Best Mouse for Surface Pro 4

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Best Mouse for Surface Pro 4 – There’s no one mouse that’s perfect for all Surface owners. Some folks prefer compact mice, while others enjoy ergonomics and extra functionality. There are two mice that we love and were both so close to be coming our favorite, but one came out on top.

Microsoft was able to pull ahead here by going with a compromise, which resulted in the Surface Precision Mouse. It’s the option if you desire a balance between cost and ergonomics, all while packing some handy features.


If you don’t fancy the Precision Mouse from Microsoft, Logitech’s MX Master 2S is a stunning runner-up that’s almost as good. The only sacrifices you make with the Logitech pointer is less battery life between charges, but it’ll still last countless days before you need to top it up.

1.Microsoft WS3-00001

2.Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse

3.Logitech MX Master

4.Jelly Comb MS003


6.Razer Basilisk


8.MOBA Gaming Mouse


10.VICTEC Wireless Mouse

Best Mouse for Surface Pro 4 – BUYER’S GUIDE

Not all mice come built the same, and the most significant considerations that should come to the table should be what you’re expecting out of your mouse. Thankfully many of what we have featured on this articles list falls into the budget-friendly category as well as also being highly functional devices.

If you want proper Bluetooth mouse as opposed to a mouse with a receiver, that may take a few devices off of this list for you. Ultimately these mice will work efficiently with your Surface Pro 4, and any choice you make will do well for what you’re looking to get out of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Which wireless mouse to choose?

If you can’t decide between different kinds of PC mice, pay attention to Bluetooth devices. Radio frequency (RF) models deliver worse performance if there are some interfering signals. A Bluetooth mouse doesn’t need a USB port while its battery can last for a couple of years. It’s especially handy if you have several PCs or laptops as you will be able to switch between them easily.

  • • Is it possible to use a mouse with the Surface Pro?

The Surface Pro can be used both in a tablet and laptop modes. As it has USB ports, you will be able to connect it to any peripheral device that you might need. The laptop comes with an in-built touchpad, but you can also purchase the best mouse for Surface Pro to work more effectively.

  • • Why my wireless mouse doesn’t work anymore?

Make sure to check the batteries first. If everything is all right with them, there might be another explanation. In some cases, a USB receiver stops working properly with a wireless device and you need to re-synchronize it again. Click on the Connect button on the receiver and then click on the corresponding button on the mouse. Once you do it, the device should start working again.

  • • Which mouse to purchase for Surface Pro?

If you need to buy the best Bluetooth mouse for Surface Pro in 2020, make sure to take a look at the Logitech M557, Corsair IronClaw, SANWA, Microsoft Surface, and Logitech G604.


The Surface Precision Mouse is an amazing pointer when paired with a Surface PC. It sports a solid design, is comfortable to use, can be connected via USB or used wirelessly, and has long-lasting battery life.

Microsoft WS3-00001
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Jelly Comb MS003
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MOBA Gaming Mouse
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VICTEC Wireless Mouse
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