Best Mouse for Music Production

Best Mouse for Music Production – If you are looking for the best mouse for music production, we recommend the Kensington Expert Trackball. This mouse is ergonomically shaped and its buttons can be customized for specific functions you may want.

You will realize that these three mice are also rated as the best CAD mouse devices on the market.

Even though we’ve put together a nice mix of trackball and regular mice, it’s easy to see that trackball is the way to go if you want the freedom and precision that a normal mouse can’t offer.


And there we have it! 5 fantastic ergonomically designed mice that can step up your music production and won’t break the bank. Let us know which one you go for in the comments!

1.Kensington Expert

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2.SteelSeries Rival 310

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3.Microsoft Sculpt

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4.Apple Magic Mouse

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5.Logitech M570

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6.Razer Lancehead TE

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8.PICTEK Gaming Mouse

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9.3Dconnexion 3DX-700028

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10.HyperX Pulsefire Raid

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Best Mouse for Music Production – BUYER’S GUIDE

The newest version of the Apple Magic Trackpad boasts even more ergonomic features and better functionality than the previous one. Its main selling point is the Force Touch option that is far more superior if you compare it to the features that come with other trackpads.

If you enjoy working with DAW, you will find this best DAW mouse pretty comfortable to work with. A user can click anywhere on the pad’s surface. It comes with 4 force sensors that can react to different pressures. It adds to the high-functionality of the DAW that can be used for editing audio-tracks and other tasks.

While in this version of a DAW mouse the surface is 30% larger, the unit won’t take too much space on a desktop. Thanks to the lower profile, a user can enjoy a higher level of comfort while scrolling and performing other tasks.

When you work in a studio, it’s vital to use a device with an understandable user interface and high responsiveness. A trackpad should swiftly react to your actions to boost your effectiveness.

Just like any high-quality mouse for Logic Pro X, the Magic trackpad delivers high sensitivity registering even light pressure. There is no difference which finger to use as the trackpad is highly responsive to any touch.

Those, who are used to working with a mouse, might find a trackpad not so convenient at first but gradually they will get to appreciate its advantages. The sliders are especially easy to use which is why you can solve any task more quickly. If you want to take your productivity to the next level, make sure to consider buying the Apple Magic Trackpad mouse as it’s perfect for music production.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which mouse is the most convenient to use?

I strongly recommend the Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse as it’s the studio mouse with the best ergonomic design in 2020. Thanks to the tiltable design and conveniently placed buttons, it can easily be the best horizontal mouse you have ever worked with.

  • • Is there a long lag when you use a wireless mouse?

If you decide to purchase a wireless mouse, beware that it might have 8–16ms of lag. It is caused by the 125Hz USB polling rate and time that it takes to decode a wireless signal. There are wireless devices that support different USB polling rates, so you can change them, if necessary.

  • • Is there a noiseless clicking mouse?

If you don’t like to be distracted by too much noise, take a look at the Nexus mouse. Thanks to it, you can work in a quiet room without hearing any clicking sound.

  • • Is it necessary to use a mouse for Ableton?

If you use Ableton or other similar software tools, you need to purchase the best mouse for audio editing that allows you to control the cursor with high-precision. It’s especially important if you have a high-res monitor. As Ableton comes with a wide array of features, you will also benefit from using a keyboard with extra keys.


If you used a standard mouse when mixing sound, you know how disappointing a device can be. Mice have limited music production capabilities, whether you use Abelton, Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, or other audio mixing software.

A usual mouse doesn’t offer many features when you need to enlarge, move, or switch between various functions of your music production software. Besides, it’s rather difficult to produce accurate automation with such a mouse. Thus, you have to spend a lot of time dealing with the task.