choose a mouse that suits your gripping style.
Also, MOBA fans prefer smaller mice. Although I am likely to agree that larger rodents are not the best choice, the size of the mouse is largely up to your personal preferences.


If you ask hardcore gamers which is the best gaming mouse for MOBAs, they will probably answer that any gaming mouse with a higher DPI would do a good job. To a great extent, that’s true. There is something more important than the DPI, though.
In MOBAs, you are required to perform fast and accurate clicks. In this respect, make sure your mouse has durable switches capable of withstanding the severe clicking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a normal mouse for MOBA?

A normal regular mouse can be used for MOBA but it will not give you a better gaming experience. A regular mouse has high latency whereas MOBA mouse has improved software to program and support high ratings of DPI and CPI.

What mouse is best for MOBA?

Razer DeathAdder V2, Razer Ultimate, Razer NAGA Hex are among the most demanded mice for MOBA game.

Is  Logitech a better option than Razer?

Logitech features crucial specs for MOBA while Razer is not lagging the features a gamer may prefer for his gaming mouse.

How do you know if a mouse is good for MOBA?

There are certain specifications to consider while rendering a mouse perfect for MOBA. you have to look for DPI ratings, sensor whether Laser or optical, sensor position, rolling wheel, and maximum tracking speed.


The best moba mouse can give you simply the edge to break the bars in your game. In essence, there’s a gaming mouse for each event, and we’ve attempted to locate the best fit for you.

There are multiple options of alternatives for you to pick from, as well but what you desire for your game is enhanced performance and comfort of your hands.