Best Mouse for Solidworks

Best Mouse for Solidworks – Solidworks is a demanding software. It requires the right set of tools in order for you to work productively. Besides having the right PC hardware, you also need the right PC peripherals.

Whether you are looking for a mouse that can help you navigate through 3D space or looking for a mouse with plenty of programmable keys for your macros, we hope this guide pointed you to the right direction.


In this article we looked at some of the best mouse for Solidworks. These mice are designed specifically to CAD designers and engineers.

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1.Adesso Adesso G1

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2.PICTEK Gaming Mouse

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3.Logitech M510

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4.Razer DeathAdder V2

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5.Redragon M602

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7.UtechSmart Venus Pro

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8.MiraCase Comfortable

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9.Hopcd Silent-Click Mouse

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10.LEKVEY Vertical Wireless Mouse

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Best Mouse for Solidworks – BUYER’S GUIDE

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Programmable Buttons

The programmable buttons can be used to set macros by power SolidWorks users

This feature adds to the value of a mouse immensely especially when the mouse is meant for modeling components and objects.

As it turns out, many shortcut keys can be used in Solidworks to make the modeling process smoother and more intuitive.

To achieve a high degree of flexibility, having these shortcut keys easily available on one key, and having those keys on a mouse make work much easier.

Not only will you move your arms around less, trying to hit those keys on the keyboard, you will also have far less strain on your arms which will reduce fatigue during long working hours.

There’s no set figure on the most optimal number of programmable keys so this will depend entirely on the user’s preferences.

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As a Solidworks designer, working on a computer with a mouse in hand is a normal occurrence. There may be times when the working day is longer than normal.

With a regular mouse, the chances of suffering from RSIs (Repetitive Strain Injuries) are heightened because of repetitive movements. This can be mitigated by having an ergonomic mouse that feels more natural in the hand and offers a more comfortable grip.

Whether the mouse’s top surface is contoured or constructed with a vertical profile, ergonomic mice provide users with a comfortable feel, especially when working for extended periods.

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Other Factors

Comfort and customizability improve a user’s performance when working in Solidworks. But other features make work a bit easier.

Users can opt for wireless mice if they don’t like the look and feel of a wired mouse. This is mainly a preference issue.

At the same time, a mouse’s sensor plays a huge role in the performance, and getting one that can work on any surface like glass can be beneficial.

Also, the cost of the unit if an important factor to consider.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Choose the Right Mouse for Solidworks and CAD in General?

When it comes to 3D solid modeling, you will need a good mouse as the tasks will often involve high precision and good response times.

Because the 3D models will most likely be going into production and may have to be integrated into already existing systems, users will need to cut precise shapes and make very accurate measurements to reduce errors or variability in the final product.

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Solidworks is a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) program used for solid modeling. It helps designers create both simple and complex models and allows them to visualize and iterate on the models without having to build out the actual product.

To take full advantage of this, you will not only need a capable computer, but also the right peripherals.