Best Mouse Under 20

Best Mouse Under 20 – I hope you got some helpful info from this article and a mouse that suits your budget. It isn’t really possible to test how a mouse feels in your hand if you’re buying online. You only know if it suits your grip and hand size once you actually hold it. The general rule of thumb is that you should get a mouse that is 60% your hand size, you can increase or decrease the percentage based on your preferences.

To get a measure of your hand’s dimensions (length and width), place it palm down on a flat sheet of paper. Take a pen and mark the tip of your middle finger + the back of your palm. This will give you hand length.


Then, mark from the tip of your thumb down to the knuckles, and repeat for your pinky or little finger. The distance between your thumb and little finger knuckles will give you hand width (there should be no gaps between your fingers).

1.Redragon M602

Pros & Cons

2.PICTEK Ergonomic

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Pros & Cons

4.Logitech M510

Pros & Cons

5.Jelly Comb

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Pros & Cons

7.Dell Mouse-WM126

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9.HP X3000

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Pros & Cons

Best Mouse Under 20 – BUYER’S GUIDE

At first glance, a computer mouse seems like the simplest part of a PC setup, as it generally consists of a sensor, a couple of buttons and a scrolling wheel, all of which serve to allow you to control programs with intuitive hand movements.

However, despite the simple concept, the market is full of products of various types, prices, and looks. Before you can run off to purchase a new mouse, you first need to know what you’re looking for.

Over the years, different mouse classes emerged, each aiming at a different niche of consumers. The most popular class is the traditional desktop mouse created for PCs and laptops.

Other than the mandatory two buttons, it also features a clickable scrolling wheel, and sometimes, extra thumb buttons for more convenient Internet browsing.

Portable mice (travel class) typically have the same features but are packed into a smaller body. Such models are made to fit in a pocket of your backpack or bag. You can also find advanced CAD mice that are designed to help you cope with difficult tasks with ease.

The small size comes at a price though as such mice are often too tiny to be used comfortably for long periods due to the inconvenient grip. Since most travel models are wireless and work on batteries, you should be ready to carry a charger or some spare batteries with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a good mouse cost?

Gaming and computer mice in general can be divided into three price categories. Mice under 50 dollars (which includes the gaming mice under 20 covered above), between $50 and $100, and over $100. Obviously, you can’t expect state-of-the-art features in a $20 mouse, and there’s virtually zero chance to get a clunker for $70.

  • • What type of mouse grip is the most convenient one?

The palm grip is the most popular type as it’s proven to suit both professional and gaming mouse usage equally well. The superiority of such a grip is explained by the way your hand naturally relaxes when holding the mouse.

  • • Is a wireless mouse better than a wired one?

Wireless models offer more convenience and freedom than their wired counterparts do. When using a wireless mouse, you don’t have to mess around with cables, which can be especially frustrating if you’re carrying it in a bag. The main benefit of a wired device is the lack of batteries, which constantly need to be changed or recharged in a wireless mouse.

  • • Are gaming mice worth the increased cost?

Even though the best gaming mice cost quite a lot, the increase in performance is worth the price for any serious gamer. If you’re actively using your PC to play FPS, action, and other accuracy-dependent games, then then you should invest in a good gaming mouse.


Unlike most other “gaming” branded peripherals, gaming mice are actually engineered with things like accuracy and low input lag in mind. While some of the cheaper ones are just ordinary mice with a stylish body and LED lights, there are also well-built budget gaming mice that will enhance your gaming experience. In this article, I shall take a look at the top contenders in 4 different price brackets- under $10, under $20, under $30, and under $50.