Best Wireless Mouse for Chromebook

Best Wireless Mouse for Chromebook – If you’re tired of navigating your Chromebook using the inbuilt trackpad, a wireless mouse that’s compatible with this line of machines is your best alternative. These devices are ergonomically designed, enabling you to perform computing functions with greater ease.

Though a little pricey, it has a long-lasting battery, solid build and a lot of customizable functions. You would love this Mouse for the long hours workday.


Logitech M510 is one of our favorite mouse units for Chromebooks

1.Acer RF Wireless Mouse

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2.Jelly Comb

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3Coolerplus Wired Mouse

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5.Logitech M525

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8.Emopeak Mouse

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10.LED Bluetooth Mouse

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Best Wireless Mouse for Chromebook – BUYER’S GUIDE

  • Are you searching for extended or basic functionality?
  • Do you need something more transportable and robust for frequent journeys?
  • Is the presence of wire going to be helpful or uncomfortable?
  • What is your attitude towards buying replacement batteries?
  • What is your main use of the device? Office work? Browsing? Need the best heavy gaming mouse? Something more demanding?
  • How much are you willing to invest?

We all gravitate towards gadgets that are stylish, have lots of bling and additional capabilities. But it is important to realistically estimate your personal benefit from all these extras. Some users are in real need of those additional buttons and others just want a simple palm grip mouse. So, why waste money?

For those who travel, a small wireless device will be the most comfortable option. If you hate the whole battery replacement mess, get a wired instead or at least a rechargeable one. Sometimes just making sure the energy consumption is well-optimized can also work.

For those who do simple tasks at the computer, like browsing or working with text files, the simplest claw grip mouse for Chromebook will be just right. If your scope of activity is wider, which could be gaming, designing, editing images or something as complicated, some task-specific features will bring a noticeable improvement. Spending a bit more on quality has great returns in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Do you need a special mouse for Chromebook?

These devices are widely supported by mouse producing companies. It means that you can get a regular wired controller with a USB plug and start working right away. Alternatively, a wireless silent mouse with a nano receiver will be just as easy to use.

  • • Will any mouse work with Chromebook?

To ensure that the device does indeed work with your computer, you only need to connect it using USB or Bluetooth. For the former, you will need to locate the ports on your Chromebook and plug the USB connector in.

  • • How do I get my mouse to work on my Chromebook?

In case your touchpad no longer works, try doing this: Remove dust and grime from its surface. Give the Esc key a few presses. Do active motions all over the surface for 10 seconds. Reboot the computer entirely. Perform a hard reset.

  • • How to fix my Chromebook mouse keep disappearing?

Start with shutting the computer down entirely. Unplug the charger and proceed to a Hardware Reset. For that, open the Advanced section of the Settings and find the option for restoring the original defaults to avoid any recent extension causing issues.


In recent years, the popularity and subsequent demand for Chromebooks have also brought a huge demand for Chromebooks peripheral devices or accessories for day to day computing tasks.

And while its reasonable pricing is a major contributor, there’s more to these personal computing machines than meets the eye. They’re fast, user-friendly and come with long-lasting batteries.

The one area where Chromebooks miss the mark is in their trackpads. Some of the touchpads built into these machines don’t work efficiently, which is where wireless mouse comes in handy. But just which of these wireless mouses are compatible with a Chromebook? Read on to find out.