Best Trackball Mouse for Gaming

Best Trackball Mouse for Gaming – The difference between a trackball and a traditional mouse is very straightforward: a trackball is operated by the large ball on the top. Using traditional mice, you need to move the whole of the mouse using your palms to operate.

So, in the end, what we learned about trackball mice is that they all are a great choice to buy, but the best one for you is at the end of the day, depending on your own individual needs and using style.


After a lot of research, we mentioned above the top tier trackball mice available in the market. Further, we labeled all the things we need to ponder while getting a trackball mouse for ourselves.


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2.Logitech MX

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4.3Dconnexion 3DX-700066

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5.Jelly Comb

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6.Razer Naga

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7.UtechSmart Venus Pro

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8.HyperX Pulsefire

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9.Redragon M602

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10.Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Best Trackball Mouse for Gaming – BUYER’S GUIDE


Thumb Operated:

Well, you need to consider this factor as the most important one for a trackball mouse.

Some of the trackball mice feature offset trackballs, which are operated by the user’s thumbs. Mostly these types of mice are comfortable and ergonomic as they properly conform to our hands.

In such kinds of mice, buttons are located under the fingers, so there is less exertion of effort using this type of mouse.

They are generally easy to use and learn, so we would recommend you to get these kinds of trackball mice if you are new to this technology and are to use it for just gaming and navigating purposes.

Also, these mice are generally designed for right-handed people. However, you can get the models that offer left-handed usage as well, so you don’t have to compromise about anything.

Finger Operated:

Alternatively, you can go for finger-operated mice if you are willing to. These mice feature a single trackball in the center, which is relatively larger in size.

They offer much more excellent precision because of the trackball in the center. This kind of mouse would always be ambidextrous.

Besides, they feature functional buttons that are programmable, and we can assign them by using any modern system.

They are all accessible by left-handed gamers and right-handed both and give them the best precision and controls with a blissful gaming experience than ever.

However, they have a downside that they are more easily pressed by our palms mistakenly. Other than that, they are larger in size and might not be suitable to use in tight desk spaces.

Functional Buttons:

The second choice you need to make is how many buttons do you require. These buttons are actually used as a way to provide shortcuts to the user to switch open apps on the desktop which we use more often or other tasks.

These buttons can easily be assigned by us using any of the modern Windows technology. Moreover, we have a mouse’s own software as well which can easily be used to assign the functional buttons,

Some mice feature some standard buttons which can be an amazing feature for most people. Three buttons and a scroll button will fruitfully fill all of the requirements you need in a trackball mouse.

Wired / WireLess:

Another essential thing to ponder is the connectivity of the mouse. It totally depends on your usage style, whether you are looking for a wireless or a wired trackball mouse.

Both of the designs have their own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s first start with the wireless one.

Wireless mice will help you save from tangling into cables. They can be easily and conveniently used using USB connectivity and thus can be easily used as desired.

The downside is that their batteries are of a limited period; therefore, you might have to spend your money purchasing batteries and changing them more often.

However, wired mice are somehow different from them. It saves you from the need for batteries, and you are never going to run off energy in the middle of something important like a presentation or live game streaming.

Although, this can be a headache, on the other hand as well. They sometimes need many ports, so it could be a problem for you if you are running low on USB ports in your CPU. Moreover, you might sometimes freak out, tangling into the wires as well.


Lastly, you need to find a mouse that is suitable for your usage and can easily fit on your palms.

Moreover, you need to keep in consideration what size you need depending on the size of your hands.

Also, you need to get your hands on the trackball mouse relative to the space available on your desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is A Trackball Mouse Used For?

Ans. A Trackball is an input device used for entering any kind of motion data into our computers and other compatible systems. They generally work as a standard traditional mouse; however, they feature more modern technology in the making of them.

They have a movable trackball unit at the top, so we can generate motion using them instead of moving the mouse’s whole, as was the case with traditional types of mice.

Other than that, trackballs have other advantages as well. Therefore most people nowadays prefer trackball mice unless they have a minimal budget.


These trackball mice are made for enhancing the user’s gaming experience by offering a tremendous ergonomic feeling and a smooth gaming experience.

Ensuring that you have an excellent trackball mouse would really help you increase your productivity in terms of computer usage and gaming experience.

In this article, we have reviewed the top 10 best gaming trackball mouse, which will have a massive impact on your gameplay and would widely enhance your gaming skills.