Best Mouse for Rainbow Six Siege

Best Mouse for Rainbow Six Siege – You have been given several options for the best mouse for Rainbow Six Siege. The mice listed above have great durability, speed, and comfort. Remember to look for key features such as polling rate, dpi, keymapping, coating, etc. Features like this ensure that you can exhibit the best of your skills and stay comfortable during long and intense sessions.

Any feature that lets you customizable your mouse is great to have. Some of these are necessary and some are personal preference but the more unique you can make your gaming mouse, the better.


No one on earth can deny that identifying a feature-rich gaming mouse is exceedingly difficult as the task asks for a lot of hard work and time. Despite the availability of hundreds and thousands of top-grade shooter gaming mice in the peripheral market, the majority of people fail to make the right purchase owing to the paucity of technical knowledge

1.BenQ Zowie S2

Pros & Cons

2.Razer Viper

Pros & Cons

3.Logitech G Pro

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4.Glorious Model O

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5.SteelSeries Rival

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6.UtechSmart Venus Pro

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7.RGB Gaming Mouse

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8.Redragon M913

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10.Gwolves Hati

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Best Mouse for Rainbow Six Siege – BUYER’S GUIDE

Polling Rate

The polling rate is the frequency of when the mouse reports its position to a computer (or another console). This is typically expressed in Hz and you should look for a mouse with a polling rate between 500 and 1,000 Hz. Another way you will see this written is by report rate, which is the actual time increments, not the frequency. This is expressed in milliseconds. So, for a 500 Hz polling rate, the report rate is 2 ms. For a 1,000 Hz polling rate, the report rate would be 1 ms.


This stands for dots per inch. It is a measure of mouse sensitivity. This is one of those features where the “ideal” number is one of personal preference. Some people like to have ultra-sensitive mice while others prefer less sensitive mice.

So, one thing you could look for when shopping is an adjustable dpi with a big range. That way, you can program it to exactly what works for you. You may also see this referred to as cpi. This stands for counts per inch which refers to the number of steps the mouse reports to the computer for each inch it moves. Whichever terminology is used, you still want to get a mouse with a good range.

Programmable Buttons

This is a feature that is great to have for any game you play. Having programmable buttons allows you to do something called keymapping. This is when you reconfigure keys on the mouse to have the function of keys that may only be on a keyboard.

Basically, this streamlines the available functions making it easier to play. Again, there isn’t really an ideal number of extra keys. A basic rule here is that more is better. In addition, some gaming mice have a “third” or shift key that lets you have a secondary function for the buttons when you hold it down. You might also have the option to interchange side button plates, such as with the Razer Naga Infinity.

Button Durability

Put simply, this is how many clicks a button can handle before it breaks. In general, you will find that most gaming mice have a durability of at least 20 million clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Mouse Do Pro Siege Players Use?

Pro players use a range of mice. The G Pro Wireless is definitely a common choice, as are Razer mice, the G403, and several Zowie models.

What Mouse Does Beaulo Use?

At the time of writing, Beaulo uses a Logitech G Pro wireless gaming mouse, and plays on a DPI of 400.

Check out some of his highlights using the Logitech G Pro wireless here.

What Is The Best DPI For Rainbow Six Siege?

The best DPI depends on your playstyle.

A lot of Rainbow Six Siege players keep their DPI in the 1200 -2400 range, although we are seeing some gold-diamond players discussing lower DPIs of 400-800 when they’re going in for a lot of ADS gameplay.

The best advice is to pick a gaming mouse with adjustable DPI and experiment until you find your sweet spot.

What Are The Best Mouse Settings For Rainbow Six Siege?

When it comes to mouse settings, copy the following settings:

  • Raw Input – Mouse / Keyboard: On
  • Mouse Look Inversion: Disabled (This is a personal preference)
  • Mouse Sensitivity Horizontal: Personal Preference
  • Mouse Sensitivity Vertical: Personal Preference

If did a deeper dive into the best settings for rainbow six siege and how you can maximise your FPS, and ensure you have consistent aim. Check it out!


It’s also one of the most competitive, which is why it’s important to make sure that your gear isn’t hampering your play.

You need a mouse with 0 latency, pinpoint accuracy, and plenty of buttons. A mouse that glides across your mat and allows you to make precise shots while taking heavy fire.

But picking the perfect mouse is challenging, which is why we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to picking the best mouse for Rainbow 6 Siege in 2021.