Best Mouse for OverWatch

Best Mouse for OverWatch – Overwatch is a game that can be played by a whole variety of people. If you’re someone who prefers the tactical side of gaming you can be a tank main, and if you’re the best at clicking heads there’s a myriad of DPS heroes to choose from. For this reason you’d be forgiven for thinking that this list would be a pretty varied one with a lot of different mice at almost the same percentage, but that’s not really the case.

The Logitech G Pro Wireless reigns supreme with about one fifth of all pros using it, and after that it’s still mostly a Logitech party.

What is interesting that these mice are all used by a variety of roles. You’d think that a heavier, more tricked out mouse such as the G903 would be used by more tactical players who rely less on aim, but that mouse is the mouse of choice for some of the league’s most celebrated DPS players, for example.


That only reinforces the fact that a lot comes down to personal preference when you’re choosing your peripherals. There are a lot of aspects to a mouse that can be judged objectively (build quality, cable, sensor, button travel, …) but things such as weight and shape rely very much on preference.

1.Logitech G502

Pros & Cons

2.BenQ Zowie EC2

Pros & Cons

3.Corsair M65

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5.Glorious Mouse

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6.ROCCAT ROC-11-730

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7.Slipping Improvement Mouse

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8.SteelSeries Sensei

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9.Mionix NAOS-QG

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10.Hotline Games Mouse

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Best Mouse for OverWatch – BUYER’S GUIDE

< class="tm-sec-subtit">Customizability

The best mouse for Overwatch should come with a variety of customizable options. This refers to detachable weights, different grip types, ambidextrous design and even lighting settings. Only such a device can provide you with convenient gaming for many hours.

< class="tm-sec-subtit">Integration

Some believe that this factor is of minor importance, but if you want to become a winner in each Overwatch battle, integration with your other devices play a big role.

Such brands as Razer and Corsair produce devices that “communicate” with each other or use the same software. So, check whether the mouse for Overwatch you are going to buy matches the rest of your equipment.

< class="tm-sec-subtit">Buttons/Scroll Wheel

The buttons on the body of a mouse should feel nice to touch and be easy to reach. The average number is 5, but many models come with more.

The same goes for the scroll wheel which is expected to move without any hitch and can be even complemented by RGB lighting on the sides. Thus, you can easily change the weapon when using Torbjorn or Mercy.

< class="tm-sec-subtit">Build Quality

While selecting a gaming mouse for Overwatch, pay attention to the entire construction, how durable it is and how long it is promised to serve you.

The most reliable choice in this regard is the DeathAdder Elite series known for an extremely ergonomic and solid build. The body has a plastic coating and the sides are laid in rubber, ensuring a convenient grip while holding it.

The cord of such mice is braided, so you won’t experience problems with a loose connection. The lighting is always on point.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • • Is it necessary to buy Overwatch gaming mouse?

If you have ever played any competitive game, e.g. Overwatch, you know that a special mouse and a keyboard can make the process a lot more enjoyable and the result more impressive, especially if your rivals don’t have such equipment.

  • • What mice do pro Overwatch gamers choose?

More than 60% of professional gamers opt for Logitech products. The most popular option is Logitech G Pro, both wireless and wired models. Some favor white gaming mice, but that is really a matter of taste.

  • • What DPI do pros use?

They stick to the values in the range from 400 – 800. We’d like to explain the reason behind this choice. DPI stays for the number of dots per second registered by a mouse. Thus, when you choose a higher DPI value, you will get more accurate tracking.

  • • Wired vs Wireless – which mouse to choose?

The wired mouse surpasses its competitor when it comes to the response time. Besides, it doesn’t require batteries, so there won’t be delays during movements. The wired mouse also features more options to program the available buttons.


This question is a little hard to answer since there are so many different roles and playing styles in Overwatch. A hitscan DPS player, for instance, will probably gravitate towards a more classic, lightweight FPS mouse whereas a tank player doesn’t really need to focus on pixel perfect aiming all that much so it’s definitely possible to go for a mouse that’s got a little more weight and extra buttons in that case. But we’re obviously generalizing things quite a bit here.

In the end you’ll want a mouse with a flawless sensor that suits your grip style and preferences. Luckily flawless sensors have been the standard in any gaming mouse worth its salt for the past couple of years now so there really isn’t a need to worry about the sensor quality if you’re shopping with the reputed brands so what it really comes down to is the build quality, the quality of things like the cable and mouse feet, and of course the shape and features.