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Best Mouse for Pubg – PUBG is a fairly simple game by design. You don’t have a lot of extra stuff to do besides walking or driving around and shooting other people. As such you don’t need a very heavily customizable or feature-rich mouse, and that’s reflected in the choices of our pros.

All of the mice in our top 5 are pretty standard ‘run of the mill’ gaming mice, in the sense that they don’t include extra buttons, switches, or useless (for PUBG) features.

As always it’s important to take these sorts of lists with a grain of salt. What works for one person might not work for you. So take this list as a guideline, and feel free to experiment and look around elsewhere on our website. Finding the right mouse can be a very long and exhausting journey, but we hope this list has at least helped you a bit.

Hope this article sheds some light on what to look for in a mouse. I’m not going to have a best overall mouse because mouse comfort is very subjective. Just get a few of these mice on Amazon, try them out for a week and send back the ones you don’t like!


While we could start a long discussion on what is the absolute best mouse for PUBG, any of the options above should suffice. If you happen to be using a $5 office mouse, you’ll notice a difference immediately.

1.Logitech G403

Pros & Cons

2.BenQ Zowie EC2

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3.Hotline Games Mouse

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4.Razer Naga

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5.Corsair Scimitar Pro

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8.HK Gaming

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9.SteelSeries Rival

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Best Mouse for Pubg – BUYER’S GUIDE


First up, the way that the mouse feels in your hand is incredibly important for a fast-paced game like PUBG.

This means that you should look for a mouse that fits in your hand well, whether you have large or small hands. The ability to change the weight and balance of the mouse is also important, as is the more indefinable quality of how the mouse feels to you. Everybody has their favorite feel when it comes to a mouse, so if you can you should try a few to see what you like.


DPI stands for ‘Dots Per Inch’, and is basically a measure of how accurate a mouse is. Like a high-resolution monitor, a high-resolution mouse is (generally) more accurate.

When it comes to choosing the best mouse for PUBG, which is important because everybody loves those long-range sniping shots. A mouse with a high DPI will ultimately make you more accurate.And that allows you to clean up.

Programmable Buttons

Almost all of the best gaming mice available in 2020 include buttons that you can program yourself. This is great because you can easily swap between weapons in PUBG with one click.

For some games, mainly RPGs, having 20+ buttons is important. For PUBG, less so. More buttons increase the chances of accidental clicks, and accidental clicks cost lives. For PUBG, about 8 buttons are the right number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Gaming Mice Worth the Money?

Um, yes. A gaming mouse will give you more accuracy, better speed, and simply allow you to play your favorite games, including PUBG, better. More seriously, a high-quality ergonomic mouse will reduce wrist strain during extended gaming sessions, and so is good for your health.

What Is the Best Gaming Mouse in 2020?

Well, the mice above are a good shout for PUBG specifically and maybe a few other genres. If you are looking for a mouse that’s good across a wide variety of games, though, check out our guide on the best gaming mouse in 2020.

What’s the Best Mouse for FPS?

The best mice for PUBG are, in general, the best mice for FPS. A mouse that works well in PUBG will also give you an (unfair?) advantage in Fortnite and many other FPS games.


Accuracy and precision when aiming in PUBG can make the difference between glory and defeat. With a myriad of gaming mice on the market, finding the best mouse for PUBG is no easy task. Thankfully for all you PUBG players out there we’ve analyzed the top mice used by professional PUBG players around the world (click here to see our list of PUBG Pro Settings and Gear) and gathered the five most used ones in this article to help you decide on your next gaming mouse.